UNDERSTANDING HOW THINGS WILL COLLAPSE: How the controller’s plans will work . 9 MAY 2017

A good plan will function correctly regardless of who implements it. A good plan will achieve its goals by naturally implementing the way people will think. I bring these concepts to the forefront so that people will recognize what we face when things collapse according to the Illuminati’s plans. The controlling powers like people to view them as their guardians. The kings & pharaohs of history wanted the people to worship & revere them. When the collapse comes, our controllers will be seen as our saviors…now you know why Hitler and Mao were so popular. They could be complete despots, but were seen as the people’s protectors. In other words, when the collapse comes, our American govt. will step in as our protector setting up work camps for starving people. It is no coincidence we had predictive programming in the title “The Hunger Games”. Hunger is illustrated by the Black Horse of REV 6:5-6 and by the locust that ate everything (REV 9). And this is the flip side of the Illuminati’s plan, to shred our civilization to the point that people act like demonic-inspired, moral-less beasts, insuring that Almighty God will turn His back on America…and allow a Sodom & Gomorrah type destruction.

PUTTING THEIR PIECES IN PLACE. We have witnessed the continued undermining of the global economy. The House of Financial Cards gets less stable by the day. It will seem like self-evident whenever it fails, just as natural as when a cut tree falls. But what happens when gas stations don’t have gas, & ATMs don’t have cash??? Most people don’t have a refinery or press in their back yard, and there will be mass riots when people can’t buy food or get to work, which will make the govt. look like our savior. They can bring into play their militarized police (which are now strong enough to be called an army) to restore order and save us from ourselves. They will hand out emergency food, if you turn in your guns. Do you see why people will be so happy for the police to be armed with tanks, helicopters and hollow-pt. bullets. The starving masses will gladly march off to the work camps, just as the Jews did. “Arbeit macht Frei”. In German: “Working will liberate you”. (Oops, they lied! Working hard won’t save you, but who would have known? well you, because I am telling you!) Stay away from the camps people. Figure out a way to provide food & water for your family. Learn to barter. Have friendly neighbors.

YOU DON’T WANT BIG BROTHER’S HELP. In case you haven’t noticed, the Illuminati’s Big Pharma Drug Lords of Monsanto, who spend fortunes bribing doctors to support them, and have turned the FDA from a public watchdog into their lapdog, have got into the food business. Monsanto controls a large % of the world’s food supply, and work hand in hand with another Illuminati company Cargill. Cargill is the largest international “food conveyor belt”. Cargill helped save Monsanto in the 2001-05 time period. With such a large % of the world’s food controlled by just these two Illum. corporations…one can be assured that their “control-by-hunger” plans will operate well for the Illuminati. You may remember that Monsanto has Terminator seeds stockpiled. These Terminator seeds grow plants with sterile (infertile) seeds. The same process they are doing to the human race, destroying our sperm and eggs by toxins, hormones in foods & GMOs, and cell phone radiation, etc. etc. It’s hidden genocide, and the public laps it up. Most processed food in the USA contains GMO. A third of the milk is produced by cows given posilac–an artificial growth hormone to increase milk production…which is globally banned, except in the USA where two ex-Monsanto employees slipped it thru the FDA. Why is it so important to get these dangerous things into our food?–the plan is to weaken us, and control the population size. Hey, and if we have sicknesses like cancer, they get to make money off us, like a $800-$1,000 shot of Procrit to “fight” your cancer. Big Brother is not your friend; just keep that in mind.

THERE YOU HAVE IT. Basically the plan is simple. Control people by hunger. Weaken them by the food, shots and drugs they take; use what they take to live against them. Make them happy that Big Brother is there to “help” them. The solution? Move where you can avoid the riots and take care of yourself and your family. Be blessed my friend, and realize that God has given us enough warning…just as He gave Sodom and Gomorrah, which were actually probably more moral than America today. Lord have mercy!


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