Last night on the Belt of Truth radio show with Wendy & Gregg, I had the opportunity to discuss how we are where the German people were at with Hitler before WW 2 began. We have the Homan Prison in the middle of the west end of Chicago where people disappear & are tortured to death with no paper trail, which is no different from a Nazi prison…in fact probably worse. Our govt. regularly employees torture around the world. We had a smoking ban program that copied Adolf Hitler’s anti-smoking campaign. (He was the first national leader in history to advocate controlling cigarette smoking.) Some of our gun control laws were copied word for word from Nazi laws. Our govt. uses Nazi logos, and dresses our police like storm troopers. Our govt. starts aggressive wars against small nations. Non-politically correct people are ostracized like in Nazi Germany. Nazi storm trooper fought in the streets like Soro’s ACORN thugs are disrupting Trump’s talks. Our govt.’s NASA & mind control were produced by bringing in a core group of Nazi SS war criminals. But if one can absorb all that and realize America is now controlled by tyranny….guess what?…it is even worse than that! Let me explain…

LOSS OF CONTROL OVER OUR POLICE. Remember that the Feds federalized all the police & had a Model Region Program to bring all law enforcement under Federal control. Well it is worse. Since Sept., 2015, a number of cities like NYC have been involved in the Strong Cities Network where the Dept. of Justice is turning the police over to international U.N. control. Now we are losing complete loss of control over our police. A number of mayors of U.S. cities are on the Steering Committee for the Strong Cities Network. These men are clearly traitors to the nation, turning the sovereignty of our nation over to the U.N. to control our local police. So groups like the UN Habitat want to implement “sustainable peace”…what do they mean by such buzz words?? They mean to take our cars away & increase the control over our lives. Now the Strong Cities Network that gives UN control of our local police not only bypasses Congress and all our mechanisms to safeguard us, but will allow the UN Arms Treaty, which will take away our guns to be implemented. George Washington warned us about “insidious foreign influence”…well all the concerns of the founding fathers have come true. We have returned to the tyranny that they were so concerned about. Adolf Hitler said, “What luck for the rulers that men do not think.”
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