I don’t plan to be on the computer during the first 5 days of July. I’ll miss the interaction with you all. There is no shortage of topics to write about, but someone else will have to write them up for the time being. I will make a few quick observations, the Illuminati love to create double-binds. It looks like their genius has been at work with the economic fallout from the recent British withdrawal from the EU. In early 2014, I wrote a post about how the elite are running the EU, & just simply do what they want. Americans are generally too removed from the EU to realize that the EU is of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. The Brits were realizing that & wanted out. And now the stock markets are dropping worldwide. I thought to myself the next day after the voting, what a stroke of genius to use the British pullout as the trigger to cause an economic collapse; that way it can be blamed on the common man. In other words, look what happens if you resist the elite! The subtle(?) message is fight the elite & they will crush you economically. If poverty is the price of freedom, many will take it. Today, I found out I was awarded the Prague Peace Prize, but my computer crashed when I tried to look up on the Internet what that was about. The people, who gave it to me, would like me to travel to Prague, Czech. in October to accept it. What state will Europe be in by October? I’m sure you heard that Germany wants the EU to be a superstate, a single nation. And that Britian’s withdrawal has others talking about it.

In researching the possible 9.0 earthquake & following tsunami disaster that could hit our area, I spoke at length with the woman in charge of Multnomah County Sheriff’s emergency reaction team. I learned a great deal from her. After 9-11, urban regions were to develop a unified terrorism disaster team. The side benefit is that now in each urban area, a single coordinating group functions that can also deal with natural disasters. (In our area for instance, Portland ties in with Vancouver, WA which is across the river. Both cities as well as outlying cities are now under a single umbrella emergency group.) I told her, how interesting something good came from the threat of terrorism. I learned how an area has to go up the chain of command to request resources. There are only 18 Federal urban emergency response teams. Federal help can only be requested from the state level. And the help is given first come first serve. So if California and Washington request those teams before Oregon…they get them, even if we have a greater need. A county has to look at what resources it has, has to ask neighboring counties for help before it can go up the chain of command.

I was quite amazed at how much effort & money has gone into preparing for disasters. We hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The things I discuss may well go from being academic questions to ones of life & death. As has so often been said, if one fails to plan, one plans to fail. And I discovered something in history that goes even beyond that saying(!)…I discovered that when a govt. tries its best to prepare for a disaster, even if they can’t prevent it from being a disaster, the people can psychologically deal with the mess. But if they don’t see their govt. doing anything, history shows that the people freak out & can’t psychologically handle the disaster when it comes. One thing I can credit our govt. with doing is preparing for various disasters. Let’s pray that they do what they can, and are helpful, when we need them. May God bless you my friend.


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