Normally, I stick with one post per day. I am going to add this note now about earth patterns to be watching, (i.e. the sulfur dioxide emissions at Yellowstone & the patterns of earthquakes). You can watch the current Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and Sulfur dioxide emissions at earth.nullschool.net When you get there click on the word earth and a menu appears. Set the projection setting to O (for globe). Under “mode” go to “chem” and it will give you overlays that show the various emissions. You can use your mouse roll bar to pan, to enlarge, etc.

NEW GAS EMISSIONS & FIRES COMING FROM SUPER VOLCANO. There was a video made yesterday posted on my fb page where he discusses Yellowstone & the recent fires & emissions in the area. He also discusses how the magma chamber of the Yellowstone Super Volcano extends clear to central Idaho and how a creek in central ID, which is normally cold, had turned hot. There was a 2.8 earthquake at Yellowstone yest. coming on the back of a 4.7 one in Calif. on the San Andreas fault. Our fault line here in OR is 60 miles off the coast. But the fault line in California runs through the land of the state and continues between Mexico’s Baja California and the mainland. The recent large sulfurdioxide emissions at Yellowstone is giving notice of the active supervolcano underneath. Mary Greeley and the Next Generation Weather Lab also provide updated info on the geo changes occurring.

NO GULFSTREAM. The Gulfstream has taken the very warm Caribbean water and carried it up the east coast to off North Carolina and then moved it to Europe. This large body of warm water has helped keep Greenland, Iceland and northern Europe warm. In 2005, it was noticed it was down about 30%, and in 2012 it stopped flowing to Europe. In previous eras when this happened, it signaled a new ice age. I have already a no. of times written & described this mini-ice age that we are headed into. The consequences of the Gulfstream stopping will be a domino effect as follows. Europe will get colder & drier. Russia & China’s harvests will be seriously crippled. (Not good because Russia & China are already stressed economically.) It will rain torrentially in places that were dry. It will get colder in the northern part of the USA also. Australia’s location spares it from any side effects, so it can continue to produce crops & export. I can already see that east Asia/China will be buying whatever grain Australia & the USA will sell. Wheat farmers in the US will continue to produce, farmers just need to realize we will be experiencing different weather than what we grew up. The weather patterns are changing.

FINAL THOUGHTS. If I lived in a location seriously threatened by the supervolcano at Yellowstone, I would be considering where I could move that is safer. While it’s stirring to life may go on for years before it explodes, the supervolcano is active, and it is already doing the two things that precede exploding: doming and having increasing seismic activity. Don’t depend on our govt. to provide warnings. Their policy is to not alarm people, even to the pt. of blocking some things like this on the Internet. And for sure panic does not help. Just remember, when the Japanese in WW2 sent thousands of balloons with firebombs attached in the jet stream, the govt. covered it up & censored it. It was not until after the war, that the campaign was exposed. We have the tools to watch things, and there should be better clearer indications just prior to anything serious.


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