Dismantling the Australian Governments Human Trafficking and Child Sex Slavery Operations

This year has certainly turned out to be very interesting. For myself, I grew up on Australian Defence Force bases since I was very little.

The years 1987 to 1993 I lived near Borneo Army Barracks, then for the last few years lived on the base. My Father worked for the Australian Signals Directorate, or at the time they were known as the Defence Signals Directorate. We then moved to Canberra where my Father continued his work at the Australian Signals Directorate

The previous five years I have been fighting very hard to try bring these gross human rights violations to the surface. Although refreshing for me to see these articles, I still cannot help to reflect on the previous few years suffering even just to tell another person that something bad may have happened to me as a child on these bases. I also find it completely deplorable that my own Father still continues to deny the abuse to this day, despite the obvious evidence that will come out.

There is a strange effect where everyone in the world, close friends and even their parents have offered their support for me. Still for some strange reason my own family continues to deny anything took place and that I am indeed completely delusional. My parents also being quick to alert mental health services that I am ‘remembering the abuse again’ resulted in even more gross violations of international human rights which resulted in ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) as a ‘treatment’.

Honestly all this did was scramble my short term memory for a few weeks and left me confused as to the whole point of it. Because any Government Organisation, especially those in Australia generally seem to have a difficult time telling the truth, let alone performing any activities which correct their wrongs – I have kindly opened sourced the entirety of my mental health notes, along with audio recordings on this page here. Without this of course QLD Mental Health would deny the finer points of the occurrences during my involuntary detainment and drugging.

My 2015 mental health admission, of which you can clearly read on the first page I have open sourced, I claimed I had been sexually abused in these agencies as a child. This was dismissed as 100% delusional without question. However at the time QLD Mental Health were completely unaware of the investigation by the Royal Commission at the time. So we can hear some classic audio recordings of Psychiatrists telling me I am delusional for even thinking such things.

Nothing like some high voltage electricity through the brain a few times to ensure the abuse will be forgotten for some time more. I honestly am unsure why these Government Organisations are to simply put it, so stupid. Another friend of whom also faced horrific abuse growing up on these bases actually came into mental health services to try alert the nurse staff that I wasn’t delusional. However this was simply dismissed as that I had got this person to come in and make it up.

Along with this, when asked how is it possible for multiple persons around Australia of whom grew up on these bases who have no contact with each other – are essentially remembering the same things. One arrogant nurse was quick to dismiss this as ‘shared delusions’.

WikiLeaks also has some very damning evidence of this also in the forms of videos and also written notes during the traumatisation of children and adults on these bases. These videos include myself and others on the Borneo base around the years 1990 to 1993. This information will be released in the mid to late 2018 through WikiLeaks.

Also around this time from July 1st persons who were interfered with growing up on these bases are to receive Redress from the Royal Australian Commission July 2018.

A quick Google search can reveal many news articles to confirm this.

Further to this, a Commonwealth Redress Scheme as proposed by the Royal Commission is currently being developed by the Department of Social Services. Defence is contributing to the implementation of the Scheme, which from 1 July 2018 will provide another redress mechanism for victims of child sexual abuse in Commonwealth settings.

The Extent of the Abuse in Relation to Trauma Mind Control

This website is the DeprogramWiki after all. If I were not to elaborate on how the above activities tie into the Nazi Mind Control practices carried on from World War 2 Auschwitz, then what I am I doing! For the general public however, it was agreed that when this comes out in the media, the focus will be more so on the sexual abuse. The mundane public are ignorant enough. Speaking of Nazi Doctors carrying out trauma research as a means of mind control would simply be too much for anyone to accept in one go, as I found out the hard way.

The fact the entirety of the Australian Government, with their Intelligence Agencies and other facets of Government were infiltrated and completely controlled during these times by “The Family” is a first hint as to bizarre and unimaginably horrific nature of the abuse. “The Family” is the cult that perpetuates this mind control of splitting childrens personalities and turning them into sexual slaves.

This is where my unique work exploring mind control deprogramming can become invaluable. These kids were not simply sexually abused at random. The abuse was very systematic and deliberate to achieve a certain goal. In this instance it was discovered during that trauma as a means of control on human beings, personalities can be split to hide abuse or events from even the person receiving the abuse.

The disassociate mechanism within children is a self defence mechanism. If a child is faced with overly traumatic situation, as a means to cope they will create a personality split of which that split endures the abuse. Afterwards when the abuse is finished, they are who they were before the abuse. This personality split is literally trauma encoding a barrier within the brain of which no information can pass in or out.

This is the essence of what was happening on these bases. As you can imagine, the ability to create a personality split in a child and then use that personality split for the purposes of sex can be rather handy. The child untimely has no idea they are being abused at all, as they will have no memory of any abuse taking place. This is also why many kids who grew up on these bases still to this day have no memory, and will lavishly deny any abuse took place at all.

With the abuse being highly organised, systematic and deliberate – one may ask who was involved? Who was in charge of this sadistic operation? Apart of my research in to this I have attempted to uncover the identities of these horrible men. The only other person in the world of whom I was able to find any reliable information on the matter was Fritz Springmeier. His work into the trauma mind control really woke me up to the true realities of my life, and also explained all the bizarre events that took place during my childhood on these bases.

Together with Fritz Springmeier, we have shared information together to help uncover the identities of the men involved. These men, during the times when they were traumatising the children would often go by the names ‘Dr Blue’, ‘Dr Red’ or ‘Dr Green’. You can read more about the Colour Coded Doctors here, where I have attempted to uncover their identities combined with Fritz Springmeiers efforts.


During my years living near and then on the base, the Colour Coded Doctor who was heading the programming of children into sexual slaves was Dr Blue.

Lt Desmond Mueller went by the name of Dr Blue. During the identity leaks in November 2015 (of which I paid the price by being heavily abused in mental health services), he resigned his work and sundered the entirety of the information to WikiLeaks. This is how the information got to them. Second in command of Desmond Meuller, was another ‘Dr Blue’ of which is more commonly by known as other children who remember theses events on the base, as ‘The Fat Dr Blue’. This mans full identity has not being revealed, however he goes by the first name Michael.

This ‘Fat Dr Blue’ still to this day is trauma programming children, and out of arrogance may never surrender his position until he is fully discovered.

The Blue Colour Coded Doctors were not the highest ranking Doctors available. From time to time, ‘Dr Green’ would visit the base to ensure the programming of children was going as expected. Dr Green’s identity has been revealed as Lt Gerwulf Aschung, of whom was a direct disciple of Lt Josef Mengele.

Along with the horrific sexual abuse endured, more bizarre types of abuses occurred. Even for myself as a child under six years old, I was given LSD and then submerged in a sensory deprivation tank that was rigged to electricity. If any of the children moved inside, they would be shocked until they remained completely still. These types of bizarre experiments were done in the name of total mind control. Bestiality, snuff films where children were killed, along with Satanic style rituals are also reported by survivors who have recovered enough memories from these bases.

This is only the tip of the ice berg. The truth is that no other human ever will be able to fully comprehend the true extent and horrific natures of the abuse that took place. It is simply beyond the imaginations of the mundane public.

I feel it is best to leave it at here. There are already plenty of other resources on this website which can give a detailed and vivid description to the true extent of these activities that occurred to the children growing up on these bases.

My only hopes that are with my struggles the previous five years to bring this to light, others may also learn the truth of their situation and wake up.


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