This is to announce that David Paposhvili of the Georgia Republic (a former USSR Republic) has translated the Bloodlines of the Illuminati book into Georgian. When the book is available to buy, I hope to offer it on my website pentracks.com . The only other translation that I am aware of is Japanese (by KK Bestsellers of Tokyo). A number of other people have wanted to translate it into their languages (such as Spanish, German, Dutch & Finnish), but when told that I was requesting a small royalty to transfer the rights, I never heard anything back from them…so I don’t know if they just went ahead behind my back, or just dropped the idea.

This is a reminder to people that the links to all my recent articles (about 800 articles) which were posted on facebook are on my blog pentracks.com under the “March, 2016” button. They are arranged alphabetically by title. Have a great day!


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