I just completed an hour on Barry Chamish’s radio show. He was confrontive asking me if I was anti-Semitic, and asked me to explain being a convicted felon. His show will be archived & available soon for listening for about a week. If I understood him correctly the show is not archived indefinitely. In one sense it was brave of him to have me on considering all the crazy things that are said about me, including that I am some anti-Semitic neo-Nazi. Some groups that pretend to be protecting the Jewish people (but attacking anyone including Jews who oppose the New World Order) call me anti-Semitic. He will probably receive heat for having me on. He requested talking points, & I had sent him talking points which he claims he never got. At any rate, we had an interesting discussion which I hope helps break the spell of the matrix that possibly some listeners may be operating under. We discussed t.b.m.c., Israel, and I interjected about some positives like James Calhoun’s new technology for Jordan & Israel to provide fresh water for irrigation & other needs, plus the Rossenstrasse protest that saved 1,800 Berlin Jews. Unfortunately, as it came across to me, he has allowed his years of fighting corruption to dull his enthusiasm & make him cynical. This is why ultimately, the battle is spiritual and we must go to our Creator, ha Shem, for hope. Without hope, people give up in despair, and then for sure one is lost.


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