Most of my readers are aware of that many real cures which are natural are being suppressed. I could write several books on the Medical Mafia and their greed, and how they are actually part of the program to genocide us, while making billions of dollars off of our illnesses. I have provided a link (below) for you to listen to Jenny Thompson, who is the director of the Health Sciences Institute. She has a 500-page encyclopedia of new “miracle” cures that have been hidden by the mainstream World Systems. For those of you who have seen how the power of Big Pharma has been used to cover up and shut down alternative cures, so that Big Pharma can continue to get rich, you will thrive on what Jenny says at the link below. I will recap things for you here.

CANCER. Big Pharma makes big bucks selling chemotherapy drugs that are deadly. There is a natural alternative H-86 which vaporizes the cancer cells—it I.D.s the bad cells & then kills them. It is a natural compound with no side effects. She also talks about an extract from the “tree of life” in the Amazon that destroys the deadly cancer cells from pancreatic and ovarian cancer. She gave the account of Dan Hamilton, who in 6 weeks completely got free from cancer without the deadly Big Pharma drugs with all their dangerous side effects.

DIABETES. Big Pharma makes big bucks selling us Actos, Avanta, Victoza and Metformin, etc. for diabetes which again are deadly and have dangerous side effects. There is a 7-natural compound of 11 ingredients called DBX-13 that cures diabetes without negative side effects.

ARTHRITIS. Big Pharma makes big bucks selling non-steriodal arthritis meds which only mask the pain. There is a natural cure (BMPs) that stimulates the stem cells to grow new cartilage (with no side effects)—in other words actually takes care of the problem –not mask it like Big Pharma’s meds.

ALZHEIMER. There is an extract from Lion’s Mane mushrooms which has two natural compounds found in the mushroom which reverse Alzheimers while having no side effect. Meanwhile Big Pharma has the dangerous drug Aricept 23 for people.

DIABETES/CHOLESTEROL LOWERING. Big Pharma sells dangerous Statin drugs like Baycol. Policosanol is a natural substance that will lower one’s bad cholesterol. There are natural substances to heal diabetes—in ways that seem like miracles.

HOW DOES BIG PHARMA INTEND TO KEEP THEIR CASH FLOWING? They intend to elect Hillary Clinton. Jenny discusses how numerous times Big Pharma has repeatedly paid Hillary Clinton close to a quarter million dollars for giving them a 1 hour talk!! They also support the Clinton Foundation. And in return Hillary will give them more power to mandate that the public receive their dangerous drugs. And Jenny is so right that the FDA will not protect us…why? Because Big Pharma gives them lots of money (as well as many of their employees—this last pt. Jenny doesn’t make…but I do.) Jenny plugs her marvelous book Miracles From the Fault: Anthology of Underground Cures. She also has a sequel to it The New Miracles: An Updated Anthology. Both books are free if you join the Health, Science Institute which gives you access by the Internet to their database of articles, as well as the privilege to ask their specialists any health question. Jenny thinks that the link I give below may be suppressed by Clinton & cronies, so if you want to listen to it, soon is better than risking it later. With all the alternative doctors being murdered, and the doctor who leaked Hillary’s health problems getting murdered…one is freshly reminded how deadly these people are to those who want to promote the truth and life.


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