The National Redress Scheme Australia – My Application (Trigger Warning: Graphic Detail Relating to Institutionalised Abuse of Infants and Children)

This page contains information relating to my own application process with the National Redress Scheme Australia. The information here is posted for information purposes only for other survivors seeking to resolve their own situation. It is incomplete and will be updated as events progress. There will also be grammatical errors and need to spend better time editing this document. All intent is non malicious and personally identifiable information has been redacted where possible for this reason.

It is mainly broken down into a few parts.

  • Overview of Contents, which summarises this page.
  • QLD Mental Health and the admissions where I was told childhood sexual abuse were delusions, with documents and audio recordings relating to those times.
  • Details about communications with the Health Ombudsman relating to these concerns.
  • The National Redress Scheme application itself, with my experiences and potential pitfalls for survivors.

If you are a survivor of institutionalised abuse or trauma mind control please be careful reading this page. Contents of this page will be triggering with past traumas. The most graphic and detailed information is provided in the contents of the Redress scheme itself.

Throughout this document there is mentions of ‘serious abuse’. For those outside the Commonwealth law, this simply means penetrative abuse of a child.

Overview of Contents

During the years 2013 to 2015 I had been detained against my will under the Mental Health Act 2000, where I was then subjected to being injected with slow release anti-psychotic medication and ECT treatment. Despite the amount of amnesic drugs that were administered to me at those times, I still have traumatic surfacing memories in my dreams and during the day from these procedures.

During all of these mental health admissions any claims of childhood sexual abuse were dismissed as delusional. Yet in 2019 the National Redress Scheme has come through for me despite the options of QLD Mental Health. While my application is still in it’s final stages, I had thought what better time to publish than now.

Also in the year 2019 I had filed a police report against my Father. My Mother and siblings all have the symptoms of battered woman syndrome. Despite the name the same symptoms can be observed within both genders.

This syndrome also has been used successfully in some cases in Australian courts to suggest evidence of long term domestic violence. Along with this, I also had discussed concerns about my fathers Antisocial Personality Disorder. Myself having been away from that domestic violence situation is the only reason why I am able to speak as clearly about the abuse as I am. Before the years 2017 I was considered in an “aggrieved state”. Meaning for myself I was in the early stages of battered woman syndrome and in complete denial about the abuse and was psychologically impossible to speak out about.

If I had never left my domestic situation and cut ties with my family, I imagine I’d be put through mental health services again and again. My Father already had been using mental illness and cognitive impairment from rhinitis to take my freedoms. Which as resulted in,

  • Monitoring my computer activities without my consent or knowledge.
  • Stealing personal files off my computer (my freedom of information request) and reading personal chat logs with friends.
  • Parents standing outside my bedroom door constantly, trying to ‘listen for mental illness’.

Even in 2013 he had discussed with my mother that I maybe a ‘dependant’ even into my 40s, and that he’d have to take control of my finances to stop me spending them on drugs. In reality he is a sociopath who batters his wife and will say anything to cover himself. He even had the nerve to say that “in a few years you’ll be thanking me”. Of which I could only think, “mate, in a few years you’re going to be in prison!”

With my Redress application signed under a statutory declaration I also had mentioned my Father has abusive traits and is also a sociopath. Ending my application I ask, “What use are the mental health admissions if the primary source of my mental health has come from a sociopath who batters his wife?”

The police weren’t helpful in the situation of domestic violence. Despite growing up in that situation and having other persons who have noticed the same symptoms over the years it didn’t matter. Strangely enough the only way I could properly report a case of domestic violence was if I moved back into that domestic situation, and then make a complaint. Because I had managed to get away from my Father for a few years there was nothing they could do for domestic violence.

I still however was able to give my accounts of domestic violence, which included my mother being battered in private in the ensuite bathroom. For the longest time too my Father would manipulate my guilt to control my decision making.

Due to my other family members being in an aggrieved state they are unable to speak out about the abuse, let alone have any conscious thought that it’s been happening their whole lives. Only by removing themselves from their domestic situation and undertaking trauma counselling would they be able to properly heal from this.

Because the police were unable to do anything about the domestic violence, I had given some tips on how to collect evidence for my Fathers fraudulent activities. Namely, defrauding the Commonwealth for financial gain – of which they seemed more interested in.

With the above police report and evidence which suggests serious abuse may have occurred provided through the National Redress Scheme application, I felt it was time to contact the Ombudsman of Health. During those years of mental health admissions trauma was never acknowledged. Growing up in a situation of domestic violence for over 25 years was also never acknowledged. I also had been living with Rhinitis and Sinusitis for the first 31 years of my life which was completely overlooked my entire time in Australia.

I haven’t been in the country of Australia for almost the past three years and have no plans to ever come back.

I still find it disgusting that not one person or medical authority in Australia had picked up on my Rhinitis, a condition that was making me deaf and impairing my cognitive functioning. Also for my Father he has been living with Rhinitis his whole life. It’s incredibly strange for them and myself to go through their whole lives with Rhinitis and seemingly no one having any idea. So a simple case of Rhinitis seemed beyond the Australian medical systems reach as it was only in Thailand it was picked up on quick and cured, and then only some years after all of the mental health admissions.

Symptoms of Rhinitis includes cognitive impairment and was used to justify a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Unresolved trauma for over 20 years that is coming to the surface in the space of a month or so also has overlapping symptoms with schizophrenia. In the year 2013 I had attempted to tell the mental health staff of the intense trauma growing up in the Australian Defence Force – of which no one believed.

We then cut to six years later where I have told the National Redress Scheme the exact same thing I had told my parents and mental health staff. I also included my mental health notes in my redress application so it was no secret. Despite this, I am still set to receive a Redress payment and an apology letter from the Australian Defence Force. So they have acknowledged the trauma whereas QLD Health still has not to this day and maintains their stance on a delusional diagnosis.

In the year 2019 I also had been in contact with the Health Ombudsman in regards to mental health admissions. To make it short, the signed Redress Scheme document is evidence that can be used in a court to suggest that serious abuse may have occurred given the circumstances at the time. In Commonwealth law if you have no direct evidence, this is the best you can get.

While this evidence cannot be used against the institution you are applying against (Australian Defence Force), it can be used as evidence against other institutions. So in my case it has been used against QLD Mental Health. Having the potential to have this court based evidence completely contradicts what my Father had told mental health services in 2013.

If you do have direct evidence you can obviously go through the courts. However for the large majority of institutionalised abuse survivors only have their memories. The National Redress Scheme in understanding this has made it possible for you to tell your story under a signed statutory declaration. So despite having no evidence the statement will be accepted as truth under Commonwealth law. However if any fraudulent or misleading is provided there are heavy fines with jail time of up to five years.

The Health Ombudsman has denied permission to publish communications and documents as they are still reviewing the response from the hospitals who had given me a delusional diagnosis. This investigation has been active the past few months from the time of writing. I have been told that I will have a reply in about one week.

I provide more insight to this further down where I describe my experiences with the Ombudsman of Health.

Mental Health Admissions and Timeline Leading up to the Redress Application

One important thing to note with this, all of my writing about this topic before the year 2018 was done with cognitive impairment from Rhinitis. Since then my writing style and the proper use of the English language has improved a lot, along with clarity and a better ability to explain my situation. Also upon properly resolving my childhood traumas I was finally able to break my dependence on smoking cannabis after 15 years.

Before then QLD Health had suggested that the memories of childhood sexual abuse were delusions a result of smoking cannabis. This created a catch 22 situation. I had used cannabis as a means to cope with the trauma. Being traumatised in mental health services simply meant that I’d become more dependant and the cycle would continue.

In November 2015 I had posted Sojans Mental Health Adventure – What’s Typical when some Survivors Leave The Cult. This page contains scans of my mental health history notes and also an open letter to QLD Health. In this open letter I discuss that being too public about institutionalised abuse results in being silenced by means of Psychiatry. And not only that, there are other survivors too of whom are simply too afraid to speak out an tell their story due to the repercussions they’d receive by state government.

So even years before the results of the Royal Commission inquiry to institutionalised abuse I was openly discussing this same topic, as evident in my open letter.

Myself being ‘a creative thinker’ thought it’d be hilarious to setup QLD Health in a trap of their own demise. After all my Father was already gaslighting all my family members and gearing up to another admission. It was unavoidable as I wouldn’t shut up about the childhood abuse. The best I could do was bait information in my notes and use it against QLD Health years later.

This is the secret to the 2015 mental health admission. In the year 2015 not many people knew about the Royal Commissions inquiry into the Australian Defence Force. I still find it hilarious even then saying there was a Royal Commission into the Defence Force in the year 2015 was considered delusional and dismissed in the context of I was saying those things to try get out of mental health treatment.

So I did my best to bait QLD Health with information that was going to be in the news a few years from then anyway. It worked great and now I have the power to bring to light the many issues surrounding these admissions.

This is why in 2015 I had more focused on the Australian Signals Directorate and tried my best to get in my mental health notes childhood sexual abuse and this institution. In 2019 I had told the Redress Scheme the exact same things I had told my parents and mental health, and also my institution I was applying against was the Australian Signals Directorate, and despite all this I am receiving Redress in the near future.

Even in my 2015 admission it was obvious that some nursing staff had thought serious abuse had occurred. I even had one friend of whom also grew up in the Australian Defence Force, who’d visit me each day for the first week and he had told one nursing staff I was being truthful. One nurse had pulled me to aside and said I need to be released and receive compensation. However the next day this was completely dismissed by the Psychiatrist, as he had thought I got my friend to come in and say those things to try get out of mental health treatment.

So despite what nursing staff think, it doesn’t matter. The Psychiatrist calls the shots and no one questions this ever.

How many other survivors of the Australian Defence Force had attempted to speak out but only had found themselves with a delusional diagnosis? The answer is more than me.

Mental Health Audio Recordings and Notes over the 2013 and 2015 Years

Over those admissions I collected audio recordings and also scans of some of my mental health summary notes. In the state of Queensland, Australia there is what’s called a one party consent law. Meaning audio recordings for personal use of meetings are able to be taken lawfully as long as one party is aware. This party can be yourself.

While over the years QLD Health has told me that these audio recordings are illegal and the publishing of my mental health notes online were also illegal they had chosen not to peruse any persecution. These same materials are published on this page.

Please do not listen to the audio recordings as I like to leave them here to listen to in my personal time for my own personal use and enjoyment.

I also had applied for Freedom of Information from the years 2013 to 2014. I have yet to apply for Freedom of Information for my 2015 admission, yet plan to do so very soon. Unfortunately my freedom of information had come back to me about 25% redacted and still to this day I am unable to properly verify the information my parents had given to mental health.

Audio Recordings and Documents

These are the summary of mental health notes from the 2015 admission. We can note here,

  • Contains many inaccuracies, and their inability to get the agencies name ‘Australian Signals Directorate’ correct. I doubt they even looked into it properly.
  • Is filled with many statements I never said. With my Fathers Antisocial Personality Disorder he cannot help but to continuously lie and gaslight about everything.
  • Unfortunately disagreeing with the diagnosis had just come across as ‘lacking insight’. I never once believed I was delusional about the abuse that had occurred in the Defence Force.
  • My statements of ‘destroying QLD Health’ are still true. I doubt they’d survive the upcoming media sh*tstorm they’ll have to endure over this.

This audio recording was taken in 2015 during my mental health review tribunal, where I was told that I must continue taking medication to treat my delusions of childhood sexual abuse. Shortly after this I just got in my car and drove away from my Family and have not spoken to them since then. I still have no plans to communicate at all with my immediate family and this wont change.

In this recording we can note that,

  • Despite my Father telling mental health staff that I thought he ‘secretly had worked for intelligence agencies’, he says that he indeed did work for the Australian Signals Directorate, formally known as the Defence Signals Directorate and has been retired for over 10 years. As one nursing staff said on the first night I was there, talking about intelligence agencies is a red flag. Why? I grew up on a signals intelligence barracks ages three to six, of which the Redress Scheme has been able to verify with school records from that time. My Father had really downplayed this fact and used it to pushed the ‘intelligence agencies’ talk to justify a diagnosis for schizophrenia.
  • Even my Father acknowledges there was false information in these notes. This is on audio. Despite myself and my Father both saying there was wrong information in these notes, there was zero attempt to correct any of it. Even to this day, the same false information is regarded as truthful for anyone who’d read over it years later.

This alone clearly is evidence that QLD Health detains childhood sexual abuse survivors, forcefully medicates them and does ECT treatment on them while telling them they are delusional.

With the new laws and legislation introduced as a response from the Royal Commission, any mention of childhood sexual abuse must now be believed and at least looked into properly. If I had these same laws in place in 2013 I would have been protected from being traumatised through mental health services. Perhaps I was a few years too early to talk about it. I often wonder if I had said the same things after the year 2018 if the Psychiatrist would have had a different conclusion?

Following up with the Health Ombudsman in 2018 and 2019

There has been two occasions of where I have contacted the Health Ombudsman over these issues. Overall I am satisfied with the process of the Health Ombudsman. Considering I’ve been written off as completely delusional when trying to complain about these issues, it was refreshing to say the least that someone had treated the issue as proper.

When discussing with the Ombudsman about publishing redacted emails and documents relating to these complaints, they had declined. Mostly due to their current 2019 investigation still underway. There is nothing however stopping me describing my experiences with the Ombudsman, and due to that they had kindly asked to note that the 2019 conclusion of the Ombudsman is still incomplete and pending review of materials provided from the hospitals I was tortured treated at.

2018 Ombudsman Complaint against Dr Satya Devineni

In this year I was still having a lot of traumatic memories surfacing from the ECT procedure. Obviously I was still upset about this and had jumped to the conclusion that because of a suspected allergic reaction I had experienced about 80% of the side affects from this drug. However these side effects were dismissed as ‘I was making them up to get out of treatment’.  Looking over my mental health notes from those times, despite myself being fully compliant with medication, my Father had said many things to suggest otherwise – most likely due to this Antisocial Personality Disorder.

The complain was made against Dr Satya Devineni. To make it short, she had used the schizophrenia diagnosis along with some other contradictions from my notes to justify herself. I still have all these documents and am yet to make a proper reply. However I can say some of the points she had made can easily be refuted simply by cross analysing with my Freedom of Information from those years.

Lets not forget also that with the Redress Scheme coming through for me, this is an indication that not only was my Father attempting to cover up childhood sexual abuse – Dr Satya Devineni and all of the staff at QLD Health were also unknowingly implicated in the covering up childhood sexual abuse. This is a serious offence under Commonwealth law.

So nothing came out of this complaint, except for one thing. Seemingly without anyone noticing she also had accidentally provided me with information that was originally redacted from my Freedom of Information request. So for me this was more valuable than anything, as this information has been withheld from me for many years. For all these years my parents had denied they even knew ECT had occurred and deferred full blame onto QLD Health. Yet Dr Satya Devineni clearly explains they knew full well and it was discussed with them in the year 2013, deferring the blame onto them also.

The fact that my parents keep lying and trying to cover themselves with this really just makes them more pathetic. Cutting them out of my life for good was obviously the correct decision. I recommend any other people in similar situations to do the same ASAP as that seems to be the only proper way to heal and recover from previous traumas and move onto a better life.

My prayers are those however who are stuck and unable to do anything about their situation.

2019 Ombudsman Complaint

Around the time when calling several woman’s shelters and domestic violence support line – I eventually had spoke to the Mental Health Review Tribunal as I felt given the evidence of long term domestic violence and the successful national redress scheme would be enough points to at least raise some concerns for those years. They had told me to call the Ombudsman and make a complaint, along with to make file a report with the police regarding my Father giving fraudulent information to mental health services.

The main points put forward were,

  • My Redress Scheme application entering the final stages and being accepted for Redress.
  • The police report for domestic violence and fraud against my father.
  • Untreated rhinitis completely missed by all medical professionals in Australia.

I also had included some other interesting bits of information such as,

  • By stating that my father is a sociopath and batters his wife and has provided fraudulent information to mental health staff in my signed statutory declaration, if this information is false I am looking at fines and imprisonment for up to 5 years.
  • Previous to having rhinitis cured, I also had a bad case of sinusitis that I had cured myself with after months of regular sinus flushing. After speaking to a pharmacist she suggested that these symptoms sound similar to rhinitis and to see an ENT doctor ASAP.
  • In the 2015 admission there was no testing for THC to see if this would mix with the amnesic drugs administers for the ECT treatment. As a result I still have some traumatic memories from this time. Even seeing the words ECT gives me these memories.
  • Due to my fathers Antisocial Personality Disorder and gaslighting of mental health staff and family members, this has resulted in,
    • Unnecessary ECT treatment, with the hopes that I’d never figure out that it happened in the first place.
    • Depot medication due to lies about non compliance at home, despite nursing staff suggesting I am fully compliant with medication in all circumstances.
  • Despite the social worker checking to see if everything was okay at home my father had arranged to avoid these meetings, as he knew about his personality disorder and the symptoms of battered woman syndrome. Even then, not one social worker had picked up on these extremely obvious and text book symptoms over the years.
  • Allegations of nursing staff sexually abusing patients when they are vulnerable after ECT treatment and on amnesic drugs. A couple of female patients had disclosed this information to me also, yet were told they were delusional. In 2013 also I had noticed one male nursing staff leaving the isolation room while buckling up his pants with a flushed red face. I had thought to myself, ‘wow that guy looks like he just had sex!’ – it only hit me later on that a patient may have raped just at that moment.
  • Allegations of some nursing staff taking drugs from the inventory for their own personal use, and to make night shifts less boring. This was obvious in the 2013 admission. Another patient Dina had made a successful complaint which resulted in the nursing staff having to account for every single pill in their inventory, and to also count every single one. I’ll just say Dina knew how to work the system!
  • I was an infant that was abused and trafficked within the Australian Defence Force, and this fact has been accepted by the Redress Scheme as truth.

A few months after I had made the complaint I had heard nothing back. They were only able to tell me that they got the information back from the hospital, but were unable to contact me due to not having a phone number. This is despite all our previous communications to be in email.

What had upset me a little bit was the fact that I had to re-iterate I was receiving redress through the scheme and as a result of signing that document it’s also evidence that can be used in a court. I had specifically made this clear at the start, and that they were easily able to verify this information by phoning the Redress Scheme themselves. However I had to re-explain this again three months later.

When I had said this weekend I am publishing my materials relating to this that they put me through to the manager, as I had requested permission to publish also the documents and emails in redacted form related to this process. After a short conversation, she had said that it’s now up to them to review all the information and make a proper decision if a misdiagnosis had occurred and was told that it’d take about one week to review all of the information.

I still feel that if I didn’t contact them and didn’t mention about publishing all of this information into the public domain – no further action would have been taken by the Ombudsman relating to this complaint.

The week after I had received another email stating that they need to request more information, making time frames open ended.

At the start of October I had called the ombudsman again to see if there was any progress. However despite the serious crime of covering up historical abuse, they had hinted because these events had happened more than two years ago there maybe nothing they can do. I was then told that they’ll make a decision the next week.

My next call to the ombudsman I’ll have to remind them that when this story gets known it’ll look bad on their part for allowing these serious crimes to not be investigated, due to them happening over two years ago.

Interactions with Police in regards to Domestic Violence and Alleged Fraud

July 2019 I had called the QLD police in regards to domestic violence and alleged fraud. I was able to give my accounts for domestic violence and had mentioned that battered woman syndrome had been used in courts previously as supporting evidence for domestic violence.

However due to the domestic violence laws there is nothing they can do unless another member of my immediate family speaks out. So because of that I had given some tips on how to gain evidence for defrauding the commonwealth for financial gain which they had seemed more interested in.

I was told that the report was made and was given an intelligence report code that had three letters and then three numbers. If I didn’t hear anything then they said I could call again in a few months to chase it up.

A few months after in October I had called again. However strangely enough, despite myself having a record of the phone call being made and the intelligence ID number – the number had no report tied into it. And even more strange that this three starting letters were not even used this year to make intelligence reports, according to the lady over the phone this time. Searching by my name, there was also mention of the phone call I had made despite having records for myself.

The lady over the phone had suggested I can make a new report, and if they discover the old one they can make it as a duplicate. So I had given the same information and received a new intelligence report code to chase up again in a few months.

The National Redress Scheme


The Redress application has been posted here with the expressed verbal permission from the National Redress Scheme, on the condition that personally identifiable information is removed. I am also the first person in Australia within the entirety of the scheme to post online an application with consent.

In the year 2018 the Australian Government had introduced new legislation and law reforms as a response to the Royal Commission into Institutionalised Abuse. This Wikipedia page can give some insight to the timeline of how the Royal Commission had come to these conclusions. Included in the inquiry was an investigation into the Australian Defence Force. When the results were made public it had made the news.

While the focus of the Commission in the above report was focused on certain areas within the entire defence force, it was concluded that the Australian Defence Force had many serious issues which need to be resolved. It was also noted that childhood sexual abuse was relaxed and tolerated. A new term ‘Australian Defence Force Abuse Culture’ was also coined, of which I was born into as an infant.

When the news had appeared in 2017 with their conclusions I was surprised. I didn’t think in my lifetime any of this would come to light. At that time I had also made a new update Dismantling the Australian Governments Human Trafficking and Child Sex Slavery Operations where I briefly described my experiences with mental health services and also growing up within the Australian Defence Force with my beliefs of what had occurred during those years.

At that time also the National Redress Scheme was announced. Anyone who was affected by institutionalised abuse are able to participate with the scheme open for applications from July 1st 2018. The scheme is based on new legislation National Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Act 2018.

When we jump back to the year 2013 none of this was news, with the Royal Commission just starting their inquiry into institutionalised abuse in that year also. However it was at that year I had decided to at least talk to my parents about my beliefs about childhood sexual abuse growing up within the Australian Defence Force. This turned out to be a mistake, and subsequently led to mental health admissions were I was told I was completely delusional.

My Experiences Replying and Information Others Need to Know

When I first had heard of the scheme I was very eager to apply. One of the main points with the mental health admissions was I had no evidence for any of the abuse that occurred in the Defence Force. Reading about the statutory declaration, I decided that I’ll apply.

What most survivors need to know before rushing into the scheme is, there is no rush. If you are older or terminally ill, then the scheme maybe your best bet. However if not, it’s better to wait more time as there’s currently law reforms and new legislation being introduced to address the crisis of institutionalised abuse within Australia. As a result this could mean there are better options for survivors in the years to come.

Also by signing the redress document received, you also waiver your civil right to sue the institution you are applying against. When I had found this out I was rather upset as this was not made clear to me at all, and my application was already in the works. At this time too I had made an angry update National Redress Scheme Australia – Consider Your Options before Applying. I will admit that this update was influenced a lot by the negative media attention that the scheme was receiving and had referred to the National Redress Scheme as the National Redress Scam, and being stuck as you only have one chance to apply.

However the months that followed the decision may have been the right one. Considering I have no evidence for the abuse, and also had been put through mental health services with a delusional diagnosis I had zero chance pursue this matter through the courts. After all, before the Redress Scheme all I had was a delusional diagnosis.

Even myself I was unsure if the Redress Scheme would accept my application. I had included my mental health notes, and also wrote some of the more disturbing aspects of what had occurred, including putting children on LSD inside sensory deprivation tanks that were also rigged with electricity.

I had called over the phone and they were happy to accept and process my application from Thailand. I had typed up my application, paid $70aud to the Australian Consulate to witness the statutory declaration signature and had sent it off. The post system this time was really impressive. Sent midday Friday, and it was in Canberra before 9am Monday morning. I never in my life had seen anything be sent to fast internationally over a weekend!

The application made it there and the process had begun. A few weeks after I had called to see if they had even accepted it properly and to my surprise, despite including the mental health notes and also starting my entire application with ” … what you are about to read has been diangosed as 100% delusional … keeping children in cages rigged to electrocute … ” they still had wanted to process my application, however had asked for more information as I hadn’t properly described enough the sexual abuse that had occurred.

“More information!” I had thought. So after this I had provided the most graphic and detailed series of events I could possibly have ever conceived of. To be realistic, the scheme only addresses if serious abuse had occurred meaning if I had typed the same application without any mention of childhood sexual abuse, my application would have been rejected.

I paid another $70AUD to witness the statutory declaration on the new information and had posted it off, this time with more of an emphasis on the childhood sexual abuse received.

A few months had passed and I had heard nothing. Calling again the Redress Scheme had told me the good news that the state of Queensland had signed onto the scheme and my application could finally be processed. This was confusing, as in the legislation it states that the Australian Defence Force is on the Commonwealth level and takes priority over the state applications.

I had applied against the Australian intelligence agency, the Australian Signals Directorate. However I can say now that over 98% of Australians have no idea who the ASD is, and that was the case for the lady processing my application. Technically this intelligence agency is apart of the Australian Defence Force.

After being put through to a higher up supervisor I received an apology over the mistake. Technically this is a violation of the legislation, however they seemed honest about it so I let it slide. To put it shortly, they had put my application in the wrong pile at the start and as a result it was delayed for two months.

At the start of 2019 is when my application finally was passed to the Australian Defence Force to review. In this phase of the application the Defence Force had attempted to verify the best they could the dates and locations of my application and were able to match my school records for that time which showed indeed I was living on the Borneo Barracks in Toowoomba. It had taken them four months of research, and they then handed back to the Redress Scheme their findings.

Around April 2019 I was told that it’s entering into the final stages and that my application was now supervised by own case worker. She had personally called me to tell me the good news, and that my the contents of my application were horrific. The fact that I had to be dragged through mental health services over this was also horrific and that after her speaking to the people who have been through the Defence Force, the one main thing they just want is to be believed.

So she said that she believes my application in 100% of its entirety. It didn’t hit me until many hours after and was in a state of psychological shock for hours more.

I can tell you now that being put through mental health services to be told you are 100% delusional. Cutting to six years later and being get told “nah, you’re right mate” really messed with my head more so than growing up in the Australian Defence Force.

After that it was a long time before I had heard anything new. Only recently when inquiring about the state of my application the lady had suggested that since it’s been over one year she will make my application a priority. I told them that this weekend I am going to publish my application online with everything else and then send this out to some journalists.

Australian News about the Scheme Potentially Failing Survivors

Over the year the scheme has been introduced it has made the news in various ways. Here’s some news articles which detail the issues the scheme is currently facing.

My Redress Application


As with most content on this website, if you are a survivor of institutionalised abuse relating to trauma mind control then it’s best you don’t read the application. Even for myself years after it’s hard to read. Even typing this application had re-traumatised myself so much, it affected my mental health for a few months after post traumatic stress wise.

Please be careful!

Considerations before Reading

The application form for the Redress Scheme can be found here in PDF format.

The institution I am applying against is the Australian Signals Directorate, they had a signals intelligence barracks in Toowoomba and also a more main office in Russell Offices in Canberra. My application is against these two locations.

The following is the original and extra information I had provided the scheme regarding these two locations.

I also had wrote this entire application while having rhinitis untreated, however at this stage of my life at least figured out the blocked sinus issues I’ve had my whole life. It was only some weeks after sending this application off I had my rhinitis properly cured. So throughout this application both sinusitis and rhinitis can be applicable and somewhat interchangeable.

The mentions of Josef Mengele personally being on this base I understand will sound impossible and far fetched for most. So I’d like to clarify what I had mean by this. Obviously I hope that I am wrong,

Remembering a really elderly man who claimed he was Mengele or Dr Green. All of the other ‘Doctors’ at that time were under his command. He had trouble working and had a silver walking stick with a snakes head at the top. The walking stick was real silver. The eyes of the snakes were encrusted with genuine rubies. His prodigy at the time appeared to have the name Gerwulf Achung, who at that time was a man who appeared to be around 30 years old. Both of these people were German and spoke German to each other constantly.

I am unsure the exact date of death of Mengele. Around that time were was a massive power vacuum within the hierarchy when Mengele was properly out of the picture. It was only once he that power vacuum had been filled he was considered properly dead.

Part 1 – Against my Father

I was raised by this man from infancy and has been my primary main abuse for my whole life. To be fair he did not have much of a choice most of the time and was also abused the same ways I was, however he has denied any abuse occurred for the previous five years when I have been fighting to expose it.

Him working in the, at the time Defence Signals Directorate we had lived on the borneo barracks and later other parts of Australia associated with the Defence Signals Directorate.

I had grown up always thinking he just worked for the Army, however only had found out the intelligence agency connection around a few years ago.

Part 1 – Against the ‘Man 1’

One of the more prominent persons I remember. Lived on the base. Easier to remember because he liked firearms.

From time to time people would visit the house to inspect the goods and decide if they want to abuse the child or not. **** also liked guns and I was playing with some of his firearms when he was visiting.

Waving the gun around everyone there (My parents and ****), became afraid and asked me to point it at the Christmas tree for safety.

They then discussed price and closed the deal with a time arranged for that night for the abuse to occur.

Part 1 – Against the Borneo Institution

I had spent the first six years of my life on this barracks and only started to properly remember the events and occurrences of traumatic events in my late twenties.

However during those years I was forcefully put through mental health services and told all of this information and myself was 100% delusional. I have attached these mental health notes in the appendix.

These facilities I lived at had a hidden darker side of infant sex and child trafficking, with bizarre occurrences of abuses happening on a nightly basis with most of it being filmed for later distribution and profit. The intelligence agencies were obviously in control of running these operations at the time with the highest level of child tracking occurring within Government and throughout Australia organised by these agencies.

One of the major reasons why all of this was hidden so well was the use of split personalities. The more important persons who were organising and arranging all of this have symptoms of split personalities. The goal behind this is to carry out these events with even the participants having complete amnesia afterwards for these events.

Over the past five years I have worked to break down the amnesic barriers and remember much clearly the identities and occurrences that took place on this base.

Sexual abuse was the norm and occurred on a nightly basis. This ranged from repeating sexual acts and being punished with an electric prodding rod if I didn’t perform to expectation, to bestiality of all sorts to disturbing infant snuff films.

Simple things were used as rewards. I remember children going to extraordinary feats for simply a spoonful of refined sugar. If they performed well on camera then this was usually the treat given. In most cases though there were no treats and they were abused further or made to feel bad about their sexual acts they just performed.

The more intense forms of abuse were sensory deprivation tanks. These men also gave children LSD. In this case I was given LSD and immersed in the sensory deprivation tank. This tank was rigged with electricity to cause shock if I had moved inside, so you quickly become still.

Reading about these similar events online I have learned that the men behind the whole sex tracking ring and abuse all relate to what I have known to be The Colour Coded Doctors.

I remember Josef Mengele being on this Borneo barracks around the year 1990. It was rare he was there as I remember only two instances. He had his cronies who would keep the show going on the base for him. Mengele had one protege of whom I remember named as ‘Gerwulf Aushung’. They were both known as ‘Dr Green’. Secondary in command was ‘Dr Blue’, of whom I have known one prominent Dr Blue as Desmond Mueller. My Father, and even myself were considered Blue colour coded Doctors.

These people at the top were obsessed with hiding themselves and were considered sociopath geniuses. It is beyond the imaginations of most people the real reasons behind the abuse and the events that took place on these bases, let alone how it was covered up so well for so long. Only by understanding that these men were there, and how these men operate can you start to see a pattern of the trail they have left behind.

My Father is a textbook sociopath, and his wife and my siblings all have symptoms of battered woman syndrome. So he is unable to change, and things wont change for my other Family members. They are under the impression he is completely normal and that I am delusional and mentally ill.

Growing up I never had any real role model and have had to work hard to undo the abusive patterns inherited by my Father. It has been extremely difficult to break the cycle of battered woman syndrome, however I have made great progress personally. For my Brother for example, he hasn’t had a proper relationship due to being abusive in the same ways yet unaware.

My Father also attempted to control all finances, business arrangements and even sinus pressures. If it seemed like I was going to make too much money, he’d increase my sinus pressure to inhibit my cognitive functioning. The core of all this abuse was for him to totally control my life, and any means of getting away from him.

I also had only found out the start of the 2018 year I have a lot of allergies, including dairy and sugar intolerance. These foods cause me sinusitis and if consumed over even a few days blocks my hearing and inhibits my cognitive functioning through increased sinus pressure.

With him also having hypnosis knowledge, with the abuse he with post hypnotic suggestions to fail at things during the day or to eat more or less of certain foods. All of my Family members are abused in this same way by him, yet are completely unaware.

Strangely enough he himself has sinusitis along with my other Family members yet they are unaware they even have this.

The main proponent in this abuse is the use of electricity. He knows how to use electricity to torture people without leaving any marks. I remember what he called ‘the vest’, which was a weighted vest with the + and – terminal attachments located at the left and right shoulder area respectively. These were attached to a 12v battery charger.

With the use of electricity in this way, a person conditioned this way their whole life is quick to go into a hypnotic trance and from there becomes suggestible to do anything and everything and forget everything afterwards. He also knew how to create retrograde amnesia by applying electricity to certain parts of the skull and seemed to enjoy doing this.

So all the symptoms of an abusive person are there if you know the text book and obvious signs to observe. I only hope that some day QLD Mental Health services realises he is a text book sociopath who has lied to them to cover his own crimes and abuses.

Growing up there has been other people who pointed out the battered woman syndrome symptoms, including my Mothers work places and also when we had ran a **** at the *****. So the symptoms are obvious enough for some people to notice.

He has gaslighted all previous mental health admissions if he didn’t like what I was typing on the internet. This has resulted in myself being involuntary detained, drugged and undergoing ECT treatment and then being given amnesic drugs after while they hope I never remember.

I have published online my mental health notes and also audio recordings of each admission, and with the latest one my own Father says on audio he had worked for the DSD and also agreed that there was a lot of made up information by mental health services.

With him having intelligence training, he has some skill in manipulation. In all cases mental health services take his side. He has also lied to other family members about my nature, and has alleged I am a ‘hacker’ or ‘spammer’, despite having a reputable online portfolio and steady work which has allowed me to travel around Asia for the previous year.

It is only in my early 30s, after removing myself from the Family that I have been able to properly live my life and have normal relationships and am hoping to start an overseas company doing website development.

Borneo Barracks – Extra Information Requested

With the abuse occurring nightly, there seemed to be weekly and monthly sexual abuse cycles and no kid was spared on these bases. The abuse occurred on an almost nightly bases for over five years. So while it’s hard to write every single detail of every instance, I hope I have provided enough information.

My primary abuser was *****.

Early in the week he would do what was called ‘training’. This involved giving oral sex and being punished with an electric prodding rod if I didn’t perform well. Most of the time I’d get punished however. This would be always in the night time and in the lounge room, with the other family members asleep.

This would go on for some time, with him being forceful with the oral sex. The rougher the better according to him. If at anytime I’d vomit during this, I’d be made to eat the vomit and be punished. On some days he’d engage in anal sex after this training and would force me to lick the faeces off his penis afterwards while shaming me for my acts.

After I had finished my all the training I would go and usually wake up my brother or sister and tell them it is their turn, before going back to bed or being handed over to other men.

The more darker side to this is the Fathers were having a competition on who could train their child to give the best blow job. Towards the end of the week in most cases I’d be taken to a room of men and expected to perform oral sex as they sat in a circle.

If for whatever reason I didn’t perform well, I’d be punished and also my Father in a similar way I was. These events were generally filmed with the people and even myself told that if we told anyone they’d use these tapes as evidence and we’d be tried and sent to prison.

This was on a good day. If I was being handled by other men it’d be very common to be left inside cages that were rigged to electric shock at random times before or after being used for sex. Various sexual films of disturbing natures were produced, these had the dual affect of being sold on the black market and being used as blackmail material.

As a child growing up on this Barracks I was subjected to the following sorts of pornographic situations:

  • Incest films involving family members

  • Bestiality, including being raped by dogs and other animals

  • Mostly BDSM themed types of films

    • Starts of semi-tame however escalates into death and torture very quickly

    • These snuff films also included death and torture innocent animals, infants, children and adults.

    • In most cases I had to kill these animals or persons with my own hands and then either eat or continue to have sex with them.

If myself or any other children were to vomit during these, we’d be force to eat our own vomit and then be punished with electricity. This happened to be on several occasions. Any hints of refusing to do these acts would be met with severe punishment with electricity. Eating and drinking of urine, faeces and blood was also a common occurrence for myself during these films.

While being used as a child sex slave for people like *** for example, these were less intense however still sadistic. Some clients enjoyed to play childish games which would escalate into sexual abuse. This was referred to as boiling the frog.

I have many memories of *** playing hide and seek. I would hide in a random part of the house and hope to not be found. When found however, I’d have an article of clothing removed and then would be let go to hide again.

This would be repeated until I had no clothes left. The earliest memory actually I had was when I was 18 years old, of hiding in a closest and being found by *** and then molested by ***.

However at that time I thought it was impossible for anything like that to happen and if it did my parents would have at least told me, so I remained in denial of that these events took place until later in life.

The abuse by *** at this time included anal sex followed by oral sex after being discovered naked in the closet. The combination of anal first and oral after seemed to be a favourite for most men. This pattern of playing games escalating into sex was also a common experience for me on the base.

Some men however didn’t want to play games and got right to it. The abuse would play out with how the person had requested it. Another common one was to be found sleeping in bed with my pants slightly down and forcefully raped.

The abuse would occur at home in most cases. Random stranger men or woman would sometimes ring the door bell and I’d answer. That’s how it generally started with the abuse if it was the day time.

I actually clearly remember answering the door for one man, however he became very afraid and said ‘I can’t do it’ and walked away in a panic. For the longest time I couldn’t make sense of what that meant, however in this context it’s rather clear.

My parents would either be out of the house, or my Father would be home. My Mother seemed very innocent to all this and didn’t have any idea at all the extent of the abuse. To this day she still believes no abuse occurred and seems to have amnesia for any of these events.

In the cases she was used, she doesn’t seem to remember. Some men would request her to be naked while tending to me during the sexual abuse. She would constantly comfort me and guide me through it.

For myself at the time I wasn’t even aware of what sex was, let alone this was sexual abuse so I just had framed it as sucking milk through a straw or laying down with my eyes almost popping out of my head.

And most other times I’d simply be taken to anywhere on the base to be used as how I’ve described above. It seemed all hidden very well with even other relatives visiting on the base and not noticing anything unusual.

Being used like this on an almost nightly basis, I still had to go to school the next day. Usually I’d be given some drugs around 3am after being used, that would give me a deep sleep for a few hours.

If I woke up for school complaining of being tired, it’d be common for my Father to put a small amount of meth amphetamine in my cordial bottle to take to school to get through the day to be only then abused again in the night time.

So it seemed anyone and everyone had at least sexually abused me at some point during living six years on the base. I remember oral and anal sex with people who lived on the same street being a regular occurrence.

Even when we had lived off base the first few years of my life, I’d be abused similar ways by neighbours with my parents also eagerly participating.

Abuse of this nature occurred regularly for the first 25+ years of my life, and had complete amnesia for all of these activities until it slowly started to break down around that age.

Borneo Barracks  (page 29) – Do you know if anyone else knew about the abuse at the time?

I did attend a local GP for ‘anal fissures’. There was some suspected abuse by a nurse however nothing came out of it. This was off the barracks. It was covered up too well where it was able to be hidden for more than 30 years. I cannot remember anyone specific.

Some people at school may have been concerned about what was going on at home. There seemed to be a general dislike towards the army barracks among the locals.

Application against the second institution Australian Signals Directorate in Canberra

Actually I got around as a child. I’m unsure everyone involved however I can remember that they had to in most cases go through my Father if they wanted to abuse me.

The Australian Signals Directorate offices, in the Russles Offices was a centre for abuse.

I remember being trafficked through the ASD building often, from there I’d end up at Parliament house sometimes or other unknown locations.

The Russle Offices building where the ASD was had several floors. I remember being sexually abused by groups of men and woman, and even other children. These events were filmed and distributed as usual. This would occur nightly, or it’d be rare to have a night off from this.

The organisation of this abuse seemed so systematic that they squeezed every cent they could from all this, including the sale of the blackmarket sex videos of disturbing natures.

Central to the trafficking was child sex abuse, with child sex being used to blackmail politicians or control people in that way. These buildings seem to be connected underground with underground tunnels used for trafficking

Although at the time as a kid had zero clue it was happening due to having complete amnesia of the events afterwards

So I was used as a child sexual slave between multiple Government agencies, the ASD seemed central to organising this with my Father having a say in how or who’d I’d be used by.

Often prices for abuse were discussed openly in the day in casual meetings with my Father agreeing or disagreeing to price.

So I was born into this trafficking network and grew up with this. I have also been gifted with photographic memory and have worked to recover a lot of the memories from these times, so it is possible to recall clearly some of the events to detail.

The abuse was same in this style all of my life, with electricity being central for punishment and control.

Russell Offices – Extra Information Provided

We had moved to Canberra after living on the Borneo Barracks. We were still caught in systematic organised abuse which involved the Australian Government and other unaffiliated men.

With the abuse still continuing on a nightly basis there wasn’t any once off or anything specific to remember. The only person from this time I remember as an abuser of which I can positively identify is my Father, and a few faces from the Borneo barracks from time to time.

It’d be a normal nightly occurrence to be sexually exploited on film, just like in Borneo. Except this would happen in our own home in the night time, even though we lived off base. These films were in the nature of, incest, BDSM style and bestiality pornography that would involve each of the members of my own family and whoever else was around.

These films also contain graphic anal sex, oral sex with disturbing elements as mentioned above mixed between. I was made to perform degrading sexual acts on myself and others, including on animals while under the care of this man.

In some cases the abuse at home seemed the usual incest stuff. We were still made to drink urine and eat faeces. My Father collected the dog faeces in the back yard and would force myself and other family members to eat it while being degraded sexually on film. This could occur before school, or in the night time.

What is obvious to me now is my Father was obviously distributing these films to someone for profit or perhaps he himself was blackmailed. He never has seen a cent of this money, and a few years ago I was almost homeless trying to get away from him. So we all have got nothing from this except memories.

He had his own unique style and also had a reputation among the other men involved in this trafficking ring. During the filming of abuse at home it’d be common for us to be drugged with hyper sexual stimulating drugs and other drugs to cause hormonal imbalances.

My Fathers favourite seemed to be a bit of weed killer in water with sugar. The result seems to cause an estrogen spike which creates very strange sexual behaviour. This would look good on film however. This mixture of weed killer, sugar and water was referred to as ‘Daddy’s magic juice’.

If we performed well, sometimes we’d be rewarded with ‘Daddys magic powder’, which was actually just refined sugar. At the time though, in our drugged and electrocuted state we didn’t even know it was refined sugar, and with trauma bonding and other trauma related affects this seemed completely normal to my family and other siblings, with us very grateful ‘to Daddy’ for allowing us to have his magic powder.

There were still house visits like in Borneo. Where I’d answer the door and be as cute and innocent as possible which would then lead into anal or oral sex in my bedroom with random strangers both male and female.

The same style of playing innocent child games at the start seemed common and given that this had been happening my whole life so far, a part of me just thought it was normal. Especially when you get told it’s what every kid goes through growing up, and other lies similar to that.

The next day or even after the abuse had occurred we’d have no idea these events had taken place. Most likely to being drugged with amnesic drugs or having electricity applied to create retrograde amnesia. So my siblings and Mother wont be able to recall these events unless they got away from my Father and did some serious therapeutic work. I myself only remembered more finer details after successfully getting away from my Father, otherwise it’d be impossible for me to write this level of detail.

The abuse at home was the least extreme, yet still horrifying and beyond the imaginations of most. If we were taken out of the house, which was a few times a week – these would be the more heavier nights nights of films that escalate into horrific traumas of death and cannibalism and necrophilia involving animals and infants, to be then sold on the black market. So as a child I was involved in the production and distribution of these films at home and also same styles of films and abuse in Government buildings such as the Russles Offices.

At this time my Father worked at the Russles Offices in Canberra. This is the offices of the Australian Signals Directorate, formally Defence Signals Directorate. I was often trafficked to this building, with abuse occurring in underground / basement type levels of the offices.

Sometimes my Father and I would enter in the front of Russles Offices. Most times however there appeared to be underground tunnels that connect Parliament House, the Russles Offices building and Questacon so entering through these was also common if it was more secret.

These underground tunnels are still most likely used to this day to traffic children and infants for disturbing means and seem to have entrances and exits hidden throughout Canberra, with some hiding in plain sight as telephone exchange stations.

The abuse in the Russles Offices was mainly group sex abuse. In an interview room it seemed common for a group of men and woman to engage in rough style anal and oral sex on myself while taking turns. They would usually be laughing at how helpless I was in this situation, and as usual these were filmed with the men and myself told to never speak about it.

These sessions would go for some time, with me left at the end covered in all sorts of bodily fluids, feces and in some occasions blood. It would also be common for infants or animals to be involved, with myself being group peer pressured into sexually abusing the animal or infant and then killing or eating it afterwards or continuing to engage in sexual activities with it after this.

Failure to comply with their demands would result in punishment with electric prodding rods, and if that didn’t work they’d give drugs such as scopolamine or similar types of compliance drugs.

It really was mostly all the same sexual abuse wise, just reoccurring a lot. One on ones were less common within the facility, where random strangers would engage me in sexual acts with some more disturbing than others.

These people seemed to more get off on having the power over other people, and the fact they were doing this almost in plain sight and getting away with it inflated their egos to dangerous levels.

The same experimental facilities such a sensory deprivation tanks and other scientific medical equipment were also at this location, along with cages rigged to electricity to keep children in – all kept underground. So usually before, after or before and after the sexual abuse I’d either be subjected to these bizarre experiments while being drugged.

I was also used to sexually blackmail certain Australian politicians and other VIPs by being trafficked through these underground tunnels. These tunnels seem connected to all the major Canberra places, such as Questaon and Parliament House. So it is possible to enter the Questacon building, and then go to Parliament House underground, or most locations around Canberra.

These tunnels are large enough to fit trucks, and that was the main method of transporting people to each location.

My Father seemed to be an authority on who and when abuse would occur, however he wasn’t the boss of the complete operation. He still had to do what he was told by his superiors. He himself was born into the same thing as an infant, however he seems too stuck in these ways to change unfortunately and still will deny everything.

Russell offices (Page 29) – Do you know if anyone else knew about the abuse at the time?

There was constant concern from teachers about how things were at home, however my Father was expert enough to lie or pass it off as other things. I had went to Southern Cross Primary School, and then Belconen High School.

Growing up I have constant memories of teachers and other people asking if things were okay at home, and this even extended into high school – again with nothing ever coming out of them or things changing for the better.

Part 3 – How these events have impacted your life

The impact this abuse has had on my life has been great. The abuse being so bad I didn’t even realise any abuse had occurred until my late twenties. Before then only some people were clued in enough to spot the signs of disassociation or that I was being abused, even when growing up into my early adulthood I’ve had teachers, some staff or other people comment or ask if everything is okay at home.

I never have had any proper relationships before thirty years old due to my Father being controlling and sociopath in nature. I was denied any naturally occurring relationships and never had any social skillsets growing up. It was only with many years of work I have learned a new set of social skillsets and how to interact with people properly. Before then it was impossible to have any real relationships with people.

During my late twenties I had recovered memories of the abuse and had tried to speak out about these occurrences I was however forcefully put through mental health services and told I was 100% delusional, with my Father making up all sorts of information to help paint the picture that I had a big mental illness.

So he has lied to mental health staff and family members to hide him own crimes and abuses. During this time and even before then I had troubles finding a stable place to live, and it was hard at most times to even run my own business because of the abuse received by this man, due to his controlling nature.

I also have had drug dependency issues to cope with the memories, however they are just cannabis related thankfully. When I as younger though I had several issues with benzos and other types of drugs, however worked my way out of those over the years.

I still testify that only by properly prepared medicinal cannabis I have been able to heal so well from my past and get on with my daily life.

It was only after getting away from my Father completely and all of my other Family members that I was able to get good work and have been stable living in Asia the past year. So I’ve had to leave behind everything and all of my loved ones because of this mans manipulation.

With all of these factors it was just tough growing up, yet thinking that was normal or how life was. All the abusive signs were there for others to notice, however this went on my whole life. I’ve had to learn many things the hard way about myself, however have changed for the better and can also help others who are in the same situation.

I’ve created a website ‘’ which I have compiled my own original information and shared the work of others who have helped other survivors of this same style of abuse. The website has hundreds of views per day, and is constantly shared on social medias such as 4chan, Facebook and Twitter.

Although most think I am crazy, there has been some young Australians who have messaged me personally to thank me for creating the website and that the information on there has helped them to better understand their situation.

The information I have compiled in ‘Deprogramming Modalities’ can help determine genuine cases of split personality, and even what colour coded doctor was involved with the trauma just by a few simple questions and observations. This is also original work in this area of trauma recovery and has been shared by others who write about the same topic.

I also have published my mental health notes and also audio recordings throughout different times of each involuntary admission to help others avoid the same mistakes by being too open about what is really going on behind the scenes within the Australian government.

I have been fortunate enough to live in Thailand the previous one year, and hope to not return to Australia. As all I’ve known there my entire 30 years of life was institutionalised abuse, detainment and drugging and ECT treatment against my will for simply remembering and speaking out. The abuse only stopped once I had come overseas, and I could live without fear of being detained or abused by my Father.

Trying to leave my family and my Father was tough, with my lowest point being almost homeless living with a biker group who were trying to get me addicted to drugs and take my stuff.

Thankfully I pulled out of that okay, kept all of my things and got decent online work which then led to overseas travel and stability. I have been able to have normal relationships with others that are non abusive and have a lot more confidence, however only after 5 years of constant struggle and relearning the hard way. I still have spoken to no immediate family for over two years now.

If it is found out that my claims of abuse were accurate and it’s noted by someone authoritative that my Father is indeed a sociopath with a battered family, what then of my mental health admissions?

Can the Royal Commission speak with the MHRT to update notes or change diagnosis?
To get an apology letter from the doctors involved?
And more importantly to see 100% my notes from these times?

Freedom of information act even removed any information relating to my Father. So even I am unable to verify the information he has provided to metal health services. I imagine there’s also many others who were forcefully put through mental health services simply for remembering.

Attached Supporting Documents

Clinical Report, Mental Health Review Tribunal
Summarises involuntary admissions gaslighted from my Father for three years.

I still have many issues regarding QLD Health, including information accuracy and many other unresolved issues of which I am still fighting.


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