EVERYDAY DEATH TRAPS: How the Illuminati is Covertly Killing Humanity with Everyday Life (1 DEC ’18) The purpose of this post is to provide the link to a new video of an important 2 ½ talk I just gave with Alexandra J. Brozikova as my host: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmkn2gZdYoY
Also Debra Tavares has posted the talk on her YouTube Channel “StopTheCrime.net NEW”.

OVERVIEW OF THE TALK. My new talk discusses the Illuminati’s goals, their agenda to keep humanity (which is the host for their parasitic control/presence) servile, sick, stupid, and self-regulating where we voluntarily enslave, neuter & kill ourselves. The talk discusses how they use the 7 deadly sins to manipulate humanity to its own destruction. Their methods of t.b.m.c. are applied to their mass mind control to manipulate us to carry out their deadly agenda. The talk discusses the Flexner Report which they financed in 1910, which then prevented any research into how electricity, & electrical fields & magnetic fields effect the human body.

IMPORTANT WARNINGS. The talk discusses all our different stages of life, and our desires, and warns about a long list of everyday items that people use without thought incl. : msg, sugar, hidden toxins, EMF fields, smart meters, pregnancy & hospital maternity procedures, microwave energy & 5G and other things. If this info is taken to heart, it may seriously change the listener’s life and viewpoint on things. The god of this world has truly made it into a Kingdom of Death and our culture has become a Cult of Death. I hope you have the opportunity to listen to my talk, and it gets you to think.


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