Read on only if you love the truth. It can honestly be said that Americans have no clue about the origins of American liberty and what their Constitution actually says. People come unglued when I say such things, but sadly they don’t have even the basics concepts of what has happened historically to gauge where I am coming from. It seems the little “history” students are taught or assimilate on their own, are actually Big Brother’s special interest propaganda & social engineering. What is worse is that some revisionist historians trying to set the record straight are still trapped in incomplete distorted views…there is a real void of awareness of history. Well’s Big Brother govt. in “1984” was shown rewriting history on a daily basis…it actually happens for real in front of us! The goal of this is simply to expose what the Matrix calls “history” as “programming”. (Please don’t debate the virtues & wrongs of the Constitution on the thread. It is the historical document this nation was placed under, so it’s adoption is an historical reality, not a debate issue.)

ORIGINS OF AMERICAN LIBERTY. The dynamics of how a group of different colonial states settled by different peoples over a hundred years in the making would join in battle to fight for liberty is complex. The answer includes: the desire to express the freedom & liberty Christ gave man, the traditions of liberty that Englishmen & Scotsmen had had for centuries, the ideals of the philosophers of that time, and the lessons of liberty learned from the native Americans, & the lessons the wilderness taught the colonists. It also rested on the fact that due to then great distances, the American colonists (as British citizens) had already ruled themselves for the most part. The British govt., so far away & out of touch, was seen as a foreign govt. In the contemporary writings that expressed American desire for freedom you will find they appeal to many (what was then) historical & current documents. A well-known one was the Magna Carta (1215). (I researched & gave a total break-down of the Decl. of Independence’s origins.) Christian teachings were the fabric of society. And most colonists were northern Europeans. Various groups escaped the rigidity of Europe in order to practice their particular Christian beliefs, but when the various groups met, there was conflict, and that conflict taught better minds to realize that peace could only exist if everyone could practice his own beliefs—in other words “religious freedom”. By religious freedom they meant the freedom to practice any Christian type of religion (or Bible-based like Judaism). It is perfectly clear from their writings they were not referring to Satanism or Luciferianism. The Constitution’s Bill of Rights was not framed to allow any form of evil religion. The Constitution was explicit that the Federal govt. was not to interfere in religious issues. People are taught today the opposite.

THE CONSTITUTION: the Supreme Law of the Land (in theory). The Americans wrote the Bill of Rights & Constitution to set down an inflexible dependable rule of law. Today’s Supreme Ct. propaganda that the Constitution needs to be a flexible “living breathing” instrument, is exactly what they were against, & makes the Constitution meaningless. The Constitution established silver & gold as legal money, so fiat money would not be printed. The Constitution established that only Congress can declare war. All of this is completely ignored today. The framers of the Constitution were concerned that the phrase that the Fed. govt. provide for the “general welfare” of the people, would give them an excuse to take power to themselves. So they were very specific in how limited the Federal govt. was to be by law. Well, all their limits are totally ignored today, and we have an illegal govt. exactly opposite of what they wanted & set up. The Supreme Ct. should never have been allowed to dictate what the schools teach or do. The framers were very explicitly clear they wanted every citizen to have a gun to protect himself if he wanted one. The ninth amendment was a safety net, saying that the Bill of Rights did not express all the people’s rights, so “The Enumeration of the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.’ In other words, even if a right is not explicitly mentioned, it still is not to be taken from the people.

We now have a govt. that controls & regulates everything, the exact opposite of the Constitution…and yet I hear young people talk like our govt. is going to defend the Constitution. What? First, they no longer know what it says, nor do they care, they are doing everything exactly the opposite of it, so why would they defend it? If the Constitution were defended, the current govt. would have to be disbanded as illegal in numerous ways.

THE HIDDEN & COMPLEX DETAILS v. THE STORY LINE. What is taught as history around the world is always a biased story line to build patriotism, unity, nationalistic icons, & values that the govt. wants. I have studied the history text books of many nations, so I know this first hand. Italian history will teach the genius of the Italian people & their contribution to Western Civilization. Another example, in Israel you will learn Jewish history & the importance of the state of Israel. When someone wrote a jr. high textbook for Israeli schools that some interpreted as critical of Zionism, it was banned by the govt. Do the Japanese children learn the unvarnished historical facts of Japanese atrocities in WW 2? No. How do we avoid the mistakes of the past if we don’t learn them. The Marxist slant to history in Eastern Europe & the Soviet Union was easy for Americans to spot, but the plank in their own eye was difficult to remove, for American history books are likewise slanted…but it’s worse than that. Even the slanted history is not being learned. And Hollywood movies make a wreck out of a person understanding history. After a steady diet of Hollywood movies, video games and social engineering at their schools, it is no wonder that students have no clue about what really went on. They have frames of reference that filter all their learning from then on.

THE SOLUTION? When I was teaching high school history, students would say, “I don’t want to learn the lies of the Man [meaning the System].” I understand that they have reason to be guarded—but they knew nothing, and one has to start somewhere. If you learn the “approved version” with the attitude that you will have to validate or invalidate it with more learning, you have a starting pt. To be totally ignorant of all history, incl. the approved version means you have an information void. To make an analogy: If you grow up in some neighborhoods, their English is not proper…but if you reject learning English (what some mistakenly call “American”) because the local language is not proper then you have no language from which to start from. People will ask me, what history books should they read. There is no single one…one can begin with Epperson’s The Unseen Hand, and my Bloodlines of the Illuminati…but those two only scratch the surface.

There really needs to be some more accurate history books (& I’d love to have the resources to write them)…But for those who would read something more accurate, it means the people who read them have to realize people are complex. People can be inconsistent, and a combination of good & bad. For instance, Lincoln sincerely hated slavery and wanted to abolish it. But he made statements, on various things that are taken further than what he meant. For instance, he did not see whites & blacks as equal…and then people mistakenly say, “See he wasn’t against slavery.” How he saw the races at that time had nothing to do with his attitude on slavery. He said, if he could preserve the Union with slavery he would. That is really frequently misunderstood. He meant that he saw his first job assignment by the Constitution as President as preserving the nation, and that was his first priority. You have to bear in mind slavery was a legal institution when he said that, even in some northern states. He was not expressing his personal moral convictions, but what he saw as his duty as President. He stopped General Fremont from liberating the slaves in the first year of the war. Why? He made it clear that he did not think it was prudent timing. Most northern soldiers fought because they loved their nation, not because they wanted to end slavery. When it was not clear that the Federal govt. could defeat the Confederate forces, he was reluctant to loose public support for the war. He lost no time in making the war a moral crusade against slavery once his armies had given him simultaneous big victories at Vicksburg & Gettysburg.

HISTORY’S LESSONS. The historical continuity of some story line, a meaningful narrative, is really not completely there in any real history, such as ’’America is a democracy saving the world”. I believe that history is the expression of God’s plan, but even there the “meaningful narrative” is going to be hard to see in all the details. We can spin history to make it say what one wants, but it is at the cost of truth. Now as the Word of God says, “we see in part”, but “further along we’ll understand” as the song goes.


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