TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL OBSERVATIONS: King’s dark fantasy & its ties to t.b.m.c. programming. 13 NOVEMBER 2019

Readers, who enjoyed my exposes of t.b.m.c., may further enjoy more info on the subject, incl. some info pertaining to school shootings, many of which came after my books’ exposes. The success of my 3 books exposing the Illum. t.b.m.c. (also known as Monarch Programming, MK Ultra, etc.) depends on how well readers apply their info to help lives. Many have given me feedback on how the books were helpful, & some have contributed to me learning more. Indeed, the basis of this post is drawn from a reader’s feedback. That contributor knows its identity; & let me say I hold the person up with gratitude & as an example of how to use my books. The larger of my m.c. books (The Formula & its sequel Deeper Insights) still sell on my site…however, The Formula is temp. out of stock. The purpose of this post is to deepen our understanding of t.b.m.c. & to continue my extensive exposing of the entertainment industry as a tool of t.b.m.c.

THE PERSONALITIES & TOOLS OF THE PROGRAMMERS & HANDLERS. Many of the programmers & handlers are themselves programmed. And while this is insanity breeding insanity (so to speak), because the t.b.m.c. works off of dissociation, the t.b.m.c. is hidden to the casual observer; & the cruelty of the programmers is not visible. Many of them come across like your favorite uncle. And think about it, what kind of winning personality do people want to please?…it’s your favorite uncle type. The writer Stephen King, whose writings are focused on in this post, is liked by associates & described as “down to earth”. Additionally, in this era of ghost-writing, co-authoring, & extra material inserted by editors, it is hard to pin down where the ultimate responsibility lies for Stephen King’s material being tied to t.b.m.c. I know that he receives help from a team of researchers for his books. And his publishers & the makers of movies from his books all use Illuminati & mind control symbols.

STEPHEN KING. He was born in 1947 in Portland, Maine with the surname Pollock. His mother has been a caregiver at a facility for mentally challenged. He had lots of anger when growing up. Maine has been his predominant home state. He is a socialist, & has made some anti-gun comments. His memoir is “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”. According to an article in the Bangor Daily News (10/29/99) Stephen King is quoted saying that after a bad auto accident on 6/1/99 that: “I was totally incapable of writing.” Knowing how publishers provide ghost writers for popular authors, I expect King forthwith received lots of ghost writing assistance. He is credited with over 60 books & 200 short stories, & is active as an editor.

RAGE. Stephen King wrote a novel “Getting It On” in the ‘60s, which was published in 1977 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman & the title “Rage”. The book portrayed a school shooting. An earlier short story by Stephen King “Cain Rose Up” (printed in ’68 by Ubris Magazine) also portrays a student who shoots up his dorm. Much later, both the short story & the novel would come under scrutiny as the inspiration for school shootings, & so in 1999, King asked his publisher to pull the “damn thing”. After 1999, Rage went out of print in the U.S. although foreign venues continued it. Abe Books sells a used copy online for $92.94.

It is not speculation that Rage inspired a number of school shootings…there are 4 shootings that are definitely a result of homicidal students reading the book over & over. It can be asked how many others were caused by it, but I don’t know. Those 4 are: Jeffrey Lyne Cox in a high school in CA on 4/26/88. He told people after the shooting that he was inspired by Rage from reading it over & over. The other 3 were high schoolers in Kentucky who had been reading the book, and then took hostages & shot up their high schools…Dustin L. Pierce (on 9/18/89), Scott Pennington (on 1/18/93) and Michael Carneal (on 12/97). Those of us familiar with t.b.m.c. have been well aware all along that these mass shootings are the result of t.b.m.c. & subterfuge. Alex Jones was sued for saying Sandy Hook was a hoax. Interestingly, the World system pleads ignorance of why they happen or come up with obviously lame excuses; for instance, Sheriff John Stone referring to the Columbine school shooting said law enforcement “cannot answer the most fundamental question—why?” By the way, both of the Columbine shooters were gifted children, & were into dark metal bands. You will notice the mass media never mentions mind control! They will deflect understanding by mislabels, for instance the Moses Lake shooter Barry Dale Loukaitis was labeled “bipolar” which is a cover for programmed DID. He was into the German Rock band KMFDM, esp. their song “Anarchy”. (More on school shootings later.)

SLEEPING BEAUTIES. This was the title of a King novel released in 2017, labelled as co-authored by Stephen King & son Owen. In Sleeping Beauties, women in prison are referred to as “kittens”—which is a distinct t.b.m.c. term for sexual alters. One of the women is named Angel, which is another t.b.m.c. concept. Black Eve is immune to the “sleeping disease”. The term Black Master is a term for the Master programmer who is immune from being internally put to sleep. One chapter titled “Doctor Sleep” has the doctor “planting suggestions like small explosives. (See pg. 6) Further, the book substitutes moths for monarch butterflies.

IT. In this novel, adults return to their home to kill the monster that haunted their town. Their lost memories come back. Scars that they had as kids reappeared. And they perform a ritual to kill the monster & rip its heart out. “Come home” is written on the walls. (Come home is a t.b.m.c. term.) Then a guy gets a phone call & kills himself! (Boy, that is t.b.m.c. for sure.) Handlers call slaves “home” to do rituals. “Kill the monster” may well be a programming cover story for alters under m.c. to sacrifice a victim.

THE SHINING. This is another novel by Stephen King which refers repeatedly to Alice in Wonderland concepts (such as the White Rabbit, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, going down a hole, etc.). Alice In Wonderland is a programming theme widely used for m.c. orders along with the Wizard of Oz. The reader will recognize t.b.m.c. in this quote from the book: “He had denied doing it. He had been horrified at the bruises at Danny’s soft and implacable disconnection. If he had done it, a separate section of himself had been responsible.” Another quote: “It seemed that he was getting up, then falling into a deep hole, like Alice into Wonderland.”

CAT’S EYE. This movie based on King material shows a Beta alter, Drew Barrymore holding a cat with a cat’s eye behind. This relates to “kitten programming” (sexual alters).

DON’T FEAR THE REAPER. In 1976, the psychedelic rock band Blue Öster Cult released their song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” which was the inspiration for King’s novel “The Stand”. The album cover for this popular song shows a magician with tarot cards & the words “Tattoo Vampire”.

A FEW OTHER TBMC ITEMS IN KING’S MATERIAL. Stephen King has a 3 part video set entitled “Mind Control”. His novel The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” has a butterfly on the cover. His fictional world in the Dark Tower series is an alter system. The number 19 is a reoccurring number in his books. He uses the title Bluebird which may be implying the blue monarch butterflies which is a symbol for Project Monarch. Perhaps the readers are familiar with other t.b.m.c. elements that appear in his material. At this pt. I want to leave a little space for some other material besides King’s.

SIMILAR MATERIAL NOT FROM KING. Our public libraries & public schools have become cesspools of programming. For instance, the zombie material both push at times relates to end-time programming. The zombie movie “Purge” and “Bird Box” are Janus end-time programming films. The Purge is a set of five dystopian horror movies as well as a TV series that began in 2018. These films & shows portray a 12 hr. period of “helter skelter” (a previous term for this Illum. planned event), where people “purge” their negative emotions by vile acts, destruction & murder. If a person does not go crazy & purge, they are labelled “unpatriotic”…thus showing us a typical Satanic reversal where evil is called good. These movies & shows have then become the inspiration for “scare zones” at the Universal theme parks. These theme parks are in the U.S., Singapore & Japan. A 25 episode TV series “Stranger Things” portrays Theta alters. Finally, I want to return to school shootings. Another film that inspired school shootings has been Natural Born Killers (a ’94 film). There is such a long list of murders & violence incl. school murders linked to this film that I don’t have space to list them all. One example is a 14 yr old Dallas, TX boy who decapitated a 13 yr. old classmate. He said he wanted to be famous like the “Natural Born Killers”.

I have run out of space & time. Sadly this is the World we live in. This should be enough to chew on. My best to you.


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