Here is a poem that says it all…long but I think some will enjoy reading it…


Time is short, in fact it is expired, and we are living only moment by moment now.
It should be of no surprise the scriptures are clear and the word has been shouted loud.
The lies are uncovered on a daily basis yet there are too many who choose to ignore.The truth that is staring them in their faces that evil has passed through our doors.

Many question what is evil and how did it enter in
The blind eye does not recognize and the doorway is our sin.
The sin of tolerance has given way to the enemy’s eternal plan
Any moment hell will be unleashed when God removes his hand.

We have not sold, but freely given, our children to the system of education
But we first gave up the education system to the enemy through our cessation
Removing ourselves and any values that might have saved our children
And we wonder why by lies they have become imprisoned.

We sit and absorb all the refuse that comes through the television set
Believing the lies on the evening news and then we sit and fret
Wondering when the government will rescue us and leaving our responsibility up to others
We have given up our government and want instead a mother.

We kill the babies in the womb and justify our actions
Sacrificing to Molech who accepts their blood with passion
Child sacrifice is uncovered everywhere even in the halls of leadership
And we think leaders are protecting the children because they want them micro chipped.

We are a world dependent upon drugs we want every pain and emotion medicated
And in a blind stupor we stumble not seeing our freedoms have been eradicated.
We accept the darkness because someone told us it was really light
And claim homosexuality is normal and not a perverted sexual vice

We scoff at those who expose false flags calling their words but theory
While people die because of what is an ancient, true and real conspiracy.
So we ignore the truth that would set us free holding tightly to the comfort of the lies
And continue ever closer to the precipice of time while God’s patience we have tried.

The economy is destroyed but there are few who know the severity
They believe all is well mistaking welfare for prosperity
Christianity is under attack and the persecution has been implemented
We have been manipulated by the enemy and are positioned as he intended.

We think food is plentiful and we will never suffer hunger
How many will die because disbelief has been their blunder?
How many children will be forced to cry themselves to sleep,
Because the cupboards are bare and they have naught to eat?

Do you believe that ritual abuse only exists on the movie screen?
Do you refuse to hear the cries of the children as they scream?
Do you believe that all wars are fought only for our protection?
Or do you know as soldiers die it is for monetary collection.

Blood moons and high Holy days that seem to be aligned
Asteroids and planets in the heavens as a sign
An alien agenda to hybridize mankind
And the evening news says watch the Oscars for everything is fine.

Archeology is covered up and the truth it reveals is quickly swept away
Science is searching for immortality so the elite may hold death at bay
Transhumans are sought the same as they were in Hitler’s day
The lines of what is moral are now blurred and seen in shades of grey.

Earthquakes are ravaging the ground beneath our feet
Volcanoe’s boiling magma is moving underneath
The weather is now manipulated by those with malevolent plans
And fools still think that there is no force greater than a man.

We are a people dumbed down, manipulated and confused
Our economy is broken and operates only as a ruse
We are poisoned with our air, with our water and with our food
Vaccinations are no longer medicine but another poisonous brew.

The sun is constantly erupting spewing violently into space
What events are needed to awaken the human race?
The pope wants to baptize aliens, and the church thinks that’s just fine
I tend to think that reveals the branch is separated from the vine.

Nuclear war has become a constant and ever increasing threat
I wonder when an EMP will be delivered by a hostile enemy jet.
And I think the time is limited to keep an uncensored internet.
Of the many signs that reveal our time is gone, I haven’t scratched the surface yet.

We removed the guard rails of our society that kept us all protected
The warning signs we used to post have now all been rejected
And we and our children are now in danger of falling off this cliff
Yet untold numbers still deny that we are on a precipice.

We have all become the victims of our own failures,
Our failure to stand for Truth while the taste of sin we savored
We have opened our doors to destruction and freely let it in
Yet one stands at the door knocking and we open not for Him.

The Great and Fearful Day of the Lord is now at hand and our time has all expired
You must choose not today, but this moment, to accept the Truth or believe the liar.
There is a way that seems right to a man but the end leads only to destruction
There is only One Way of escape from the wrath ahead; listen to God’s instruction.

By Randy Conway


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