Good news for Australian Survivors of Institutionalised Abuse in Military and Government Settings

For Australian abuse survivors in a military or institutionalised setting, the 2017 year has opened up some very interesting avenues to explore. This can be good news for some, as it maybe a means to finally have their cases acknowledged and heard. For those who have been forcefully put through mental health services by speaking out against this, there may also be some avenues to explore. With a twist however. Action for this has to be taken fast, otherwise they will completely dismiss your case.

The first obvious avenue has been provided by the Royal Australian Commission. They have released a report into the child sexual abuse that occurred on these bases, along with the abuse adults and cadets had to endure. Along with this, the Commission also has investigated other fronts used for child sex abuse, with the more notable one being The Catholic Church.

Along with this the Department of Veterans Affairs also has an avenue which is separate from the Royal Commission to explore.

Support for individuals who experienced sexual or physical abuse in ADF. Honestly avoid the ‘mental health’ help as that’s most likely bogus in my experiences. If you feel that you have been abused within these military settings growing up in the ADF abuse culture, now is the time to speak. These are the more important points for ‘What Evidence is Needed?’

  • For an abuse compensation claim to be successful, DVA must be satisfied that (1) the abuse occurred; (2) it was linked to service and (3) it caused or contributed to a diagnosed medical condition (see bellow mental health admissions).
  • If the claimant was under 18 at the time of the alleged abuse and it occurred prior to 11 April 2011, DVA will always accept a credible statutory declaration as sufficient to prove that abuse occurred (as long as there is no contradictory evidence).
  • Compensation payments made by DVA are not the same as reparation or redress payments. (This may hint the potential for multiple avenues of reparation depending on individual cases I am presuming)

It is possible to send an email to let them know about your case, and you can do so with these details. You are able to also call them.

Ph: 133254 (metro) 1800 555 254 (regional)

[email protected]

The DVA claims to take child abuse seriously and has recently accepted my case for review. If anything would come out of it, I don’t know. Here’s hoping! I also had tried to contact the Royal Commission, however they have been very slow to reply or even take me seriously.

Interactions with Queensland Mental Health Ombudsman over Involuntary Admissions

I also had recently contacted the QLD Health ombudsman over the blatent violations of in patient rights against Dr Satya Haritha Devineni and all previous admissions. However there is a strange rule where it states that if the complaint is more then two years on from the date it occurred, it is void. Here is the reply I received from the QLD Health ombudsman. If you want to read more about my case against mental health, you can read this here.

Initial Message sent to QLD Health Ombudsman

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is ——————.

I am wondering if this is the right place to address my concerns over what I feel are blatant violations of in patient rights, let alone international human rights.

My main concern is against Dr Satya Haritha Devineni. In 2013 I was under her care however experienced a lot of issues which I believe impeach on my rights.

I was initially treated with Resperidone which had horrible side effects. When attempting to discuss these with my doctor, they were all dismissed as delusional.

In my 2015 admission, it was noted on my information that I was allergic to Resperidone yet Dr Satya Haritha Devineni had dismissed all of this as delusional in 2013. Some of the symptoms I had were,

  • Return of acne, after having none. When questioned about the acne, Dr Satya Haritha Devineni claimed it was from the stress of the hospital environment. This is indeed false as to this day, years later, I still have acne.
    • Any attempts to discuss this with doctors was mute, despite acne being listed as a severe reaction to Resperidone.
  • Was constipated for two weeks, extremely painful – yet none of this was acknowledged.
  • I have an audio recording online right now of Dr Satya Haritha Devineni using cheap trickery to force a depot injection of the same medication I was allergic to.
  • Because of the allergic reaction, Dr Satya Haritha Devineni presumed I was ‘treatment resistant’ and then issued 12 rounds of ECT.
  • From this point on and in the future, depot injections and ECT treatment set precedent for all future mental health admissions.
  • Despite me taking the oral medication I was allergic to 100% of the time, I was also deemed non compliant with oral medication. All of this from an allergic reaction.
  • A change of medication was also denied.
  • Parents and nurses noted ‘grand mal seizures’ about one hour after taking the medication, along with acute panic attacks. I either need an Academy Award or I wasn’t acting, as these were genuine allergic reactions.

Other concerns I have are,

  • Reading through freedom of information, there are hints that with all three admissions hospitalisation was planned pre-assessment.
  • The 2015 admission, the assessment was me waking up to Psychiatrists in my bedroom bombarding me with questions as soon as I woke up. They then concluded I had ‘external and internal auditory and visual hallucinations’, of which were false. They just wrote anything on that piece of paper to get me in there.

The redacted information from my freedom of information related to ECT treatment, with my mother being unaware and my father knowing. After I learned in the 2013 admission they were going to do ECT to me from an allergic reaction… Well, lets just say a nurse had three snitches and I almost broke another nurses nose.

They just gave me a lot of amnesic drugs after and just hoped I’d never figure it out. I am certain that the patient has to at least be aware of the treatment plan, let alone the treatment.

All of this could have been avoided if Dr Satya Haritha Devineni didn’t claim she was my second opinion, when in reality I had no second opinion when I asked for one.

I wont be in Australia any time soon, so it’s safe for me here to continue my efforts in the complete destruction of QLD Mental Health by exposing the truth to the public. With newspapers ready and interested in my story, I am giving QLD Health one last chance to address this properly.

All of this, with my mental health notes and audio recordings are already published on the internet and are getting a lot of attention.

You have thirty days (30) from this time of writing to formulate a reply I am satisfied with. This should be plenty of time. If this isn’t addressed properly then it will reflect badly in the upcoming publicity that this case will get.

Thank you

First Response from Ombudsman

To summarise, because the complaint is over two years old it has become void in all respects. They sent me this really fancy PDF also to tell me that.

I actually had tried to make several complaints against this over the years, however all fell on deaf ears. This included complaints to social workers, mental health staff and those involved. No one told me to contact the ombudsman. So there you have it.

In this instance the original complaint would have taken two years to properly occur. Considering the massive amount of amnesic drugs and covering up of the allergic reaction I had the medication in 2015, it’d obviously take more then two years for me to remember this occurred, let alone ECT happened in the first place.

UPDATE – Second Response from the QLD Health Ombudsman After they Saw this Page

It seems after sending them a link to this page, they had swiftly changed their minds. I will post updates for this one, along with the DVA’s response over the coming months.

Thank you for your email listing your concerns regarding the decision to take no further action on your complaint based on the fact that the matter is in excess of 2 years old.

I appreciate the concerns you have raised and would like to advise you that your matter will be reconsidered.   I would very much like to be able to contact you via phone and note that we do not have a telephone number to call you on so if you could provide your number it would be appreciated.

Bearing the time of the year and the fact that the office of the Health Ombudsman is closed over this period it will by my intention to review your matter on my return to work on Tuesday 2 January 2018.   In the meantime please feel free to email me with any further information you may hold in particular the month of the incident you have reported.

My reply for this Updated Response

Thank you for your swift reply.

I understand the holiday season and respect the decision to move this to the date of Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

I am currently out of Australia and will be for some number of years, so contacting me by a mobile number maybe difficult for this reason. I can however call you over VoIP. If this is suitable then we can arrange a date and a time.

Considering the Department of Veterans Affairs is currently investigating my case of child sex abuse, the mental health admissions also ties into this. For example with the 2015 admission all my claims of child sex abuse growing up in the Australian Defence Force were dismissed as delusional without any room for discussion or investigation, despite having evidence to the contrary.

Although I have published all the notes and audio recordings of my admissions online, I will take the holiday season time to properly prepare them for your end there in a more prepared format.

I don’t need to reiterate how serious this case is, and your recent decision to take proper action will be viewed favourably in the public eye.

Thank you

Interactions with The Department of Veterans affairs regarding Child Sex Abuse in the Australian Defence Force

Hopefully my experiences with the Department of Veterans affairs goes a lot smoothly. Here is the reply I received from them about my case of child sex abuse growing up in the ADF. They at least seem to take this a little more seriously the QLD Health and seem to also avoid any bogus laws about a two year expiry limit of human rights violations. Considering it’s the holiday season these things may speed up into the start of next year.

Initial Message to the Department of Veterans Affairs


Reading the DVA website I also meet all the requirements for compensation.

My father obviously has been trying to cover this up and I’ve been trying to tell the world about the abuse for several years now. It always just lands me in mental health services and they put electricity through my brain. I doubt amnesia is going to make the past any different.

I have to deal with the memories of my childhood and also the forced mental health admissions on a daily and nightly basis.

I have openly documented my case in mental health services and you can see the more important aspect of the notes here,

“… His delusion is based on the Australian Signals Directorate. He maintains that his father secretly works for this agency and that he himself was sexually abused by the agency as a child in order to be used for trauma based mind control later in life. He maintains that the agency set out to this to many children … ” (referring to attached image of mental health notes, which can also be found here)

It was also noted that QLD Mental Health services made up a lot of false information, of which even my own father agreed. It’s pathetic how these government agencies try so hard to cover up.

Just let me know when you guys there are okay to acknowledge my case of child sex abuse growing up in the ADF.

Any day now!

Ofcourse you can also not reply and I can write about it on my website that gets a lot of attention. And then hard evidence comes out through Wikileaks.

I really am making this super easy for you guys there, however if you wish to continue to cover this up and ignore it – one year from now you will look really bad in the eyes of the world. I can promise you this.

The reply better be good, as you can imagine I’ve been through really hellish conditions to get this information out. I also have helped other people who have grown up in the ADF abuse culture so there are others who can back my claims.

My name is ——————-. I lived on one of these ASD bases as a kid. I was on the Borneo Barracks from the years 1987 to 1993. This is Cabarlah, Toowoombah. The first three years we lived near the base then 1990 to 1993 lived on the base itself.

After this we lived in Canberra, where the ASD building is. I also was heavily abused within this building with the abuse continuing into adulthood.

First Reply from the DVA

Good morning,

Thank you for your email.  It has been forwarded to our Compensation Group for their consideration and response.



A/g National Co-ordinator General Enquiries Mailbox

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

GPO Box 9998, Brisbane Qld 4001 (mailing address)

Ph: 133254 (metro) 1800 555 254 (regional)

[email protected]

Further Updates

As these above avenues progress I will write about them here for the benefit of other survivors seeking reparation.


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