(I wrote this because the Spirit was showing me that people are not grasping the consequences of rejecting the traditional family arrangement of a man & wife. Few things could have as much disastrous effect.) A darkness is coming. One sees the light of truth disappearing on the horizon. “They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.”(B) “Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart.”(C)

“Male & female created he them…”(D) Those who realize how incredibly intelligently all life has been designed, & for instance, how complex even the so-called “simple cell” is, further realize that our Creator God invested a lot of thought & wisdom into the intricacies of how life functions. The process of attraction and complementary makeups of male & female components is really quite marvelous. The existence of 2 sexes (dimorphism) is seen in almost all of the millions of species of life…asexual reproduction is very rare. God’s invisible wisdom & power can be seen in His creation.(E) And as most readers realize, the incredible intelligence that we see in countless design structures of all kinds of life–are not recognized by those who hate God, because to see the obvious would be to admit that they might have some responsibility to their Creator, and might have some guidelines or boundaries to what one should do with one’s body.

MALES NOT NEEDED?? Such ungodly scientists thought perhaps they could fertilize mouse eggs with the genes from a female mouse. It would not work, a set of male genes was all that would work. And later, as the fetus & placenta develop, if male proteins from a real set of males genes are not present, the mother’s body rejects the fetus. So male & female genes are necessary for new life to develop. But what about life after a human child is born?…isn’t it rather superfluous to have the father around? It has become common thinking in our rapidly decaying culture that fathers are not needed. The govt. will provide welfare & other benefits for the single mom. I have witnessed how wonderful children can consistently turn out, if God’s Biblical pattern of each child having both a loving mother & father involved in the child’s life is followed. And contrariwise, how stressed the child is from not having both parents, or perhaps not having any parents. Most cultures have provided a father & mother in some kind of marriage for their children. It was common sense everywhere…even without people having contact with the Bible. It was common wisdom that men & women were meant for each other and were both needed in a child’s development. (Now how those men & women were brought together, whether by arranged marriages, buying or kidnapping the wife, or allowing the couple to choose each other…and whether they were joined in monogamy, polygamy, or polyandry…the basic fact remained, it was always male & female parts that joined to make a child.) “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”.(F) We are told the Creator is involved in them becoming “one” in spirit & flesh.(G)

POLITICALLY CORRECT DARKNESS. If we ignore all the lessons of human history & culture, if we ignore the intelligent design implications and the sacred scriptures–if we dumb ourselves down in this fashion…then in our ignorance we can listen to the modern babble without instantly rejecting it. This modern babble only sounds intelligent if you throw out all that humanity has had the chance to learn, and pridefully think all the previous generations and cultures got everything wrong. Indeed, this line of thinking is being taught to some students in public school who are taught that it is natural to be homosexual, and that all the previous generations of history got it all wrong. Many of the new generation think it is only bigotry, homophobia, and stupidity that causes people to reject gay marriage. And here is where people are so wrong. Even if I were not to believe in the Bible…having seen what I have witnessed…I can categorically state that the best results of parenting are achieved when a child has both a mother & father actively & lovingly involved in the child’s life. Not only have I witnessed this, tens of thousands of scientific studies consistently show it conclusively. How many children have silently cried because they hungered inside for a parent? Many times they can’t even put words to what they feel. Children do best with stability. Today, it is PC to think it does not matter if the child is tossed here and there, from one foster parent to another, coming here, going there, with nothing stable, and perhaps large amounts of half-siblings, or step-siblings.

RUINING THEIR CHILDHOOD. In Calif. they teach homosexuality in kindergarten & elementary school. They give them sensitivity training to reject heterosexuality & to embrace homosexuality. Moral teachings on the other hand are forbidden in CA public schools. These are inappropriate subjects for children this young. Those are adult issues…no matter what opinion one has on them. Again, studies prove the inappropriateness of introducing sexuality to small children, and the negative consequences it creates. The impact of fractured families is not only hard on children…but it also has terrible consequences for our society.

RUINING ADULTHOOD. The social ramifications of throwing away traditional marriage can already be seen in several European nations that have gone that route. The negative impacts are so many that I don’t even want to list them all. For instance, let’s say a person is gay & HIV-positive. He only needs to find a “partner” to be eligible for that “partner’s” health care benefits. Now the insurance companies are going to be seriously backed into a corner trying to pay all the increased benefits demanded…and will either raise premiums or go out of business. Someday, if the World survives, people will be able to look back and see clearly all the negative consequences for destroying the traditional family. The traditional family is the basic structure (building block) that larger structures…communities, towns, states and countries are made out of. The analogy would be like a cell of the body. One’s cellular health is really the key issue for the health of a person.

PRESSURING CHRISTIANS TO RENOUNCE CHRIST. And the bottom line is that the Bible will be declared hate literature–this already happened in Canada after they passed Bill C-250 in 2004 criminalizing any talk or writing that criticized homosexuality. Anything “homophobic” can get 6 mo. in prison in Canada. And freedom of speech is now curtailed, along with freedom of religion. Churches have been closed by the govt. here in the USA for preaching against homosexuality. So the satanic elite have not only found a way to get people to quit reproducing, but they have found a slick way to criminalize & marginalize good people…while trying to insure that God will reject America and let them have their brutal way with the land. As many of you know the Supreme Court (in June, 2003) found that the U.S. Constitution protects the right of sodomy–amazing that they can find this right in the text (when it doesn’t exist) and ignore the obvious rights to religion, free speech, and the right to bear arms to defend against tyranny–which were spelled out & discussed in detail by its framers. Truly, we have entered a period where the blind are leading the blind.

(A) ISA 21:11 (B) PS 82:5 (C) EPH 4:18 cf. 2 PET 1:9 (D) Gen 1:27, 5:2 cf. GEN 6:9 (E) ROM 1:20 (F) GEN 2:24 (G) MAL 2:15


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