TRUMP V. HILLARY: A Review. (23 JUNE 2016)

For those who are interested in the presidential race this post gives key things I have given in my posts over the last 30 months on the presidential race as well as some “new” links to some key videos on Trump. (Some readers may have missed these or will enjoy it all compiled into one short post…)

OVERVIEW. In Feb. 2014, before Hillary had announced her candidacy for president, I informed my readers she had been selected by the Illuminati to be our next president. Over the coming months, I slowly fed some scandalous information on her to readers, for instance my 9 AUG ’15 article “Corrupt Tyranny of Power Exposed”. (As I knew my readers already knew plenty of scandalous things about her, for instance, the trail of dead bodies that she & Bill have left, I went very easy on exposing her.) Meanwhile, after explaining my position on the World’s politics, I showed information in several posts that Trump had been considered to run against Hillary for a while (giving us strong clues that there was a script being run). For instance, the Simpsons had a cartoon many years ago where the obvious storyline is that Hillary runs against Trump and wins. The Illuminati cardgame from the ’90’s shows a Trump-looking figure “Enough is Enough!” and Hillary publicly says, “I have only one word for Trump, ‘Enough!’. I also wrote several posts explaining that even though Trump is connected to the elite, even though he may have been scripted to run against Hillary, that it is clear that he is tired of what is happening, and he cannot be controlled. The elite powers (that should not be-PTSNB) are sincerely worried that he might become president. I compared Trump to Lincoln–a strong personality that did what he wanted even though the elite originally wanted him as a candidate because they thought they could control Lincoln. I predicted if Trump wins the election, he could become another Lincoln (in several ways). Whenever I watch the Mass media they constantly hammer negatives about Trump, even if it means distorting the truth. So the rest of this post will go over these items.

DONALD TRUMP MAKES A CASE HE IS THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS. The first is the link is a key speech of Trump’s at the Faith and Freedom Coalition s “Road to Majority” conference…/donald-trump-faith-freedom-coalition-e…

(Excerpt from my 19 FEB ’14 post>>) GRANDE DAME HILLARY: OUR NEXT PREZ. Yes, she is the Illum. hierarchy’s selection for our next president, & unless something unpredictable happens she will fulfill (from her perspective) her “divine destiny”. Some Americans may want to get a passport, find a “house-for-sale” sign, & run for the airport before they end up in a re-education camp. The approach of this post is to view her secret Illuminati life in relation to her selection as our next Commander-in-Chief.

“THE GREATEST SINNER MAKES THE GREATEST SAINT”, wrote an Illum. Grande Master. This statement shows a touch of the Illuminati’s gnostic belief that your good deeds need to balance your bad deeds. He also mentioned that individuals get dreams of the destiny they are to fulfill, & that a person should voluntarily dedicate his/her life to the great plan. Hillary has worked hard to fulfill the destiny assigned her, & now the hierarchy want her to be Amer.’s president.

IN A FOLLOWUP ARTICLES I WROTE: In line with the Illuminati goal for Hillary to be our next president, when you walk into Portland’s enormous Powell’s book store, her book is prominently displayed. Her book may be having an unexpected side effect, for it admits that the United States is behind the creation of the Islamic State group (f.k.a. ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria).
…I found it interesting that the “Gang of 8” high ranking Republicans & Democrat Congressmen have known all along about Hillary’s various email accounts and have protected her, instead of doing their legal duty….The PTSNB have protected & encouraged Hillary & Bill’s careers, for instance, her husband at 31 became governor of Arkansas. (While Hillary up to now is beyond being touchable with legalities, if her powerful backers would waver in their support, she could go down like the secret coup that tossed Nixon out.) Bill & Hillary have weathered all kinds of legal assaults. One police officer assigned to guard the couple while he was Ark.’s governor said, “Deep down that woman [Hillary] really hated this state, the people in it, and almost everything else except being top dog.”

(From a previous post in 2015>>) MY POSITION. I believe it is important to explain my position (or bias) if one wants to use that word. I view my citizenship in the Kingdom of God, I am an American but that is not my primary citizenship. My loyalty is to that Kingdom and its king Christ (Yahshua ha Messiach). While I certainly have opinions & feelings…it is improper for me to endorse something of the World…I have to stay neutral or out of world politics. The voting is rigged, the elections are a big show to convince Americans they select their president… the World does its own thing. I am not of it.

ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS. I may add this, as the salt of the earth, Christians need make a difference in the World. In the case of this presidential election, if we do nothing and allow Hillary to win we are in deep trouble…you can write this nation off. If we are cynical like many people and say that Trump can’t possibly be good or sincere, then we have automatically written this nation off. But if we still have hope, and can realize that not everyone with money does only evil, if we can realize that someone like Trump wants a future for his grandchildren, and is willing to buck the agenda of the global elitists, then we realize we have no choice but to support Trump. He is the only possible choice to save America. He is not a man of God, but God’s candidate to rescue America. I presented the view of Jim Fetzer, as an example of an awake Christian. Jim Fetzer pointed out that Trump is the first candidate who is not bought out, who speaks the truth that people need to hear. He is quite excited to see Trump be elected.

The following video is worth watching and may well influence people to vote for Donald Trump. It shows that the idea of Trump running for president has circulated for a while, and at first he was saying he was hoping someone else would step up & do what he felt needed done. (Donald Trump’s history of his views on presidency is cited through out this compilation)

Some viewed this Trump’s Speech as a Game Changer……/horowitz-donald-trumps-speech-g…/

…We are no longer a free people. Our country is straight up a secret dictatorship. The FBI was involved in all of these American false flags, and …the FBI spends more time covering up govt. crimes than protecting the Amer. people. We need someone strong who can be his own person.

Previously I said: AMERICA’S STATUS. America’s natural wealth is God-given; be humble. America’s success with their God-given talents & wealth is man-made; let us be thankful to our wise hardworking forefathers. America’s pride & conceit are demonic-given; let us repent! Over the years, America’s moral high ground, our core of spiritually strong godly people, has been weakening…and other nations are taking the moral leadership. During the 70’s, 80’s and ‘90’s, I could be heard warning about America’s moral free fall. During high school in the early ‘70s, I publicly told a story before audiences that had the punchline that “the Mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small…God will not be mocked.” Trust me, God will not be mocked. We have ourselves to blame, not God, for what is coming.

…further I said…”The HURRICANE GATHERS. Now that we have discussed the spiritual side of things, let’s look at how this is playing out in global affairs. Everyone loves a winner, but a loser gets abandoned quickly. Popularity is fickle, & success is fickle. One moment things are good, then the next the crowd has abandoned you. America has lost all her friends.” This paragraph was a quote from a previous post, I would add this thought…People love a winner, let’s make America a winner again. Trump is willing to view our enemies for what they are, and is ready to regain respect for America. America does not gain respect by being a door mat for nations like China & Mexico. There is nothing wrong with having policies that will make America great again. The concept of appeasing aggressive nations like Communist China was proved to be a false unsuccessful policy by Chamberlain. The USA has done plenty of crimes, but allowing its destruction & the destruction of what it originally stood for is not going to benefit America, nor the world.

FINAL LINK. In a previous post, I provided a direct link to a short clip of Trump on the Opfrey Winfrey show….. 25 years ago. Part of this show is also in one of the links above, but in case you missed my previous post or want to view more of the show here is the link again. You may be surprised how Trump was already very discontent with the way things were going with this country, and Opfrey suggests he run for president. He says he is not interested, but if he ever did get interested he would run to win, because he plays to win at everything in life.


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