As a historian, I see it is my responsibility to remind us of the past & how it provides us lessons for the present, as well as introducing at least a minimum of balancing statements. Some of the readers may be tracking the widespread rapes & intimidation of European women by Islamic refugees. In some areas of Europe, where women used to feel safe going out at night, they no longer feel safe. If Europeans did not have historical amnesia, they would not be surprised. Western women walking the streets of Islamic countries have long been lusted after, & at times assaulted by everyday Islamic men. This article discusses the centuries of Islamic raids on non-Islamic peoples to find sexual slaves for Islamic harems, as well as some issues of Africa related to the NWO. The goal is provide lessons for present-day application.

BALANCING COMMENTS. When one mentions groups of people one naturally evokes prejudices, biases, mishistory & politics. And I find that telling people what actually happened, can make one a target of everyone’s hate. None the less, in the interest of truth & showing people that history is relevant to learn lessons…I plan to write this article (& the haters can keep on hating). While the terms “Jew” & “Arab” are used to mean racial groups—the terms do not function well that way. They are more like the term “American”. The Islamic slave trade is typically called the Arab slave trade…but the term Arab is less appropriate than to say “Arabic-speaking”, as the only true language of the Koran is Arabic, hence Muslims everywhere strive to know Arabic. One easy-to-make mistake is to think the “Arab” slave trade, which began with the creation of Islam, resembled the later West African slave trade of the Europeans. To make generalizations…the Europeans sought strong workers for the sugar, cotton & tobacco plantations, so strong men were prized for slavery. The Islamic slave trade was mainly for females for sexual slavery, although jobs for male slaves were found, such as galley slaves. The North, Central & South American black slavery got institutionalized into a racial thing, while the Islamic slave trade was never institutionalized against a single race—any non-Moslem was game. This does not mean that racism did not exist in Islamic countries, unfortunately it exists almost everywhere, but it was not institutionalized. Women slaves who had children gained status (“umm walad”—lit. mthr. of a child) and could no longer be sold.

MUHAMMED. In a fashion similar to Christ, quite a few of Muhammed’s ideas got lost in the creation of a religion in his name. For instance he said as quoted in the Koran, “Even as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference to claim over another—You are brothers.” But the jurists of Islamic law set up codes to regulate slavery, and unwittingly institutionalized it. As a religion, Islam forbids making a fellow Moslem into a slave…which means that Moslems seeking sexual slaves had to raid Christians & pagans for female slaves, & were not anxious to convert them & delegitimize the slavery. Yet the Koran says, “And if any of your slaves ask you for a deed in writing (for emancipation) give them such a deed; If ye knew any good in them: yea, give them something yourselves out of the means which Allah has given to you…” Like Christ’s words “Love your enemies”, the statements in the Koran against abuse get overlooked. Islam has a horrible history of female abuse, but it is not politically correct to mention this. Christendom is not the only religion that will be held accountable, mankind in general is in sin. For instance, Vodun Witchcraft in Africa (esp. Ghana) continues religious slavery called Trokosi. You can read about this online…girls are given to the priests as slaves, who use them sexually or for whatever is needed. (These things need to be brought out, because paganism is now the religion taught in our schools, and Islam is being brought into American public schools where Christianity is forbidden. Too many people, ignorant of history, are buying the lie that Christ & Christianity are to blame for all evil. I find most Americans have no concept of what Islam is about—it is opposed to what our Constitution was all about.)

AFRICA. The heart of the centuries old Islamic slave trade was Africa. The Muslim Bedouin, who lived in the Sahara desert, found that running black slaves from the interior of Africa, was their best opportunity for cash. They are reported to have brought over the desert about 1,500 slaves/yr. They brought them north to ports like Tripoli & Benghazi & Ceuta, Morocco. 1 horse could buy 20 slaves in the central Sahel. So one can see the lives of slaves were cheap. No matter who was moving slaves, Africans, Arabs, or Europeans, they usually lost 3 or 4 or 5 for each one they finally delivered. While such neglect of human life seems outrageous, the business was so lucrative, that they could afford such losses. Egypt & Ethiopia were also destinations for many centuries for black slaves. The sultanate of Muscat & Oman, today still a sultanate on the Arabian peninsula, based their national economy on slave trading. In 1653, they set up a major station on Zanzibar island off the east African coast and were trading tens of thousands of slaves yearly up through the 19th century. In 1871, the sultan of Oman was making ¼ of his income from slave trading & had his palace to Zanzibar. Gaining independence in 12/3/1963, the blacks massacred thousands of Arabs, forcing the rest to flee back to Oman, and united their nation with Tanganyika into a new union called Tanzania.

AFRICA, A MUCH ABUSED CONTINENT. Africans with money & talent flee their continent. Everyone who can leave Togo has. Haile Selassie, King of Ethiopia, which suffered a lot from Italian conquest & colonialism, spoke a long standing truth: “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” I have tried not to be silent, and count on you to do likewise. As I have come to understand the Illuminati better, & its connection to certain Belgium bloodlines, history has made more sense. The New World financial center of New York (orig. New Amsterdam) was actually settled by those Belgium Illum. bloodlines—who are called Dutch, because Belgium was part of the Netherlands at that time. Gaining independence for Belgium, these bloodlines got the richest part of Africa (the Congo) for themselves. They brutally forced the locals to work at mining (which wiped out half the population). The Belgium example of colonial brutality in the Congo set the standard (!) & was then copied by the Portugese & others.

AFRICA IS VITAL. Africa is the only place to get some key strategic minerals for modern technology. Chromium, Cobalt & Manganese are critical to produce steel alloys. Modern jet engines & missiles depend on these, and the U.S. depends on Africa for supplies—mostly from So. Africa, which has joined China & Russia in BRICS. (Plus Africa has 73% of the world’s platinum, 88% of its diamonds, 42% of its gold, 42% of its bauxite, 38% of the uranium. And most of its resources have not been discovered.) This explains why the Europeans wanted colonies, and why China & Russia are so active in Africa today. 1 million Chinese now live on the continent. And unfortunately, Arab slave trading still goes on in Mauritania, Sudan, & parts of Mali & Chad. Sexual slavery continues in countries like Saudi Arabia, who must seek non-Muslim women for their secret harems. And there are people in the west who will supply them. Ex-Soviet Islamic nations are selling women to Italian brothels for $2K. What’s worse is that some are as young as 11 yrs. old. Which reminds me, in Islamic countries, child brides exist. This nation’s perverse moves to accept pedophilia, practiced by the Illum., will also aid in the acceptance of Islam.

“FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI…” The Marine hymn mentions Tripoli because the first war the new nation of the USA fought was against Tripoli & other Barbary pirate ports. But what was our first war about? The Barbary pirates were Islamic pirate ships that captured European ships or surprise attacked European coastal towns to get slaves to sell!! In 1625, an Islamic pirate ship attacked Reykjavik, Iceland & captured 400 people to sell as slaves. In 1631, they raided Baltimore, Ireland and got lots of Irish women to sell to harems. European men would be sold for other uses. For instance, the Islamic Turkish (Ottoman) fleet that had a large naval battle with Spain in 1591, lost over 10,000 Christian galley slaves that went down with the warships they were chained to as they rowed. It was a book written by an American sailor who escaped Moslem slavery that turned Abraham Lincoln against slavery.

LOTS OF LESSONS IF WE FOREGO HISTORICAL AMNESIA. It’s been decades since the UN called for a New International Economic Order, & the World Bank put out its Berg Report for globalization. Africa, a continent with the most genetic diversity, a continent with 2,000 languages and 3,000 separate ethnic groups in 54 nations, has been following its globalization script by thinking Pan-Africa…in other words, the union of all of Africa. Africa is about half Christian—half Moslem. The spread of the Christian religion is now an African thing; they now have many indigenous churches & their own missionaries. I would hope that they would not have historical amnesia about the Tower of Babel, the last time the god of this world tried to unite the world under global government. I would hope they connect the dots and realize global govt. will be run by the same elite bloodlines that exploited Africa. And further, that the rape of European women, the riots and Islam’s long history of using sexual slaves, shows that the liberal idea of allowing anyone into the U.S. will have social consequences. All these truths may be taboo to speak, but truth none the less.


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