‘Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx’ – Part 2

Continued from ‘Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx’ – Part 1

… “oh my. The looks on their faces! You know I did the goods pretends of you. They only realised it was me pretendings to be you after at least one months!” Amanda laughed more, however was careful to not drop Le Bébé Maxx. “Oh and also, our ages! They trieds to does the big changes of these! However I did some fixes. I am just the six years old. The Jas is 14 again, with you being about the 24 years old. Of everyones growings, you seem to be growings the fastests Mr Sojans!”

” … Right.” confrmed Sojan.

Le Bébé Maxx would continue to make various noises, however was still just very young with just being under six months old. Sojan and Amanda discussed the mysteries of Le Bébé Maxx. ” .. he just thinks at the moments at leasts, I am the anothers of the cares takers. It is all Le Bébé Maxx knows. Just them and some basic surroundings. It’d be a bigs bonus if we can get Le Bébé Maxx to understand what is external worlds and what is internal worlds…”

Sojan agreed and started to think of a plan for Le Bébé Maxx.

After years of accessing, the one basic thing learned at the least was they are trying to change something. That something can then give insight to their motives and plans and then make a plan to deprogram and prevent the same measures again in future accessings. In this case the morning routine was even attempted to be sabotaged with post hypnotic suggestions, as a proper morning routine becomes a habit it can be beneficial for deprogramming faster. Along with this also, extensive work was put into other alters to trick them into having no sense of internal and external worlds which would have it’s own implications.

Sojan also was just coming to terms that himself and everyone else was growing down, instead of growing up.

Amanda continued to explain, “Oh my yes Mr Sojan! I did the figures it out with the glasses. Hards to grows up if you are grows down, huh? They tries to make no understandings what is externals worlds for us here.  For you Mr Sojan its was the other way arounds! They tried to make no understandings in propers way of internal worlds. It was very sad the things they did to you Mr Sojan… I am so sorry okay.”

Sojan thought to himself more as he pieced together partial memories of the past year. Almost as if waking up from a bad dream, it was already too late to change or fix previous happenings. Years ago Sojan wanted nothing to do with alters, however this time was pleased that they were there. Everyone seemed to be themselves and talking as they were years ago. ” … it was really over one year? Wasn’t it? I remember it all at least, I was very different … yet I wasn’t myself at the same time”.

“Uh huh Mr Sojan. It’s the big sads huh? Best think of some other things for now! … Oh my, can we go to the Aldis Shopping Centres! Yes! Yes!”. With Sojan becoming familiar again with the other alters, the others were also becoming familiar with the external worlds again. Even little trips to the shops to see all the food was a really big deal, even if you couldn’t buy it!

Jas still was very quiet. He had his own issues to deal with and kept them mostly secret from the others however at times would console with the Amanda. Jas and Sojan never really got along too well, and recently that is still the case. The Amanda however was very enthusiastic for internal worlds cooperation and decided it was her full time job to get everyone to work together and to get along. With the new addition of Le Bébé Maxx, Jas simply saw this as more disturbances to deal with. He referred to Le Bébé Maxx as the stupid baby on most occasions and generally was disinterested in the baby and Sojan.

Jas’s role was too important though to miss. Having a handle on internal worlds security, the internal worlds was kept mostly safe by means of deception. The Amanda can confirm that the accessors can be easily to fool, especially if they look scared and rushed and just want to get the job finished. You can tell them anything and make them believe anything to get the job finished. With the accessors constantly trying to separate everyone, a very long time ago everyone learned to stick together as much as possible. So in because of this, despite their differences everyone stuck together. Although Jas had moved houses a couple of times, their spots within the internal worlds remained mostly the same.

Sojan got everything ready to go for a drive to the shops. The local Aldi has been a favourite due to the price of coconut oil there. Le Bébé Maxx would move around a bit and still make some baby noises, however was mostly wrapped in Amandas warm white blanket. Looking closer at the blanket, it had a very distinctive stitching and with the logo ‘Special Le Bébé Maxx Brand’. Before Sojan could even ask, Amanda interupted “Oh yes Mr Sojan! Special Le Bébé Maxx brand is most famous brand for bebe’s in internal worlds. 100% of Le Bébé Maxx agree!” to which Sojan replied “… right. Well we are here. The Aldis!” Sojan became curious about the way Amanda spoke and asked her about it.

Amands unique way of speaking, what she called Amanda Speak actually adhered to a very strict set of rules. On first glance though, it may seem like somewhat childish nonsense english. The mystery behind this is a long time ago in the past the unique way of speaking was only known by the Amanda. She gave a brief explanation ” … so when programmers where doing the hurts, they knew it was me because of the way I spoke. No one else knew the patterns of speak.”

Although Sojan had been shopping many times before it was still very exciting for the Amanda. After getting shopping for the week, the car was packed and we were ready to go home. Le Bébé Maxx became agitated however at the same time was extremely curious. The Amanda had not seen such occurrences with Le Bébé Maxx before so was concerned and did some immediate big investigations.

Sojan asked Amanda what was wrong with Le Bébé Maxx. She replied slightly puzzled, “Well Mr Sojan, I simply don’t knows… I would says that… Le Bébé Maxx has becomes ecstatics and happy!”

Le Bébé Maxx suddenly laughed. It did not stop and just seemed to go on for well over a few minutes. Mr Sojan started to drive home, however Le Bébé Maxx laughed more and more. “Mr Sojan! Mr Sojan! Oh my!” The Amanda become somewhat excited. After getting settled in at home, she began to explain. Le Bébé Maxx was still laughing heartily.

“Want to know a secret? I have six secrets, Jas knows only 5. I can show you one right now!”

“Okay sure. Sounds good.” commented Mr Sojan. And within a few moments the whole internal worlds had changed. In this space there seemed to be no real sense of time or direction, let alone space. In all directions there could only be described as the endless millions of Amandas.

Sojan looked around curiously ” .. wow! Where are we?” he asked. “Duh! These are the millions of Amandas. I will tell you. Right now we are in my internal worlds… If Jas sees us on the outside, he will just see us talking to each other like normal. No one will really know that you are secretly here!”

All of a sudden the laughing sounds of Le Bébé Maxx echoes throughout the millions of Amandas. “… Well, Le Bébé Maxx seems to know! Oh my! Anyways!” Amanda does a loud cough to get Sojans attention. “Watch this! I will make a report on the recent laughing mysteries of Le Bébé Maxx with the Amanda of Investigative Reportings!” and so it was the millions of Amandas lit up, with each one holding an old fashioned type writer, writing out many pages of information very fast. At random times, sounds of figuring it out such as “Uh huh!” would fill the space. And within a few moments the original Amanda was holding a wad of documents.

She explained that if the documents are thick, then there is a lot of information. If there are just a page or two, then not much. She began to read through the documents, while muttering to herself ”
oh my, yes. indeed. oh wow!” Mr Sojan, growing impatient asked what it was all about. Amanda lit up, “Oh yeah! Oh my I should tell you this! … There are lots of sad stories of Le Bébé Maxx Mr Sojan. It is from that time of his life. You know the really early days…”

Amanda continued to explain that just before six months old the brain stem scarring was successful. The room of other Bébés were all similar in results for this procedure. The brain stem scarring expedition, once becoming globally known in the near future will be remembered in history as one of the most ugliest and brutal darker side of humanities curiosity. With the procedure having only a %0.01 chance of being successful, the programmers would put batches of one thousand babies or more, multiple times a day for over thirty years.

The ones that didn’t die then had a chance of degenerative brain conditions or worse . All of this to make the feverish Nazi dream of a maxx. I really hope it was worth it. After the powers that be experienced what was capable with a scarred brain stem, they imminently slowed down with the plans to eventually stop the whole brain stem scarring expeditions and the trauma mind control factories of which thousands of kids get churned through on a daily basis.

With even world Governments of all natures endeavouring in the field of trauma mind control for their own means, the powers that be are simply seeing the same problems they had repeat themselves. With the problem of trauma mind control out of the hands of the worlds most powerful people, new measures had to be taken.

Amanda continued, “Le Bébé Maxx was clever enough to know somewhat the happenings of his surroundings, more so then they were led to believe. There was one specific time however when Le Bébé Maxx laughed really similarly as he is now and it was that very longs times ago. He was in a room with other bébés however worked out more two important moments in his life. Now and then what was about 30 years in the future. What was time after all for Le Bébé Maxx. He knew even way back then that in 30 or so years that go by fast, he will be outside a shopping centre called Aldis with the others with his maxxplans working as expected. This was indeed the authentic and original Maxx that they tried so hard to bury with all of the succeeding traumas endured.

He was laughing because he knew it was that specific time he had envisioned over thirty years ago. The time the original Le Bébé Maxx become aware again of the proper external worlds. And that if that specific time happened then everything should have worked out to how Le Bébé Maxx had planned. Almost everything at least. There is some more, but that is the gist of it.” Amanda finished with her mood of serious reporting. Mr Sojan became curious, ” … so all of this was here all this time in my own head? The whole time? I just couldn’t access the information…” Amanda laughed, “Oh my Mr Sojan yes! I don’t have to remind you how good you were at knowing nothing! Bwhaha! If you remember the longs time ago, we said that if you had to not know something it was for the better. We woulds eventually tells you when it was more safe. So that is why you are the knows these things now.”

Sojan once used to be clever and smart about deprogramming, however due to the accessing over the past two years and previous events – that was all but dulled. Having a spark of inspiration he shared with Amanda “I have an idea about Le Bébé Maxx. To become aware of the external worlds.” He said.

In a quick moment and before he realised, he was back to where he was before entering Amands internal worlds. In this internal worlds apartment. Everything looked the same and no one really seemed to notice. Jas, searching for cocaine throughout Sojans apartment looked over, “You two really talk a lot yeah?”.

Mr Sojans apartment was very unique. Although considered small you could fit infinite things inside. The kitchen would only also appear if it was needed. In this case Jas had found some cocaine in the fridge of Mr Sojan. The fridge was an original one from years back, that gave alters whatever they desired. The only drawback was it came out a bit chilled since it was a fridge after all. After ingesting the cocaine in Jas’s usual fashion he disappeared deeper within the internal worlds to an unknown location, leaving Sojan, Amanda and Le Bébé Maxx behind.

“.. Right… Anyway I think all babies like the foods, and going to the toilet. What else do they really do?” Amanda agreed saying that Le Bébé Maxx, although really young – ate a lot of food. Also secretly it was Le Bébé Maxx’s future ambitions to become a sumos wrestler just for the fact that you’d have to eat a lot of food to get that fat.

When thinking of how Le Bébé Maxx could use the bigs toilet he became very afraid that he’d fall inside and be flushed! So Mr Sojan invented a ‘Special Le Bébé Maxx Brand’ toilet booster seat that was in the shape of a square pyramid, all of which was in the internal worlds. Le Bébé Maxx became very excited as it was also a secret desire of his to use the bigs toilet some day. The sound of the toilet flush is still really hilarious for Le Bébé Maxx to hear.

It all worked really well. From that point on, Le Bébé Maxx would front whenever the body had to use the bathroom. Also when Le Bébé Maxx was becoming more integrated with the external worlds – everyone got to experience the very unique moods of Le Bébé Maxx or in French Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx.

Around this time also Le Bébé Maxx also would eagerly front whenever there was any food about to be eaten. Every meal from then on was then called Le Bébé Maxx feeding time by the Amanda, with Le Bébé Maxx having his own special mood every time the foods appeared.

Despite the miraculous progress within the internal worlds, the external worlds were still unsafe. Having just barely survived the past year the financial side of things were at least starting to balance. The cult messes with finances and also survivors views of them. With the bad financial habits outgrown with Amandas help things were finally stable enough to try and leave Sojans family members behind for good.

“Hmmmm …” Amanda was thinking to herself to just a few months ago. “You know Mr Sojan, I thought it was really funnies. Me talking to your works bosses and pretendings to be you! Some may say I did a better job at being a Sojan then the Sojan himself!” Amanda snickered to herself, with Le Bébé Maxx also smiling. “… oh yes, talking on phones. Oh yes Mr Sir! I does all this works good, oh yes! Very bigs importants websites here, oh my!”

It was decided that Sojan being the front and having the most experience day to day, that he’d handle all external worlds diplomacy to ensure all interactions with people in the external worlds was normal. So despite Amanda talking in her Amanda Speak it’d all come out in an appropriate way to avoid raising suspicions in external worlds.

The next question was, where to go? Already doing Muay Thai for fitness was really beneficial. The exercise and release of energy helped the alters. Amanda was really excited to learn that the fun fighting activities was indeed a reality in the external worlds. And besides that, it is certainly a great excuse to go overseas.

The morning routine also remained solid, despite the accessors attempts to sabotage even that. Waking up early each morning without an alarm, doing some work followed by a well cooked breakfast and a bike ride after was really beneficial for all the alters clarity. Clued into the extent of the accessing and age regression also, these were slowly also improving.

One morning bike ride Sojan passed a play ground. Although it was rather basic, Le Bébé Maxx became very excited and also intensely curious. The Amanda suggested that we stop at the play ground to do an inspections to appease the curiosity of Le Bébé Maxx. A month ago we had passed a playground with Le Bébé Maxx also becoming curious, however we had to go past it. Sojan was concerned that if there was a bigs body playing on all equipments of play ground it would be very suspicious for the other bigs!

With the playground clear of anyone it was the perfect opportunity. “Hmmmm … ” Amanda thought to herself again. “Oh Mr Sojan, observe these mysteries!” Le Bébé Maxx was out of his usual white blanket and was wearing some basic ‘Special Le Bébé Maxx Brand‘ clothing. “The limbs Mr Sojan!” Amanda exclaimed. Sojan asked “… the what?”

Amanda put Le Bébé Maxx onto a bébé table. “The limbs of Le Bébé Maxx Mr Sojan! They are flailing! The flailing limbs of Le Bébé Maxx!” and indeed she was correct. Le Bébé Maxx’s small arms and legs were wildly moving in any direction very fast. Although we did not have time to explore the mysteries of the flailing limbs, Sojan proceeded to the play ground equipment.

The desires of Le Bébé Maxx are still preserved with him sharing some memories and insights into playgrounds, his special friend and other interesting parts of Le Bébé Maxx growing up the first one year of his life.


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