The Middle of it All

Still surrounded by programmed multiples. At least in this instance they are familiar, close Family. “The Family”. It still saddens me that they are all completely clueless. Despite my efforts to attempt to wake any of these people up to the true realities of their lives, they simply will reprogram themselves unknowingly.

My Family have dismissed all of my actions and thoughts relating to the cult as cannabis psychosis. Honestly I am unsure what to do. I could try wake them up again, however this will just result in another mental health admission, which they will call in themselves.

Extending out, social networks outside family I encounter more programmed people. I guess such is the complex web. Control of the social alumni is tight, however if I can break the social control it would be a massive barrier that’s over stepped.

I can only keep writing and hope that someday, someone or something will pay attention. I’ve given up on seeking any external help. Otherwise it’s in all honesty an uphill battle of which I can make some headway in at the least. Accessing is still constant, however I can at least now detect when they access me and how long for. I believe it maybe constant due to the alters responsible operating out of fear, they will keep trying.

It’s clear that I cannot be around any Family whatsoever. They have no idea they are at times the ones accessing, and hearing even more stories of their lives just paints them all as an obvious trauma mind control case. If they read the Deprogramming Modalities, who knows what would happen. In any case, it’s too much to deal with.

Gaslighting is extensive, and already it’s obvious that there are somewhat malicious control patterns being attempted. Even the extent of the Gaslighting has surprised myself. So much was achieved slowly over time without my knowledge and also without the knowledge of those involved in helping me. Being more aware, I hope to this year avoid such traps. They managed to hide a lot of my deprogramming knowledge the past year. After my previous mental health admission, I understand I wasn’t the same and people considered me to have brain damage. The extent of this, or what has remained of this effect – I am unsure. I believe I am fine based on the feedback of those around me, however they are all mostly programmed persons.

I can really see how this cult would be hard to escape from. I still haven’t yet, however am getting close.


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