My recent posts have highlighted the fact that some readers are unaware of space weapons. This is a short overview of the subject geared for all readers. Space weapons provide the USA with military dominance over all other nations. Should its dominance in space be eliminated, the USA would no longer be more powerful than the coalition of Russia & China. If Russia & China wanted to wage all out war with the USA, they have no choice but to immediately target America’s vast space arsenal of hundreds of military satellites. To not do so, would be catastrophic for them or any other nation. So you can now see why World War III has to start in space.

EMPLOYMENT OF SPACE WEAPONS. How would weapons based in space be used? First, these weapons are designed to hit targets in space, in the air, and the earth’s surface. And they hit their targets fast…one could say in the blink of an eye…because the large 10’ diameter military strength laser beams come at the speed of light, & likewise the directed energy weapons. The kinetic-bullet like projectiles, for instance, a 100 lb. tungsten rod projectile fired at a near vertical angle (trajectory) from a space platform, will take slightly longer, but will still be moving too fast for any enemy to stop them. These kinetic-energy weapons are like large bullets and use their momentum to cause damage, although the impact may seem to be an explosion, sort of like a meteor exploding & creating a crater. Now add to this mix of weapons, nuclear & conventional weapons also being launched from space and you have quite a variety of ways to kill and destruct from space. One of the most potent weapons in WW 2 was the German Panzer Division. The English thought they copied it by throwing some tanks together into a division size unit, and totally missed what made the Panzer division so powerful; it was a mixed-weapons unit. It was a skillful blend of mobile armor, mobile artillery, mobile infantry & engineers, etc. Often its spearpoint was a fast armored car & motorcycle troops (& not the tanks). Likewise, the successful employment of space weapons is a skillful blend of many different kinds of weapons integrated into the entire inventory or air, sea, land & space weapons systems. It is beyond the scope of this article to detail how this integration works, but it will be possible to give one example.

TRUE-TO-LIFE EXAMPLE OF THE COORDINATION OF WEAPONS. Fighting has started, but the atmosphere is overcast & stormy. The satellites begin jamming the enemy’s communication networks, but don’t find things conducive to fire their (hydrogen fluoride? or other?) lasers at stationary targets. The commander switches to cruise missiles to do the job. Heavily armored enemy vehicles & tanks are moving to attack, but these moving targets are too difficult to fully engage with space weapons, so aircraft launched weapons are used instead. But the ASAT satellite weapons (anti-satellite weapons) are firing at their maximum rate at the enemy’s war satellites, and the enemy’s civilian recon, navigation, GPS-types, weather, & communication satellites. The enemy launches his ballistic missiles en masse, some of which are decoys. He is trying to overwhelm the satellite defenses which can only shoot down so many missiles in a given time. He thinks if he saturates the skies with missiles some will get through. One out of a group of 6 observation satellites immediately detects the launches, and space-launched lasers start hitting the propellant tanks of the launched missiles. But they only get part of them, so the ground-based anti-missile missiles will have to be launched. In the event, some of the enemy’s missiles get through both the space-based and land-based shields. And the war brings Mutually Assured Destruction. While America is still pre-eminent in space, it is not indestructible and will suffer losses.

OUR GOVT. HAS SPACE WEAPONS?? Yes for a long time, even though they don’t talk about it. The American interest in actually building space weapons was generated by America’s Operation Paperclip SS officers who wanted to build upon Nazi military space projects. NASA was created as a front for several things, incl.: criminal activities, mind-control, and the black budget military space program. At times, it’s been a rather transparent front for the military. The “original 7” astronauts were all military pilots: 3 airforce, 3 navy, & 1 marine. Most of the space shuttle flights were for secret military space ops…it is why the launches were kept low key in the media…to the point the public got bored with the space shuttle flights. A number of military satellites were launched by the space shuttle. The U.S. govt. has consistently said it did not have space weapons, & for years signed a series of space treaties to prevent the militarization of space, such as: Treaty on the Exploration & Use of Outer Space (’67), ABM treaty, Space Liability Convention (art. 2), etc. While doing so, it very secretly kept on militarizing space. They not only kept it a secret because they didn’t want their enemy to know their abilities—they didn’t want the world to know either, because they were in flagrant violation of all the treaties the U.S. kept signing. The USSR was doing it too. Now China & a number of other countries have some military space capability. China’s ASAT anti-satellite tests have gotten in the news a couple of times. So now its space cowboys & Indians. At some pt., the US govt. got more honest, and quit agreeing to treaties keeping the military out of space: In 2005, the U.S., contrary to the rest of the world, voted against the long-standing UN resolution on the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space (PAROS). The U.S. also was the only country in the world to vote against a Russian-sponsored space resolution calling for greater transparency in space activity. At least the U.S. govt. is showing its true colors. For years, you could count on almost everything in the mass media or Internet about American weapons in space was going to be bogus disinformation. It is still mostly that way.

CONCEPTS of WAR IN/FROM SPACE. The first is “absentee ratio”. This ratio refers to how much time there will be a satellite over a given target…because weapons satellites are not in geosynchronous orbits, but travel in predictable earth circling paths. The designers of a weapons system determine how large of an absentee ratio they can tolerate and then create enough satellites working together to get the “absentee ratio” down where they want it, perhaps 6%. And in response to this, the enemy is calculating (because obits are so predictable) when the low pts. are—when the satellites are absent—so they attack during that window of vulnerability. Even though the U.S. uses constellations of defense satellites, there are still windows of vulnerability that the enemy will take advantage of. Another concept is the “inverse square dependence”…which means that the intensity decreases in proportion to one over the square of distance to target. Or to say it more in common terms, the farther the laser or energy has to travel the weaker it gets. So these satellites may have low orbits. And some of the weapons are launched from weapons platforms that are carried from the satellite into the sky and then launched.

FINAL THOUGHTS. Obama just activated a large set of missiles (I forget the exact no.) in Eastern Europe pointing towards Russia, in spite of widespread advice not to. Obama keeps doing things to aggravate Putin—what might be called “poking him in the eye”…trying to stir up trouble. This was the same thing Roosevelt did to the Japanese & Germans before Pearl Harbor. For instance, having the American navy attack & sink German ships when we were supposedly neutral. Roosevelt backed Japan into a corner by embargoing oil products—they imported oil/gas to run their modern economy and had to go to war before their economy completely crashed. However, today we have the Internet and that is helping the people everywhere see the stringpulling the elite are doing to cause war & chaos. And also fortunately, Putin has had the intelligence to not have a fit of anger & launch WW 3. We desperately need Obama out of office, Trump will restore peaceful relations with Putin. I see all the rumors of war, as distractions to keep us from watching how they destroy the American dollar in a few days. I don’t expect war until much later…for now I see an economic crash and chaos. As you know Soros is doing what he does best, hiring people to riot in American streets to stir up chaos. The guy should be arrested; talk about disturbing the peace!


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