TRUMP: An Analysis. (25 OCT 2016)

This analysis comes in response to requests for me to clarify who the Republican candidate for the 45th President is all about. Before discussing him, I will have to review the context of this subject. The mainstream media (which is Illuminati controlled) has spewed globally day-in day-out the most incredible barrage of fantastic lies about Trump. Clinton tried to get Trump’s business interests boycotted. In fact, they succeeded somewhat; PGA due to pressure dropped all their tournaments at Trump courses. Hillary & Soros hired agitators to cause riots & violence at Trump’s events. Hillary’s money is most likely also behind the bogus allegations of sexual harassment by Trump (notice they only now are coming forward! with stories that have been refuted.) According to Hillary, Trump & his supporters are “deplorable”, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic–you name it.” If you want to believe these transparent lies spread from the global heart of evil, then stop reading.

AMERICA AT THE CROSSROADS–OPPOSING PLANKS . There are only two serious candidates for the Presidential electoral college- Hillary & Trump, (even though a third party candidate from Utah hopes to cause an electoral college stalemate that would allow Congress to choose our president). Hillary’s past proves her love is power. Trump claims he loves America. Hillary has been in the public eye for years. If anyone does not recognize that she is seriously reprobate, amoral & totally criminal in her thinking, then the person has to be braindead, or willingly ignorant–which is plain stupid. Every day we learn more of her scandalous actions. She has over 40 years of criminal activities incl. a long stream of murders. She has been protected from any prosecution for traitorously selling America and being a serial murderer because she is a high ranking Illuminati Grande Dame who receives the full protection of the elite. She is a globalist intent on destroying America & bringing in more socialism & control. While this article is not about Hillary, who she is and what she plans for America cannot be eliminated from any view of Trump as a presidential candidate, because she is the alternative. That is what we get if Trump cannot somehow overcome the Illuminati’s mainstream media propaganda, their methods for rigging & stealing elections (which they have been doing w/ impunity until this election), and the negative image & cynicism that some people retain of both candidates which will effectively lead these abstainers to “unwittingly” support Hillary . A vote for a third party candidate is effectively a vote for Hillary. Is Trump any different than Hillary?…some cynical people surprisingly think not.

TRUMP’S PLANK. While his stand on the issues should be common knowledge, I think it is worth stating a few here: 1) repeal of Common Core–a globalist program to dumb down our children. 2) repeal of the Johnson Amendmt. prohibiting churches from “political behavior” which effectively silences them on issues like homosexuality or gay marriages, transgender participation in whatever the child chooses or any other moral issue a church chooses to discuss, etc…the Johnson Amendmt. prohibits freedom of speech & religion & needs repealed. 3) the selection of pro-life judges to the Supreme Ct., and to slow down govt. support of abortion, Planned Parenthood, etc. 4) stop the TPP & TIPP, as well as repeal other globalist treaties like NAFTA. So far, any one of these issues by itself would be important enough to vote for Trump. TPP effectively ends America. Abortion slaughters millions of innocent babies each year, often the mothers have been cajoled & misled into the abortion not realizing that there are other options. Every mother (100%) who has opened up to me about having an abortion has expressed guilt. I can’t recall one mother saying she feels great about the decision. Common Core has ruthlessly dumbed our children down while social engineering them with socialistic globalist propaganda–I shockingly find graduates of high school not able to do basic things–like write or do math or even rationally think.

To sum up Trump’s proposed agenda–he intends to make America great. A few days ago, a Freemason asked me slightly mockingly why I wanted to vote for Trump. I did not want to spend much time fighting a losing battle w/ this man, so I summed it up: “He wants to make America great again.” The Freemason answered, “America’s always been great.” as if Trump is going to be beating into the air, fighting a non-existent problem. To me, the vital importance of Trump’s stated pro-Constitution, pro-life, pro-America agenda is a no brainer. His plans are to save America. Are his plans just talk?–is he just spouting hot air like so many politicians before him? To be able to see that his decisions are needed to save America, to me seems a no brainer. The only non-supportive view against Trump that is not ignorant or stupid or anti-America, is the question: is he sincere??? Because IF he is sincere, if you love America, care about the next generations of Americans, and America’s future THEN one has to vote for Mr. Agent of Change Trump. So let’s look at the sincerity issue.

SO WHY ARE PEOPLE CYNICAL ABOUT TRUMP?? Many have not followed anything but the mainstream media or talked to their friends who followed MSM. For these deluded people, I would hope that they would be further inspired to watch some alternative media, to learn more than blatant propaganda lies. But some who are skeptical of Trump do follow alternative media. They realize the world is a stage, where Hegelian dialectics is regularly practiced, and the System usually has their candidates in every slot. In other words, there is not a dimes bit of difference between a Democrat or Republican…both parties are corrupt. People view Donald’s ties to the elite, they see him rubbing shoulders with Jews, the Pope, with people in power, getting Putin’s recommendation, and so forth. If they view the Jews as the conspiracy or the Pope or the corporations as the conspiracy, then they peg him as part of it.

IDEAS TO REMEMBER. When Trump announced his candidacy 6/15/15 there were 17 Republicans running for the party’s nomination. Trump had no special interests and no media outlets in his favor, instead he gave his campaign $55 million. He was running against several Illuminati members, like Jeb Bush. There was no support from the System for his campaign. Look at the enormous sums that the elite globalists, their corporations, & nations like Saudi Arabia have given to Hillary’s campaign. If the Illuminati had wanted him as controlled opposition, now was the time to quietly support him. But better yet, why have Trump as controlled opposition when Bush or Cruz would have served the purpose better?? Hillary typically has tried to have candidates she can beat run against her. Trump’s campaign has increasingly agitated the global elite into a frenzy. They are hardly acting like this is the man they wanted. His campaign has exposed so much of their nefarious hidden deeds more so than any other event in my life. JFK’s assassination and 9-11 and the coverups woke many people up. But nothing has woke people up like Trump’s campaign. If the Illuminati intentionally ran Trump, they made a big mistake.

CONNECTIONS. It was only this week that Israel backed Trump. In the first part of Trump’s campaign many Catholic leaders were negative towards Trump–after all, the large influx of illegal Catholic immigrants is keeping the Catholic church alive. Even now a higher % of evangelicals support Trump than % of Catholics. When Trump met the Pope, he upset him. First, I think people are being too black & white. Trump has to rub shoulders with powerful people–after all he is running a campaign–but he has never compromised on the values that he espouses. I believe some big mistakes people are making is not realizing how the Illuminati functions, and the difference between a nationalist & a globalist. Putin & Trump are nationalists. Both are successful leaders, and both have plenty of personal “flaws” or connections that naturally cause our eyebrows to raise. But this election is not about Trump’s personality–but the things he will implement. People need to make their decision to vote based on what is best for this nation…not on whether they like Trump’s personality or agree with everything he is quoted as saying. When you go to a doctor, you go for what he will do–not how he lives his personal life, not what church he goes to, and not whether everything he has said appears accurate or not. You go for help. And that is why America needs Trump. George Washington was a Freemason, Lincoln a Rosicrucian. Trump attends Manhattan’s Marble Collegiate church (part of the Reformed church denom.) Washington & Lincoln were from elite bloodlines…and both opposed the Illuminati. Lincoln’s personality (seen as an arrogant incompetent baboon) came under great attack; and he was a big corporate attorney, yet his campaign pictured him as the man of the people. Lincoln, a great leader, was not perfect, but he refused to do the elite’s agenda & was killed for it.

There is nothing that I have seen, and I have looked, that shows me Trump’s words are just hot wind. On the contrary, I see a man who is seriously concerned about the future of his 5 children and his grandchildren. I see a billionaire who at 70 is willing to make his own decisions, and not grovel to the elite or special interests. He is willing to put his life on the line–because believe me, plenty of people have died for saying less about Hillary. It turns out that he has long wanted to “clean out the swamp of Washington, D.C. He has floated the idea of running for president in 1988, 2000, 2004 & 2012. Towards these ends he joined the Reform Party in 1999 to run as their candidate, but left because people like David Duke were involved with the party. So he has flirted with third parties several times, as he has long felt the 2 main parties were corrupt. So many of his views did not just pop up for this campaign, he has quietly had similar concerns for years.

ISSUES FROM CHRISTIANS. A number of well-respected Christians have said that Trump was not a man of God, but God’s man for the hour. James Dobson asked people to be kinder to him because Dobson said he was a new Christian who has recently accepted Christ. Henry Gruver gave a positive prophetic word that God would use Trump. Trump himself last yr. said, “People are so shocked when they find…out I am Protestant…I love God.” It is obvious, that Trump has not been thinking like mainstream Christians during his life. He doesn’t know the right religious jargon. Yet, he has said that Christians are being unfairly persecuted and that he wants to boost the clout of Christianity in American culture. He has said he loves the Jewish people, but when negotiating with Israel & Palestine would be neutral. That is all that could be expected from a presidential candidate. Neutrality is the only thing that would work in settling that long term conflict. One has to realize the power of the Jewish lobby. Even if Trump were pro-Palestinian, which he isn’t, being neutral still takes lots of courage w/ the power of the Jewish lobby.

CONCLUSION. Yes, billionaire Trump has connections to the elite. But the global elite are pooping in their depends over his campaign. I see nothing to suggest that Trump is secretly their man. I believe for any president to be effective in reforming this nation, the president needs to have lots of personal clout and power. We need a billionaire like Trump to clean the swamp in Washington D.C. of its vile critters. I have witnessed plenty of small flaws in his personality, but I see nothing to suggest that all he is, is an insincere act. He has risked his life, and to some extent his businesses & fortune to carry out this campaign. I think initially the elite thought he would conveniently roll over and follow their suggestion to lose like Sanders did with Clinton. But Trump has long wanted to clean house, and when he plays, he plays to win. How the next few months will play out is hard to predict–but in an honest election our next President would be President Trump. If so, then I predict he will turn out to be another Lincoln. What does that mean? he will deal w/ a divided nation in crisis, he will do his own agenda not the elite’s, he may have to deal with wars, and he will save this nation and in the end be recognized for it & his strong leadership…and he may yet pay for all this with his life.


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