‘Les Humeurs De Bébé Maxx’ – Part 1

“Good mornings Mr Sojan! Worlds famous cookings breakfast! My coconuts oils! Yes! My FAVOURITE!!!”

It was usually the smell of coconut oil and other spices in the morning which would make Amanda appear within Sojan’s internal worlds space. At first it was just for a brief time, however after the breakfast routine became the norm she became more prominent. “You know it’s okay Mr Sojan, but what can I say. This is take over of internal worlds by me! Bwhahaha.”

After the amnesia was broken for the previous years events, Sojan himself gave up control of the body and disassociated within a space of his mind. At times the Amanda would have to take charge and do all the things. Seemingly though the job was well done as the situation in the external worlds only improved over time.

The sounds of a baby would echo within the internal worlds. ” … right, I can accept that. It was my job to know nothing and hold the body. So much for being fully healed and all that nonsense … ” Sojan thought to himself.

“Well yes you were really good at that, and it really helped us as they thought we were also the same. Mr Sojan it is a good news! Be happy of this!” Amanda exclaimed. Her rounded thick framed black glasses magnified her eyes as she looked in all directions. “You know their tricks are just so silly these days. They really have run out of the imaginations I must say!”

More baby sounds echo throughout the internal worlds however slightly louder. “Amanda who is that? There is a baby now?”

“Mr Sojan! Yes! It is Le Bebe Maxx! I found him a little times ago. I did not know it was The Maxx at first but I knew that he was very important so I did all of what I could to do a good carings for Le Bebe Maxx. They seemed to have made him all ages to try learn all of his secrets. Although The Maxx was too clever for this and the learning of their secrets also meant the learning of their defeat. That is all of what I will say of these things for at the moments.”

Le Bebe Maxx was wrapped in a warm white blanket and seemed content with Amanda holding and carrying Le Bebe Maxx everywhere. He is very, very small. Sojan asks “Why ‘Le Bebe Maxx’? French?”

“Well Mr Sojan yes, the French words are much more pleasing to The Maxx and he desires his name spoken in this way. Besides he does a laughing and a smiles when he sees or hears the French words. He is a really good baby but very much a handful! However these little tricks I learned help a lot.”

Several more weeks passed with communication between the Amanda and Mr Sojan whenever the smell of the frying coconut oils filled the kitchen. And so it was with each day passing the Mr Sojan learned more of the truths.

“… dissociative amnesic multiple personalities… I guess good thing the other parts were also fighting and somewhat good … ” Sojan thought again. His internal worlds and communication with alters was very much like how it was a few years ago around the start of when the whole thing came undone.

” … Well duh! And we are a persons yes and yes we are also good. Bwhahaha lucky for you Mr Sojan. I will admit however, you did really well. The look on their face when they learned that I took over. It changed everything. A new style of thinking and fighting, as they were very used to your style Mr Sojan.

It was always the plan. They got through you, that is okay though. Jas and I learned a lot. It seems that they will have to get through me, and if so they then will have to fight Jas. And if some reason Jas fails, Le Bebe Maxx will become very bright glowing red and do a fights himself. So far they have not got all my secrets, just two of six! And Jas has not had to deal with anyone.

Jas and I have our own ways of collections and verifies of the informations and we compare each others for the authenticities … ”

Amanda began to explain more in depth the real happenings of the previous few years.


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