There are several purposes behind my Facebook posts over the last 7 years, to expose evil, give hope & direction, to give notice of future events and in the case of today’s post, to provide a platform for the readers to share more information. My own awareness of the details around the Khashoggi incident/scandal are limited. Readers are welcome to post links, and viewpoints on this growing challenge to the Trump administration.

KHASHOGGI EXPELLED FROM SAUDI ARABIA. Jamal Khashoggi, who worked for the Washington Post, was expelled by the Saudi govt from Saudi Arabia. The Washington Post has been in a power struggle to take down Trump, & Khashoggi is reported to have upset the Saudis in a number of ways incl. investigating the financial dealings between Jared Kushner & MBS & the Trump Administration, Khashoggi was writing critical things about the military actions against Yemen & Iran which incl. the military cooperation between the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Columbian druglords, and other things that Khashoggi thought would make Trump look bad. Behind the Washington Post is the money of billionaire Jeff Bezos, who owns both & the Washington Post. Bezos has been called a “closet George Soros” using his money for social engineering & the agenda of the elite.

KHASHOGGI DISAPPEARS. Jamal Khashoggi, while in Turkey, disappeared. What is reported is that he had his head covered, and then was murdered and dismembered, and the pieces destroyed. If we accept the reports that he was murdered, then who was involved in this murder?? The whole affair reportedly has the Mossad, MI-6, the CIA, and other groups involved in some way or other. Mossad & Saudi intelligence were said to be tracking Khashoggi with a Pegasus virus on his cell phone (according to the Middle East Monitor). The Trump family and administration is also claimed to be involved in the murder of this Washington Post reporter who was opposition to the Trump administration. A great deal of documents, recordings and evidence is claimed to exist to fuel an investigation into the Trump administration.

MEGA-VIEW. Is this finally the magic bullet to take down Trump that the Illuminati elite have been looking for?? Are we looking at a script within a script…a mini-drama woven into a bigger drama? According to what the Illuminati kingpins wrote me years ago, they had planned JFK’s assassination for 2 years; the planning began after they had trained & placed him in as president. This gave me the impression that JFK was like the sacrificial kings of ancient times, who were given a short reign & then sacrificed. Ever since I have understood trauma based mind control, the JFK assassination has seemed to me to have been an intentional trauma to the American people to social engineer our thinking…a watershed event like 9-11, which plenty of evidence shows was obviously planned by the elite for many years. What do you know or want to share about the Khashoggi affair??


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