This post will provide analysis on 3 events: oil/gas prices, a new material that will revolutionize many things, and Trump as president.

STABILIZATION OF OIL PRICES. On April 17th, at Doha, Qatar, there will be a meeting of various national representatives of oil interests to broker a freeze on oil production at the January, 2016 levels. Without learning some more details, the reader may not be impressed. What is impressive is that Russia & Iran appear willing to work with some kind of deal. Iran, now that the sanctions are lifted, is feverously trying to regain as much market share of the oil business as possible. They are also fighting conflicts with Saudi Arabia in Bahrain, Yemen & Syria. The ability to get Iran to “agree” to any freeze is an achievement for the negotiators. Of course, I caution it hasn’t actually formally happened. Russia is also tentatively agreeing to the freeze limits. Now again I caution, a production freeze is not a reduction. (It might also be of interest to readers that the American fraking (shale & tight oil) business was not even asked to the meeting. Oil prices are obviously not being driven by supply & demand…but they are influenced greatly by expectations & perceptions. The result of this meeting will most likely result in a stabilization of oil and gas prices, which means oil should not rise above $60/barrel for quite a while…which means it won’t be cost effective for the American fraking (shale & tight oil) business to start up again…even though their equipment still remains.

FANTASTIC NEW MATERIAL. I’ve mentioned graphene before which is a honeycomb lattice of carbon that in incredibly strong and light. Two people won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 “for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.” It is about 100 times stronger than the strongest steel at a hypothetical thickness of 3.35Å which is equal to the thickness of the graphene sheet. Another comparison, in terms of weight it is 200x stronger than steel. It is already being used for semiconductors & electronics, and by the battery energy & composites industries. Work is going forward to extend it use into more electronics, biological engineering (read implanted materials to do various functions), filtration, lightweight/strong composite materials, and more photovoltaics and energy storage.

IMPLANTS IN THE BRAIN. The Cambridge Graphene Centre & the University of Trieste in Italy conducted a collaborative research on use of Graphene as electrodes to interact with brain neurons. The research was recently published in a journal of ACS Nano. So the new material will have applications for implanting electrodes into your brain—interfacing with computers? No one knows the long term toxic effects of the material. (The body tends to dislike foreign materials.) Shifting gears slightly, I quote: “The research revealed that uncoated Graphene can be used as neuro-interface electrode without altering or damaging the neural functions such as signal loss or formation of scar tissue. Graphene electrodes in body stay significantly more stable than modern day electrodes (of tungsten or silicon) because of its unique properties such as flexibility, bio-compatibility, and conductivity. It could possibly help in restoring sensory function or motor disorders in paralysis or Parkinson patients.”

USE AS BIOSENSORS. In 2015 researchers used graphene to create sensitive biosensors by using epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide. The sensors bind to the 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) which exists in elevated levels when certain cancers are in the body. (The presence of 8-OHdG in blood, urine & saliva is commonly associated with DNA damage.) The sensors are also capable of selective binding with antibodies.

LONG LIST OF NEW GRAPHENE PRODUCTION METHODS. All kinds of experimental ways to produce and use the graphene are being developed. For instance, I quote, “In 2014 a CO2 infrared laser produced and patterned porous three-dimensional graphene film networks from commercial polymer films. The result exhibits high electrical conductivity. Laser-induced production appeared to allow roll-to-roll.”

TRUMP AS PRESIDENT. Trump has inspired people all around the world; he is the first candidate in a long time to break the candidate mold of “professional politician”, and who speaks to issues & doesn’t sit there & read a teleprompter. Two black ladies, Diamond & Silk, do an entertaining daily youtube about how great Trump will be as president. On the other side, there are serious concerns that Trump is just another elite candidate, who is just saying the right things but won’t produce once in office, or worse that his policies will cause more problems. In other words, too good to be true. Allow me to introduce some history that may provide a comparison. In 1860, the corporate/international banking Powers-that-Be thought that Lincoln would be their man. After all, he was secretly a Rothschild (it took over 100 years to weasel past the secrecy behind his lineage), and he was a big corporate attorney (for the railroads—which were created by the economic Barons), & they were sure they could control him. They dressed him up as a candidate of the people for the people. Funny thing is—he turned out to be for the people! And by force of personality, he could not be controlled! He printed U.S. money. He refused to borrow what the bankers wanted. He refused to allow the U.S. to be split like the Illuminati had planned, and with the help of the Czar of Russia he kept England & France from coming in on the side of the South like France had in our Revolution (which by the way, is what allowed the USA to win its independence in the Amer. Rev.) Lincoln had his downside also—but overall he disrupted the elite’s plans so much that they assassinated him. So don’t think that Trump, with his background & connections will necessarily serve the elite. He may very well upset their plans. At the moment they are scurrying around trying to figure out how to stop him—causing riots, getting their lackeys in the Republican party to try denying him the party candidacy at the convention, using their mass media however they can, & other spoiling tactics. At the very least, we are watching monumental history occurring before us. This is an election like Lincoln’s in 1860 that will change the face of America one way or the other.


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