It’s been a while since I have posted. People are praying for me, and I thank them for that. Prayer can be like eating healthy food & taking supplements like essential vitamins like Vitamin B,D, & C…you may not notice the benefit until you look back over the long run & see how it helped. I am still trying to sort out all the basics in life: shelter, income, hoping to save some of my property, etc. When I get things better sorted out, and can properly focus, I will return to writing articles for everyone. In recent weeks, I have been forced to focus on my own situation, rather than provide by writing spiritual & mental sustenance to others.

A common problem facing so many of my readers is where to fellowship. We need to fellowship. We need each other, and yet so many of my friends are isolated and find themselves without the fellowship they need. I thought the following article was a good start on the subject. Christians in general don’t realize the problems and limitations on what they can do WHEN they get a church building. I may not have the focus and time to write edifying articles…but I can as time permits share some good ones like the following one…


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