This is a short update on my previous story about volcanic activity to give a clearer picture as to the projected damage as well as to share a little inside info passed to me. As a picture is worth a thousand words, I will post in the thread a USGS map showing their idea of the super eruption of Yellowstone’s super volcano. Basically everything in the blue area is buried under a yard of debris, as it blows more than 240 cubic miles of material into the sky creating its own winds & weather. Fractions of an inch of ash are expected to fall as far away as NYC & Miami. A computer program (Ash3D) based on historical patterns & winds predicts the fallout. While doming & seismic activity are 2 clues that a volcano is going to blow, & both are happening to Yellowstone…I don’t have the knowledge to say when it will go. Some sources act like there is nothing to worry about.

NO PROBLEM HERE. Closer to my home, and a lot safer is Mt. Saint Helens. Since Mar. 14, it has been stirring which indicates that there was a small slip on a small fault. Small quakes are coming 40/week. What may happen is a slow extrusion of magma like in 1980 which built a lava dome. It is being watched. In the Portland, OR area, the Yellowstone super volcano likely poses more of a threat as it is predicted that it will kick stuff 900 miles upwind to the west. Life as we know it will be altered.

INSIDE INFO? For many years the elite have been building elaborate underground structures. Basically, they have built an alternative to living above ground. They could live underground in relative comfort with what has been built for a long time. One Illuminati source says they were warned by the dark entities that the top side would be contaminated & life would have to continue underground. Certainly, the large number of nuclear facilities leave us vulnerable to more Fukashimas. Those of us following things are well aware that these dark entities, which already live underground, intend to rule things. As it is a given that false reports will be put out by the PTSNB, I am reluctant to just pass on any report on these things which comes out. I would be cautious about immediately accepting any report.

DENVER. As reported by me for years (incl. previous posts), Denver continues to rate as the long term capital for America in the future. In a scenario where life is taken underground, the various underground installations in Colorado will be well used. I have no time table on these things.


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