I love history and the lessons one can learn. Biblical students can reference Sodom & Gomorrah. Secular history can teach similar lessons. According to Italian historian Roberto De Mattei, deputy head of Italy’s National Research Council, the Roman Empire fell because it was led by a group of prominent homosexuals…I would add not just gay but perverl. One example of Rome’s gay leadership was Nero who murdered his wife, then castrated a boy who looked like his late wife & “married” the boy who he dressed like an empress. Of course Nero hated Christians. Another is Julius Caesar, who himself had been molested as a boy & had no child successor. Roman politicians who mock Julius Caesar as “the Queen of Bithynia”.

Likewise today our elite & leaders in the USA are members of groups who demand perversity. The Illuminati’s Anti Christ will also be perverse & popular. Because of these things, these perversities are being externalized into America’s children at tender ages. Our public schools are introducing and indoctrinating all kinds of perverse things to our young children.

Thankfully, Trump is supporting traditional values, rather than pushing homosexuality into the schools like Obama who was gay. Obama did many things to promote a gay agenda incl. lighting the White House in gay colors. Perverse people have few moral limits which makes them ideal for Satan’s agenda.

Final thoughts. A number of my readers have been posting & emailing on these kinds of issues, so I thought it would be helpful to provide a platform here for people to share their thoughts on the thread. For Bible believers, 1 COR 6:9-11 says it well. Have a good day friend.


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  • Thank you Svali for your courage and work! Would you be accessible for an interview at all? I believe more people need to hear what you have to say. Blessings, Albin.

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