Good news for Australian Survivors of Institutionalised Abuse in Military and Government Settings

For Australian abuse survivors in a military or institutionalised setting, the 2017 year has opened up some very interesting avenues to explore. This can be good news for some, as it maybe a means to finally have their cases acknowledged and heard. For those who have been forcefully put through mental health services by speaking out against this, there may also be some avenues to explore. With a twist however. Action for this has to be taken fast, otherwise they will completely dismiss your case.

Latest as of 31st March 2018

Both the DVA and the Commonwealth Ombudsman were unable to assist, with the Commonwealth Ombudsman referring me to some other agencies including The Royal Commission.

IF YOU WERE OR ARE A SERVING MEMBER OF THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE and you were caught up in any of this abuse nonsense, you are potentially able to receive payments of different types from both the DVA and if unsatisfied with the DVA, you can then go to the Commonwealth Ombudsman. These payments are available now, with the Royal Commission redress scheme available July this year onwards.

Because I never got paid for being a child sex slave for the Australian Defence Force, I supposed this counts as never being a serving member. So any children who grew up on these bases are still shit out of luck until July 2018 And even then, who knows what hoops will have to be jumped through.

After some back and forward with QLD Health they have referred my concerns to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). From what I understand about this the initial process can take up to two months to see if there’s anything worth investigating. And if that’s the case, the actual investigation takes 6 months to 2 years. Currently one month into the initial process.


Interactions with the ADF Ombudsman

After being referred by the DVA I have emailed the ADF Ombudsman. In the end the same rules applied. Since I wasn’t an existing member or a currently serving member of the Australian Defence Force they are unable to help me. I had some confusion with a statement on their website, however it all seems central to if you were a member of the defence force or not.

First Email 11th March 2018

Dear Ombudsman,

I had emailed the DVA around two months ago in regards to learning more information about children who experienced abuse growing up on Australian Defence Force bases.

I was then referred to the ADF Ombudsman for further information.

I have wrote about my experiences growing up on these bases here briefly,

My father obviously has been trying to cover this up and I’ve been trying to tell the world about the abuse for several years now. It always just lands me in mental health services and they put electricity through my brain. I doubt amnesia is going to make the past any different.

I have to deal with the memories of my childhood and also the forced mental health admissions on a daily and nightly basis.

“… His delusion is based on the Australian Signals Directorate. He maintains that his father secretly works for this agency and that he himself was sexually abused by the agency as a child in order to be used for trauma based mind control later in life. He maintains that the agency set out to this to many children … ”

Just let me know when you guys there are okay to acknowledge my case of child sex abuse growing up in the ADF.

There are other survivors of whom also grew up on these bases who can support my claims. I also have attached my complaints against mental health services as there is currently a full review of my notes and admissions by the AHPRA. I am at least thankful after 5 years of fighting this the QLD Health ombudsman took me seriously this year.

Now please let me know if you’d like more information. At this rate I am becoming known by my publishings on the internet about this very topic and given the recent media attention I can assure you this story will have its time in the spotlight.

I also have published this email, and will publish your reply for the benefit of other survivors seeking answers open on the internet,

My name is ——. I lived on one of these ASD bases as a kid. I was on the Borneo Barracks from the years 1987 to 1993. This is ——-. The first three years we lived near the base then 1990 to 1993 lived on the base itself.

16th of March 2018 – Reply from Ombudsman


Thank you for your email.  I appreciate how difficult it can be in sharing your account of abuse and I want to acknowledge the courage you have shown in contacting us.

The Ombudsman can receive a report of serious abuse in Defence by a reportee who was, at the time the abuse is alleged to have occurred:

  • a member of the Australian Defence Force (Defence), or
  • an Australian Public Service employee deployed outside Australia, or
  • a Defence contractor engaged to provide services outside Australia, either in connection with an operation of the Defence Force or for the purpose of capacity building or peacekeeping functions by the Defence Force.

You have let us know that you were not a serving member of Defence at the time of your abuse. This means your matter does not fall within our jurisdiction and we are not able to take this report any further.

I have attached our FAQ’s which includes information on who can make a report of abuse (page 2).

You may be interested in contacting the following organisations:

SeMPRO (Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office) who provide advice and support to those who have been impacted by sexual misconduct.  Although SeMPRO focus on coordinating support for ADF members they will refer callers on to appropriate organisations and services. Their number is 1800 736776.

Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse Redress Scheme.

Kind regards

Liaison | Defence Branch

Enquiries:   1300 395 776

Email:    [email protected]


(Attached: Reporting-abuse-in-Defence-FAQs-PDF)

16th of March 2018 – My Reply

Dear Ombudsman,

I appreciate the reply.

Reading on your website here – under the ‘Families of Members’. Although I have not served in the Australian Defence Force (and never will), I was at the time a dependent on a member of the Australian Defence Force.

Would you agree that being used as a child sex slave by the Australian Defence Force whilst my Father was working for Australian Intelligence Agencies, would make me fall under the above category? Mainly due to me being entirely dependent on him at the time of abuse?

Now if you’d like me to file an abuse report on what has happened to my mother and father on behalf of them, this is also possible.

Curse of photographic memory, right?

Please reply with a satisfactory answer within thirty (30) days, otherwise this matter is still considered open.

Thank you for your time,

27th of March 2018 – Reply from Ombudsman

Thank you for your email.

I understand that you are eager to find the best pathway for your report of abuse and I encourage you to contact the organisations noted in my previous email:

  1. SeMPRO  (Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office)  are a good source of information and they will refer callers on to appropriate organisations and services.  Their email address is  [email protected].
  2. Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse Redress Scheme.

As also mentioned in my previous email, the Ombudsman can receive a report of serious abuse in Defence by a reportee who was, at the time the abuse is alleged to have occurred:

  • a member of the Australian Defence Force (Defence), or
  • an Australian Public Service employee deployed outside Australia, or
  • a Defence contractor engaged to provide services outside Australia, either in connection with an operation of the Defence Force or for the purpose of capacity building or peacekeeping functions by the Defence Force.

The area of our web site that you referenced in your email refers to a family member acting on behalf of a Defence member (or former member)  who gives their consent for you to do so.

Unfortunately your report does not fall within the jurisdiction of this office so we are unable to take this matter further.

Kind regards

27th of March 2018 – My Reply to the Ombudsman

My original question is still left unanswered.

Reading the website your statement of getting permissions to file a report falls to persons who were deemed as ‘other people’.

It clearly states complaints can be made by spouses and dependents of members. Lawfully my complaint falls into the correct category. Giving complaints on behalf of members of the defence force requires permission as you mentioned. So then what of child dependents? Do they need permission from their parents or themselves to make a report?

Why even mention child dependents being able to make reports if they are unable to?

Along with this the DVA had mentioned the Commonwealth Ombudsman has new powers as of 2017 to investigate members or previous members serving in the Australian Defense Force.

If you are certain this is the extent of what the Commonwealth Ombudsman can do about this issue, then you will be very embarrassed one year from now when you have to re-read these emails and actually look into this properly, along with dealing with the public over this issue.

31st of March 2018 – My Reply Agreeing with the Commonwealth Ombudsman

After re-reading the page properly I am aware that you are unable to help with the current issue at the present time.

Honestly this problem is far more extensive and beyond the imaginations of anyone there. It’s really sad that some computer geek has more intelligence on what is going on in your own country under your noses than your own intelligence agencies.

In regards to the identities of the higher ups in this highly organised government run child sex trafficking ring, the public will be very surprised as to who! Also as to the how and why. If you want a hint there are underground tunnels that connect Questacon, the ASD building and Parliament House.

The ASD is or was sexually blackmailing politicians with children like myself. Due to the trauma no kids seem to remember the extent of it, although I figured out how to and it’s very easy to remember. I’ve also taught others these skills who are caught up in this.

My website gets shared on 4chan, twitter, Facebook and Reddit and has helped other Australians young and old who are in this government run human trafficking sex ring, to realise their situation and to get out and stay out.

I guess that photographic memory and ability to recall all of this information and any day to day events from my childhood wont come in handy for anyone there and I’ll keep everything I know to myself and use my insider information to destroy more Australian Government agencies.

Just look at what I have done to QLD Health, LOL!

Interactions with Queensland Mental Health Ombudsman over Involuntary Admissions

I also had recently contacted the QLD Health ombudsman over the blatant violations of in patient rights against Dr Satya Haritha Devineni and all previous admissions. However there is a strange rule where it states that if the complaint is more then two years on from the date it occurred, it is void. Here is the reply I received from the QLD Health ombudsman. If you want to read more about my case against mental health, you can read this here.

Initial Message sent to QLD Health Ombudsman

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is ——————.

I am wondering if this is the right place to address my concerns over what I feel are blatant violations of in patient rights, let alone international human rights.

My main concern is against Dr Satya Haritha Devineni. In 2013 I was under her care however experienced a lot of issues which I believe impeach on my rights.

I was initially treated with Resperidone which had horrible side effects. When attempting to discuss these with my doctor, they were all dismissed as delusional.

In my 2015 admission, it was noted on my information that I was allergic to Resperidone yet Dr Satya Haritha Devineni had dismissed all of this as delusional in 2013. Some of the symptoms I had were,

  • Return of acne, after having none. When questioned about the acne, Dr Satya Haritha Devineni claimed it was from the stress of the hospital environment. This is indeed false as to this day, years later, I still have acne.
    • Any attempts to discuss this with doctors was mute, despite acne being listed as a severe reaction to Resperidone.
  • Was constipated for two weeks, extremely painful – yet none of this was acknowledged.
  • I have an audio recording online right now of Dr Satya Haritha Devineni using cheap trickery to force a depot injection of the same medication I was allergic to.
  • Because of the allergic reaction, Dr Satya Haritha Devineni presumed I was ‘treatment resistant’ and then issued 12 rounds of ECT.
  • From this point on and in the future, depot injections and ECT treatment set precedent for all future mental health admissions.
  • Despite me taking the oral medication I was allergic to 100% of the time, I was also deemed non compliant with oral medication. All of this from an allergic reaction.
  • A change of medication was also denied.
  • Parents and nurses noted ‘grand mal seizures’ about one hour after taking the medication, along with acute panic attacks. I either need an Academy Award or I wasn’t acting, as these were genuine allergic reactions.

Other concerns I have are,

  • Reading through freedom of information, there are hints that with all three admissions hospitalisation was planned pre-assessment.
  • The 2015 admission, the assessment was me waking up to Psychiatrists in my bedroom bombarding me with questions as soon as I woke up. They then concluded I had ‘external and internal auditory and visual hallucinations’, of which were false. They just wrote anything on that piece of paper to get me in there.

The redacted information from my freedom of information related to ECT treatment, with my mother being unaware and my father knowing. After I learned in the 2013 admission they were going to do ECT to me from an allergic reaction… Well, lets just say a nurse had three snitches and I almost broke another nurses nose.

They just gave me a lot of amnesic drugs after and just hoped I’d never figure it out. I am certain that the patient has to at least be aware of the treatment plan, let alone the treatment.

All of this could have been avoided if Dr Satya Haritha Devineni didn’t claim she was my second opinion, when in reality I had no second opinion when I asked for one.

I wont be in Australia any time soon, so it’s safe for me here to continue my efforts in the complete destruction of QLD Mental Health by exposing the truth to the public. With newspapers ready and interested in my story, I am giving QLD Health one last chance to address this properly.

All of this, with my mental health notes and audio recordings are already published on the internet and are getting a lot of attention.

You have thirty days (30) from this time of writing to formulate a reply I am satisfied with. This should be plenty of time. If this isn’t addressed properly then it will reflect badly in the upcoming publicity that this case will get.

Thank you

First Response from Ombudsman

To summarise, because the complaint is over two years old it has become void in all respects. They sent me this really fancy PDF also to tell me that.

I actually had tried to make several complaints against this over the years, however all fell on deaf ears. This included complaints to social workers, mental health staff and those involved. No one told me to contact the ombudsman. So there you have it.

In this instance the original complaint would have taken two years to properly occur. Considering the massive amount of amnesic drugs and covering up of the allergic reaction I had the medication in 2015, it’d obviously take more then two years for me to remember this occurred, let alone ECT happened in the first place.

UPDATE – Second Response from the QLD Health Ombudsman After they Saw this Page

It seems after sending them a link to this page, they had swiftly changed their minds. I will post updates for this one, along with the DVA’s response over the coming months.

Thank you for your email listing your concerns regarding the decision to take no further action on your complaint based on the fact that the matter is in excess of 2 years old.

I appreciate the concerns you have raised and would like to advise you that your matter will be reconsidered. I would very much like to be able to contact you via phone and note that we do not have a telephone number to call you on so if you could provide your number it would be appreciated.

Bearing the time of the year and the fact that the office of the Health Ombudsman is closed over this period it will by my intention to review your matter on my return to work on Tuesday 2 January 2018. In the meantime please feel free to email me with any further information you may hold in particular the month of the incident you have reported.

My reply for this Updated Response

Thank you for your swift reply.

I understand the holiday season and respect the decision to move this to the date of Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

I am currently out of Australia and will be for some number of years, so contacting me by a mobile number maybe difficult for this reason. I can however call you over VoIP. If this is suitable then we can arrange a date and a time.

Considering the Department of Veterans Affairs is currently investigating my case of child sex abuse, the mental health admissions also ties into this. For example with the 2015 admission all my claims of child sex abuse growing up in the Australian Defence Force were dismissed as delusional without any room for discussion or investigation, despite having evidence to the contrary.

Although I have published all the notes and audio recordings of my admissions online, I will take the holiday season time to properly prepare them for your end there in a more prepared format.

I don’t need to reiterate how serious this case is, and your recent decision to take proper action will be viewed favourably in the public eye.

Thank you

2nd of January 2018


I refer to your email dated 22 December 2017 received at the Office of the Queensland Ombudsman about Queensland Health (the agency).

I understand you are dissatisfied with the treatment provided to you by Dr Satya Harith Devineni in 2013 for a mental health condition. It is unclear if there was a Treatment Authority (TA) was in place, which authorises the treatment and care of a person for a mental health condition without the person’s consent.

Under the Ombudsman Act 2001, the Queensland Ombudsman has no power to investigate complaints about an order issued by a court or tribunal, including a TA. Further this Office is unable to assist with a review of the diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions.

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT) is the appropriate agency to review complaints related to treatment under Mental Health. I note you also addressed your email to the MHRT.

LawRight (formerly QPILCH) is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based legal organisation coordinating pro bono legal services for individuals and community groups in Queensland. LawRight also provides advice about issues arising under the Mental Health Act. You can contact LawRight – Mental Health Law Advice – on 3846 6317.

Further information is available on the Queensland Government website at

I also attach a fact sheet which explains why your complaint cannot be investigated by the Queensland Ombudsman.

Queensland Ombudsman Our_role.pdf

5th of January 2018

Thank you for the below email in which you raise concerns about Dr Satya Haritha Devineni.

I understand that your have several issues relating to the treatment you received by Dr Satya Haritha Devineni during admissions in 2013 and 2015. In order to accurately assess your complaint, I need to gain clarification on a few issues. This will enable the delegate to determine an appropriate course of action for your complaint.

Please provide a response to the following questions:

  1. You state that in your 2015 admission that it was noted on your information that you were allergic to Risperidone yet Dr Satya Haritha Devineni had dismissed all of this as delusional in 2013. Can you please advise who diagnosed you as being allergic to Risperidone and when this diagnosis was made?
  2. You state in your email that ‘All of this could have been avoided if Dr Satya Haritha Devineni didn’t claim she was my second opinion, when in reality I had no second opinion when I asked for one’. Can you please advise how Dr Satya Haritha Devineni came to be your second opinion and who your treating doctor was at that time?
  3. Have you been assessed by an independent psychiatrist outside of these admissions? If so, did that practitioner provide you with a specialist opinion in relation to your diagnosis/treatment by Dr Satya Haritha Devineni?
  4. You state you believe that Dr Satya Haritha Devineni breached/violated your patient rights. Can you please elaborate on what occurred to make you feel that she breached/violated your patient rights?
  5. You make reference throughout your email of two admissions (2013 & 2015). Please clarify which admission this particular complaint relates to and the date/month of that admission?
  6. The name of the centre/facility for both of these admissions.

Please provide a response to the above questions by no later than close of business on Thursday, 25 January 2018.

If you have any questions relating to this request, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone on 133 646 or by return email at [email protected]

Emails surrounding the 24th of Feburary

So it seems that after mixed emails someone at office of the health has decided to ask me for information regarding my complaint, after being told twice that they didn’t want to really look into it. The first email received on the 24th was actually a mistake email which said thank you for your material however we cannot help you, despite me not submitting my material yet.

Sceptical of the outcome with this pre-copy and paste reply sent before the 25th submission date, I decided to not put the time to properly type out answers. Especially if they already had a standard reply email ready to say they couldn’t help me.

Please disregard the email you received as it appears it was sent in error.

Subsequently I have rescinded the notice.

Thank you


Thanks Paul! All good mate.

Reply from QLD Mental Health Staff after Reviewing my Notes

Staff at the hospitals I was admitted at read over my notes and did some research into whether an allergic reaction was noted at that time. They send back a PDF with notes of what they had found.

Reply regarding medication and allergy concerns

My Concerns Noted over QLD Healths Conclusions

Thank you for this review.

One thing I do find strange in terms of clinical observations. Having no acne before this admission and then having acne to this day years after when acne is listed on the severe reaction list for Resperidone. This list also contains the other side effects I was experiencing – how was this missed?

It was mentioned to Dr Satya Haritha Devineni however she put it down to the stress of the hospital admission. This is nonsense as I have had acne for years after this admission.

In my history with QLD Mental Health staff tend to just make up information when it suits them and I have proof of this.

I am actually surprised there is mention of side effects at all and how they were treated. In my freedom of information notes here for the 2013 admission I see no mention of medication side effects except for the Psychologists review in which she expresses my concerns about the medication side effects.


9th of February 2018



Since the inception of the Office of the Health Ombudsman (OHO) on 1 July 2014, Queensland has been a co-regulatory jurisdiction; the OHO and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) share certain information to ensure matters are dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible. This includes consulting on and referring complaints in order to protect the health and safety of the public and promote professional, safe and competent practice by health practitioners.

Issues received and accepted

On 22 December 2015 the OHO received your complaint about the professional performance of Dr Satya Devineni. You have raised concerns about the treatment received from the practitioner between 2013 to 2015. You have further raised concerns about experiencing side effects from the medication prescribed.

Information relied on

In making the decision below, a duly appointed delegate^ analysed and relied on the following information:

  • Your written complaint, dated 21 December 2017, received 22 December 2017.
  • Your written complaint, dated 25 January 2018, received 25 January 2018.
  • The guiding principles of the Health Ombudsman Act 2013 and the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law 2014 (Queensland) (the National Law) including the dual provisions about the conduct of registered health practitioners (section 10(3) of the Act).


After reviewing the matter the delegate decided, under section 35(1) of the Act, to accept the matter and take relevant action to refer the matter to AHPRA under part 9 of the Act.

Reasons for the decision

The delegate determined it was suitable to refer the complaint to AHPRA to further deal with the issues. As required by law, I consulted with AHPRA and referred the issues, under part 9 of the Act because AHPRA and the national boards are the most appropriate entities to deal with the matter:

  1. The complaint does not appear to indicate that the practitioner has, or may have, behaved in a way that constitutes professional misconduct as defined by the National Law.
  2. The complaint does not appear to indicate any grounds for the suspension or cancellation of the practitioner’s registration under part 7 of the Act.
  3. The complaint does not appear to indicate that a referral is required to be made to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) under part 10 of the Act.

What happens now

After receiving the referral from the OHO, AHPRA will deal with the complaint and may contact you, the relevant parties, or another entity directly to obtain further information. AHPRA will provide the issues to the national board that registered the practitioner to decide what action—if any—is required.

With patient safety in mind, it is important that we refer the performance matter(s) to AHPRA in the first instance.

However, when you receive correspondence from AHPRA at the end of their process, if you believe that there are still some outstanding outcomes that you wish to pursue, please contact the OHO within 30 days to discuss.

Client experience survey

In addition, I invite you to provide feedback about your experience with our office by completing our short online client survey.

We value your feedback.

To request a status update on this matter or to ask a question about AHPRA’s process please contact AHPRA directly by phone on 1300 419 495 or by email at [email protected].

Questions about this referral can be directed to me on 07 3158 1040. Alternatively you may wish to call 133 OHO (133 646), email [email protected] citing the case reference in the subject line of the email or view further information at

Yours sincerely

A/Referrals Officer


Interactions with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

I had signed and returned a consent form to release all of my mental health notes for these admissions to the AHPRA. Originally they had provided the wrong form! However sent the correct one in time. They then will investigate these claims, interview the persons involved and make a decision whether these doctors pose some threat to the public.

February the 13th


I refer to your complaint made to the Office of the Health Ombudsman (the OHO) regarding Dr Satya Devineni (our reference: 00376243). The OHO referred your complaint to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for management.

Please find attached correspondence which outlines the next step in the process.

In order to progress your complaint in a timely manner we require consent to share your information relevant to your complaint, including health records with Dr Devineni. This will enable Dr Devineni to provide a response to the issues raised in your complaint.

To provide consent please sign and return the attached consent form

We would appreciate it if you could respond to this email with consent by Monday 19 February 2018. Please note, if we do not receive consent, the Board may choose to assess your matter with the limited information available.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

February the 19th – My Response and More Information

I appreciate the time spent for looking into this.

I’ve typed up more information to clear any confusion between the 2013 and 2015 admission dates. This document provides a summary of the three admissions which highlights my main concerns.

Also attached is the signed consent form.

Once receiving this email please let me know if you need anything else or have any other questions.

Thank you,

Concerns Regarding Involuntary Admissions for years 2013, 2014 and 2015

To avoid confusion of the years and also treating teams I have prepared this document. I’d like to make aware that Dr Satya Devineni was only on the treating team in 2013. Dr Bonev was 2014 and with 2015 I actually had forgot the name of this Psychiatrist who had power over my health decisions, as he was just filling in for two weeks for someone.

2013 Admission

Respiridone Side Effect Experiences

  • The first notable side effect after a few days was blood in the mucus, which I noticed in the shower. I thought I’d see how it went, and it stayed for well over a week. The nurses did avoided this believing I was making it up.
  • Around this time pimples started to appear on my face, after over five years of having no pimples or acne.
  • A week into Resperidone I was constipated. When attempting to communicate this with the nurses, they were unable to give me a laxative but gave me stool softeners and suggested that I’d have to request a laxative from the treating team. This lasted just over two weeks and when I was able to finally pass there was blood in my stool and also was very painful.
  • One hour after taking the medication the first notable effect was numbness in the fingertips, which would then slowly traverse throughout the body. This would lead into an acute panic attack and complete numbness of the body, along with difficulty breathing and loss of vision.
  • The nurse described this observation as an acute panic attack, with one commenting maybe grand mal seizures. Despite this however none of these events ever made their way into the my patient notes.
  • These symptoms progressively got worse over the following weeks and were also observed by my parents during home stay.
  • Just after two weeks the acute panic attacks slowed to a stop, however other strange effects remained such as the acne along with reoccurring memories of how hellish it was to experience these debilitating side effects mentally many years later. I honestly wish I was making all of this up.

Out of curiosity, over a year later during speaking to one Psychiatrist I asked if it’s possible to have acne from Resperidone, he said it is impossible. With acne is listed as a side effect under the severe reaction category, so far no explanation has being provided as to how acne started to appear days after taking this medication.

This is after having no acne previous to the admission for over five years, with this simple observation of before and after being noted by friends and family. Strangely enough this very simple observation seems to have completely missed the treating team, even when it was pointed out to them.

The Wednesday Meeting

After around two weeks of taking oral Resperidone I attempted to address my concerns to Dr Satya Devineni. In this instance however they were all dismissed as anything but the medication. Her answers to my concerns were of the following nature.

When asked about

  • Bloodied mucus – she had no answer and went silent.
  • Constipation – Claimed it was because of hospital food, despite my parents bringing me in takeaways most nights. This is also the first and last instance of constipation in all cases I have eaten hospital food. Denied issuing me a laxative after the nurse, Sarah, suggested that I asked.
  • Acute panic attacks one hour after taking the medication – Suggested that I have had panic attacks previous to this and it is completely normal due to the hospital environment, when in reality I never have had a panic attack previous to this. Let alone fall onto the floor uncontrollably with my whole body numb.
  • Acne Returning – Suggested this was simply due to the stress of the hospital environment and said nothing more. Despite this claim I still to this day, many years later still have acne.
  • Requesting a change of medication was also denied, with Dr Satya Devineni stating that they are ‘pretty much the same’.

After it seems she dismissed all these side effects I was experiencing as delusional or completely non related to the medication, I asked for a second opinion in which she replied ‘We are your second opinion.’ I never received a second opinion at any time.

This was infuriating and insulting. Especially after her pathetic attempts to suggest that the side effects were anything but the medication. I simply wanted to get a change of medication and some relief to the medication side effects I was experiencing – all of which was denied on the pretext I was making up the side effects.

From this it Dr Satya Devineni noted that I was treatment resistant and also non compliant with oral medication. This led to the depot injection being arranged and ECT treatment and depot being standard for all future admissions. All of which was based off a severe reaction to Resperidone that was never properly noted.

Sadly despite the severe reaction I still had the Resperidone regardless. In regards to being non compliant with oral medication there was no indication in my notes that I ever once refused oral medication.

The involuntary admissions have led me to stay well away from my own Family, since my own mother was unaware of ECT was taking place. It was all supposed to be a big secret that only my father would know, of which I wasn’t even supposed to know.

Despite this my parents can still verify the above along with the information being verifiable in the following ways:

  • Mother can verify that skin was clean of acne previous to the 2015 hospital admission, and after it had returned and stayed.
  • Other friends and family can also support these claims. I can arrange contact if required.
  • Parents both wrote a letter to the MHRT during the review, which states they saw the same side effects whilst I was staying on home leave.
  • If there was a second opinion legitimately, it’d be recorded in my notes.
  • If Dr Satya Devineni or any nurses at that time believed the side effects were related to the medication, this would also be in my notes.
  • There is no evidence in the notes during the 2013 admission to suggest the medication caused any adverse reactions. Most likely due to the belief I was making them up. This is still strange as in my assistant nursing course I learned that at least these minor details should be noted regardless.
  • Dr Satya Devineni’s student at the time has audio recordings of the Wednesday and Friday meeting, if they were properly handled according to QLD Health information requirements these should be archived somewhere. If for some reason they are lost, I can provide what recordings I have for supporting evidence.
  • Constantly said she hadn’t had proper time to review my case and seemed rushed and very arrogant.
  • Father described her attitude as ‘closed’ and ‘stand off-ish’.

After the Wednesday meeting Dr Satya Devineni issued a depot injection of Resperidone. However she did not tell me at all during this Wednesday meeting. I found out the next day it was arranged and protested as it was never discussed with me, let alone me knowing what it was.

Thankfully one of the nurses Emma, who seemed to have trouble sleeping at night regarding my admission – respected my involuntary patient rights in regards to the medication and treatment plan being properly understood and a meeting for Friday was arranged.

During all admissions, my mother and myself were not even aware that ECT was occurring. For myself the memories had seeped into my dreams and day thoughts also. So along with these forced mental health admissions, memories of being drugged and having electricity through my brain – I also have to deal with the memories of growing up within the Australian Defence Force abuse culture – on a daily and nightly basis.

Attempting to explain the ECT procedure and amnesic drugs – along with the reoccurring nightmares and memory flashbacks to these events – my parents simply believed I was delusional even more so.

Thankfully cutting out my family 100% has improved my life quality tenfold and I hope to never see them again.

The Friday Meeting

The audio recording for this Friday meeting shows myself expressing concerns still for the medication side effects, with Dr Satya Devineni dismissing them all again.

To get the meeting over quicker and me also having a depot of the medication I was having a reaction to – she said in exchange for the depot I can have overnight leave and if I wanted to stay with oral medication I’d have to stay in hospital longer.

After this meeting – Nurse Steve, stated ‘I’d just love to see the look on his face’ while intently looking into my face. He was referencing the fact that I had to receive a depot injection in the first place after protesting so much. He then had a good laugh afterwards when I learned it had to be in the buttocks.

These audio recordings and notes have been published online for some years already, with many other survivors of the Australian Defence Force abuse culture disgusted that any survivor of this has to be put through forced psychiatric services for remembering and speaking out.

Overall Concerns For 2013 and Recent Information from QLD Health

Just recently there was a note send back from QLD Health staff suggesting the side effects were noted and treated. If this was genuinely the case then this would be in the notes and also reflect in the meeting I have an audio recording of.

Except there is no mention of side effects or treatment thereof in any notes or the meeting recordings, with this Friday meeting just two days before my discharge I still had grave concerns which were never addressed.

This is attached in the email and mentioned in the appendix.

The 2014 Admission

Only a few things to note,

  • Due to the paliperidone depot I was unable to get an erection for 10 months. When asking the treating Doctor about this (during Community care) he suggested that this was all in my head and offered me Viagra. Personally I was insulted and refused.
  • After going off the medication everything was normal again. There seems to be a trend between medication side effects and Psychiatrists dismissing them as delusional or all in your head. I suppose it makes their job easier.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs in 2017 had opened up the opportunity for anyone who served in the Australian Defence Force to give their omission of their abuse. The abuse being so extensive, the rules for compensation were made much easier.
  • For example, anyone who served before April 2014 can claim compensation even if they have no evidence. If the DVA is able to find evidence otherwise then their claim is made invalid. Otherwise all claims are treated seriously.
  • Compared to Dr Bonev’s conclusion, ‘There is no evidence of this, therefor they are delusions’. Which was insulting considering there were also many other survivors who were in the same situation with no evidence, yet just memories. Thankfully the DVA has reconised this, which reflects the recent change in rules for compensation.
  • Now there was one Doctor who was actually really nice and I liked him. He at least listened to what I had to say and this was evident in the notes he wrote, which were strangely overall positive and insightful in interesting ways. Good man. Compared to the other Psychiatrists whom were all rushed and very ‘factory robotic style’ in their approach.

The 2015 Admission

  • One friend who also lived locally, and also grew up in the Australian Defence Force abuse culture visited me in hospital each night for the first week. He suggested to the nurses that I was telling the truth, as there were others and also himself – of which I have been able to help my providing information to better their situation.
  • One nurse placed in the notes that I should have my claimed investigated and potentially receive compensation, however the next day this was completely dismissed with the Psychiatrist suggesting that I had simply arranged for him to come in and say those things. When in reality this Psychiatrists decision on this matter was the furtherest from any truth.
  • When suggesting to the Psychiatrist that evidence online in the form of Royal Commission investigations claiming that child sex abuse in the Australian Defence Force was rampant and unchecked, an edited video of myself in these videos on the base as a kid (which Wikileaks now has) – he dismissed this all and stated he did not have time to look at it.
  • When asked a nurse Grant what then of kids who grew up in the ADF with no relation to each other across different parts of the country saying the same things? He suggested they were shared delusions. So all the brave men and woman who testified to the royal commission about the extent of child sex abuse and abuse of themselves within the ADF are delusional according to Grant.
  • Made personal recordings each morning so I’d know which afternoon they would do the ECT treatment. The morning that was missed was obviously an indicator that it was the previous day or two. Otherwise no one was going to tell me, not my parents or any nurses for that matter.
  • Solid audio evidence with Psychiatrists claiming to be apologetic about all the incorrect information in my notes – yet no attempt was made to correct them, let alone suggest there was any made up information in the first place. My own Father even confirmed after reading their notes that they made up information extensively, and he also said this during the MHRT review.
  • The ECT and what the nurses described as an ‘amnesic cocktail’ had short term memory diminished to a point where my partner at the time, and also the people who work for me were gravely concerned due to myself repeating very simple facts for days on end.
  • In the previous admissions in all cases I was tested for THC. In this admission I wasn’t tested at all, which led to a conflict with the amnesic drugs, enabling me to have clear and vivid memories of the entire procedure, which has reoccurred almost daily with bad flashbacks.
  • This lead to a strain on relationships and business due to my partner having belief that I had brain damage from the treatment. This also led into situations of which resulted in the loss of business clients and business income.

2018 and Beyond

The Department of Veterans affairs at least acknowledged my case of child abuse and appologised for this and then was referred to the Australia Defence Force ombudsman for further investigation.

If you would like me to arrange communications with other persons of whom I have mentioned then I can speak to them to see how they feel. There are more then a few people who will testify that my stories of growing up in the Australian Defence Force are true.

Over the next year or two it will become very public the extent of child abuse within the Australian Defence Force over the past thirty odd years. This also places a unique time constraint on Government agencies to act now or act later.

Now and over the next few years the Australian Defence Force and also QLD Health are all going to have to deal with this in the form of public backlash in one way or another.

During this time also it will be a great opportunity to tell everyone about Dr Satya Devineni and my experiences with QLD Health regarding remembering and speaking out against the strange abuse that occurred to children and adults on these military bases.


Along with this these communications are openly posted online along with the audio recordings mentioned. Here are some links if you are curious. – This website has an overview of the admissions over the years, along with scanned notes and audio recordings from 2013 and 2015, with 2015 being the most extensively documented. I wont say which newspaper and parts of the internet this page has gained attention on, and perhaps will leave this as a surprise for QLD Health for later in the year.

Here are the audio recordings mentioned in this document, except for the Wednesday meeting one.

Friday Meeting –

Tribunal Hearing from 2015 –

180123_RM 62425_ V2 – FINAL Signed JS & DG.PDF – Attached in email. Mentions side effects were noted and treated, yet in the notes for 2013 and 2015 there is zero mention of any of this.

Media releases pertaining to the ADF from the Royal Commission. Hints to this were what the 2015 treating team did not have time to look at and completely dismissed any ideas that these abuses could occur within the defence force. –

Thankfully after staying out of mental health services and away from any Psychiatrists and family my mental health has vastly improved and I am currently traveling around the world. I wont be back in Australia for some number of years.

Interactions with The Department of Veterans affairs regarding Child Sex Abuse in the Australian Defence Force

The first obvious avenue has been provided by the Royal Australian Commission. They have released a report into the child sexual abuse that occurred on these bases, along with the abuse adults and cadets had to endure. Along with this, the Commission also has investigated other fronts used for child sex abuse, with the more notable one being The Catholic Church.

Along with this the Department of Veterans Affairs also has an avenue which is separate from the Royal Commission to explore.

Support for individuals who experienced sexual or physical abuse in ADF. Honestly avoid the ‘mental health’ help as that’s most likely bogus in my experiences. If you feel that you have been abused within these military settings growing up in the ADF abuse culture, now is the time to speak. These are the more important points for ‘What Evidence is Needed?’

  • For an abuse compensation claim to be successful, DVA must be satisfied that (1) the abuse occurred; (2) it was linked to service and (3) it caused or contributed to a diagnosed medical condition (see bellow mental health admissions).
  • If the claimant was under 18 at the time of the alleged abuse and it occurred prior to 11 April 2011, DVA will always accept a credible statutory declaration as sufficient to prove that abuse occurred (as long as there is no contradictory evidence).
  • Compensation payments made by DVA are not the same as reparation or redress payments. (This may hint the potential for multiple avenues of reparation depending on individual cases I am presuming)

It is possible to send an email to let them know about your case, and you can do so with these details. You are able to also call them.

Ph: 133254 (metro) 1800 555 254 (regional)

[email protected]

The DVA claims to take child abuse seriously and has recently accepted my case for review. If anything would come out of it, I don’t know. Here’s hoping! I also had tried to contact the Royal Commission, however they have been very slow to reply or even take me seriously.

Hopefully my experiences with the Department of Veterans affairs goes a lot smoothly. Here is the reply I received from them about my case of child sex abuse growing up in the ADF. They at least seem to take this a little more seriously the QLD Health and seem to also avoid any bogus laws about a two year expiry limit of human rights violations. Considering it’s the holiday season these things may speed up into the start of next year.

Initial Message to the Department of Veterans Affairs


Reading the DVA website I also meet all the requirements for compensation.

My father obviously has been trying to cover this up and I’ve been trying to tell the world about the abuse for several years now. It always just lands me in mental health services and they put electricity through my brain. I doubt amnesia is going to make the past any different.

I have to deal with the memories of my childhood and also the forced mental health admissions on a daily and nightly basis.

I have openly documented my case in mental health services and you can see the more important aspect of the notes here,

“… His delusion is based on the Australian Signals Directorate. He maintains that his father secretly works for this agency and that he himself was sexually abused by the agency as a child in order to be used for trauma based mind control later in life. He maintains that the agency set out to this to many children … ” (referring to attached image of mental health notes, which can also be found here)

It was also noted that QLD Mental Health services made up a lot of false information, of which even my own father agreed. It’s pathetic how these government agencies try so hard to cover up.

Just let me know when you guys there are okay to acknowledge my case of child sex abuse growing up in the ADF.

Any day now!

Ofcourse you can also not reply and I can write about it on my website that gets a lot of attention. And then hard evidence comes out through Wikileaks.

I really am making this super easy for you guys there, however if you wish to continue to cover this up and ignore it – one year from now you will look really bad in the eyes of the world. I can promise you this.

The reply better be good, as you can imagine I’ve been through really hellish conditions to get this information out. I also have helped other people who have grown up in the ADF abuse culture so there are others who can back my claims.

My name is ——————-. I lived on one of these ASD bases as a kid. I was on the Borneo Barracks from the years 1987 to 1993. This is Cabarlah, Toowoombah. The first three years we lived near the base then 1990 to 1993 lived on the base itself.

After this we lived in Canberra, where the ASD building is. I also was heavily abused within this building with the abuse continuing into adulthood.

First Reply from the DVA

Good morning,

Thank you for your email. It has been forwarded to our Compensation Group for their consideration and response.



A/g National Co-ordinator General Enquiries Mailbox

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

GPO Box 9998, Brisbane Qld 4001 (mailing address)

Ph: 133254 (metro) 1800 555 254 (regional)

[email protected]

2nd of Janurary 2018


Thank you for your e-mails to the DVA General enquiries team on 21 and 22 December 2017.

I am sorry to read of your experience of abuse

Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is unable to assist you to lodge a compensation claim as you have not served, or currently serving, in the Australian Defence Forces.

I would encourage you to raise your concerns with the Defence Force Ombudsman, who now has the mandate to investigate complaints of abuse by former members of the ADF. This organisation may be able to assist with your concerns. You are able to find out more about the Defence Force Ombudsman at:

Yours sincerely,

Further Updates

As these above avenues progress I will write about them here for the benefit of other survivors seeking reparation.


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