This is the first part of what could be a full book of information, but will begin with an overview of what happened after WW 2 until now with the Nazi movement, & finish with some t.b.m.c. info. This article is based on countless sources, but includes a leader of the modern Nazi movement who I spent about 20 hours interviewing, plus experience with the programming from victims of the trauma-based mind control from the modern Nazis, my friend the Polish researcher Marek Ostrogski, and other sources. This faction of the world power structure believes that their military mind set & discipline will bring them to the top of the heap and insure a victory in the long term. When Van Duyn told me they kicked this part out of the Illum., he may have been telling me the truth. When G. Williams & S. Dunstan published their years of research in a book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler” (2011), they got death threats from the modern Underground Reich. Obviously, the escape of Hitler after the war, which escape was aided by our govt. & the Illum., was not something certain people felt comfortable being common knowledge.

OVERVIEW. A number of secret societies and occult organizations were interwoven into the origin of the Nazi movement & describing this all would take a book. (As far as I have seen, no one has pulled all of these threads together into a single book.) Mixed in with all this was an Illuminati connection. For instance, the Krupp Illuminati family were involved in the rise of Nazism, and supplied money & economic leadership for the movement and its war effort. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach was indicted as a war criminal to stand trial at the Nuremberg trials, but his provable charges were dropped. In 1960, Alfried Krupp was the richest man in Europe, and among the world’s handful of billionaires. Post WW 2, Krupp industries built nuclear reactors & many other things worldwide. (I wrote about the Krupp Illum. bloodline in Bloodlines of the Illuminati.) The Werwolf creator was Reinhard Gehlen, who worked for U.S. intelligence & West Ger. intelligence after the war. In early 1945, SS Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, who is quite famous & active after the war, was involved in training recruits for the Werwolfs. The chief training center in the West was at Hülchrath Castle near Erkelenz. The Werwolf propaganda station “Radio Werwolf” broadcast from Nauen near Berlin, beginning on 1 APR ‘45. Broadcasts began with a wolf howling & a song featuring the lyrics, “My werewolf teeth bite the enemy / And then he’s done and then he’s gone / Hoo, hoo hoo.”

CONTINUING THE OVERVIEW: THE WEREWOLVES. In the 1943 period, the Germans decided to create partisan groups modeled on the Soviet partisans that tormented them. They were called the Werwolves. But the concept of resistence evolved through several stages to the point that when we say Nazi Werwolves, we need to determine which kind of group. They already had sleeper agents (programmed multiples –from t.b.m.c.—in various countries, incl. the U.S.). They created organized underground military units, semi-organized guerilla groups, and cells operating on the SPIN principle that would infiltrate key positions in foreign countries…and all of these come under the name Werwolf. So there have been different kinds of Nazi Werwolf resistance fighters. After WW 2, the Bormann Group (or Network) was created to be the economic wing of the Underground Reich. The ratline (created by using Werwolf cells) moved Nazi war criminals after the war to foreign nations. Spain, a semi-neutral Fascist country, ruled by Hitler’s ally Gen. Franco, provided Madrid as a HQ for Werwolf & Borman Network activities. South America also provided some key nodes for re-establishing an underground Reich. The Portugese colony of Macau (in China), a gambling mecca, was used by both the Nazis & the Japanese to move their pilfered gold hordes at the end of WW 2. (There was an interesting use of a Portugese colony in west India during WW 2 as a control center for U-boots operating against shipping in the Indian Ocean, but that’s another interesting little known story.) Some within this re-established Reich feel they are the most powerful faction of the World Structure. The whole thing still ties into the Illuminati and other secret societies…so one can say this Reich is both part of the Illuminati structure & separate. (Rather like trying to separate the Jesuits from the Roman Catholic Church structure.) By the way, modern Nazi movement has ties to the Vatican also.

VISIBILITY IN THE HERE & NOW. Much of the activities of the Underground Reich have been quite shadowy and mixed up with various intelligence agencies (U.S., Russian, Stasi & Polish Intel which they run and mafia groups.) But there are places where the Werewolf presence shows up and I will give 3 examples.

FIRST EXAMPLE. The PiS (Justice) political party in Poland (which got Poland into the EU) is basically run by Werwolves; Jarosław Aleksander Kaczyński, a Polish prime minister & leader in the PiS party, was one of them. The major opposition party to PiS is PO, which is the major liberal party, and has Russian Intelligence connections. (So the Polish have little good to choose from—sort of like here in the USA).

SECOND EXAMPLE. Another place the Werwolves show themselves visibly is in the Ukraine. Syemyon Bandera (a pedophile, Satanist & neo-Nazi) founded “Ukrainian Insurgent Army”. If we look at the military unit patch of the Ukrainian nationalist battalion “Azov”, one sees the Black Sun occult symbol that is on the sacred SS Wewelburg castle floor with the Werwolf logo superimposed on front of it!! Nothing could be more blatant. (I will put these in the thread for people to see.) Modern occult rituals, for instance a Swan blood ritual for Aryan women (under t.b.m.c.) are done at Wewelsburg, on the floor where that Black Sun symbol is embedded. So basically, modern Werwolf cells are among Ukrainian “nationalist” groups such as Right Sector or Svoboda, which are facing off against Russia. Putin is not just blowing smoke when he calls them fascists. (There is a long history where West Ukrainian resistance to Russia was connected to Germans & Nazism. It goes back a century of ties.)

FOR A 3RD EXAMPLE, I will use the Reagan administration. The woman who made the lists from which Ronald Reagan made his cabinet appointments was Helene Von Damm. Who was she? Likely a modern Werwolf, as she was the protégé of SS officer Otto Von Bolschwing, who was in charge over Adolf Eichmann to administer the final solution to the European Jews!! Like Reinhard Gehlen, Von Bolschwing became a key operative of U.S. intelligence in the post-WW 2 era. What role did Von Damm’s appointees in the Reagan administration have with the Underground Reich? I know the Bush family is closely related to the Nazis, as well as being Illuminati. And the senior George Bush was a key decision maker for the Reagan administration; Ronald at times served as a front man. When Pres. Reagan honored dead SS soldiers in a German cemetery in the 80’s, I had thought nothing of it. Now I wonder about the symbolism of his act.

INTERESTING TIE-INS. I want to keep this short, but the Underground Reich also connects to the Israeli government’s top figures and the Moslem terrorist groups. Some people with the affiliation of being Jews—are actually secretly working for or part of the Underground Reich. When Adolf Eichmann was arrested & taken to Tel Aviv for war crimes, because he was able to expose a lot of Jews there was a big uproar. The Israeli Jews were told Jews in South Amer. never to do something like that again, or they would cut off their money flow to Israel. David Duke, our famous American ex-KKK leader, spends time in the Ukraine, which as we were discussing has an active open neo-Nazi movement. So there are a book-load of tie ins with many other things globally with this modern Reich.

MIND CONTROL ASPECTS. During the concentration camp horrors, the Nazis were busy filming hundreds—perhaps countless—hours of atrocities. These real life horror movies have had professional sound tracks in different languages added so that they can be used worldwide. So for instance, one might find a Spanish person of South America having been subjected to programming which used the conc. camp horror films. The t.b.m.c. programmers came to realize that the mind of the child (if prepared in the dissociative state w/ drugs even used) could be properly traumatized by watching these real life horror films. Concentration camps are built into the mind of the victim of modern Nazi t.b.m.c. That is one way it can be recognized. Spiritually, the ancient trinity of Wotan, Willi and We, an evil trinity of Norse demonic angels… is standardly placed into victims. You can see these kinds of t.b.m.c. slaves and programmers in U.S. intelligence, like Gen. Aquino and his friends/co-workers. Victims of this programming will often wear red and black, and will have pronounced reactions to the holocaust in some fashion.


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