In the past, George Soros has created mass civil disturbances in many nations. His gift to the Illuminati is his ability to organize & fund civil disturbances (riots). As the corruption & agenda to elect Hillary falls apart, the U.S.A. has entered into an extremely dangerous period of time. One can expect Soros & his fellow elite globalists to continue to do what they do best…cause trouble!! It is important for awake Americans to realize where the source of this agitation is coming from…it is NOT Trump or his campaign. It is important for loyal patriotic Americans to realize what is being created & why. Talk about chaos–what is going on??–it is hard to sort out. Reports come in of U.N. troops arriving. True? I don’t know. Reports about militia groups preparing for trouble? True? I don’t know. Why wouldn’t they!? Are the insiders that I reported as loyal Americans in law enforcement going to succeed?? I don’t know. Truly, the enemies of American national sovereignty are muddy-ing the waters to make it hard for our side to properly react. The pace of events has quicked. Rumors all over the place. Why? The enemy of American sovereignty is losing & they are fighting back. United States has been a bastion of political stability while so much of the world has been shaky & unstable…today that is no longer the case.

HISTORY. I can give some facts that bear on all this. The military has codified that their primary mission is to support civil authorities in civil unrest!! This falls under the DoD directive 3025.18, and the activities for this are described in the DOMESTIC OPERATIONAL LAW HANDBOOK (DOPLAW) U.S. Army, JA 422. (2014) I quote just a small portion of this to give you a flavor of what we face:
“With the ever-increasing number of domestic military missions conducted in the homeland, there has been a concurrent search for the appropriate assets and capabilities to best perform those missions. [*314] Domestic missions are no different than overseas missions in that a key requirement for mission success is situational awareness – the commander must be aware of the situation on the ground and have a complete picture of the “battle space” within which the unit is operating. Overseas, intelligence assets normally provide such a picture. How, then, can these same assets be used in the homeland to support [Department of Defense] missions while at the same time complying with applicable U.S. laws and policies?” (A)

HOW IT WORKS. Did you see that quote just above? domestic operations are the same as any war!! The military can be called into a situation by one of 3 sources: local civil authorities calling for help, the DoD, or President Obama. Once the troops move in they remain under the President’s authority. They are authorized to use the military’s surveillance, intel & drone capabilities, incl. the military’s expensive drones such as Global Hawk, Predator, & Reaper. People are aware the National Guard moved into New Orleans during Katrina, but the 82nd Airborne was also called in. Eyewitnesses report that these troops came in–not to help but to shoot! Neighborhoods outside of the emergency area were stormed at night house-to-house confiscating their guns.

POSSE COMITATUS ACT. In 1878, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act to restrict our military to wars and not to be used against Americans. With the Insurrection Act and Executive Orders this protection has been circumvented. Modern history shows the military being used even illegally to support the govt. Congress even declared the military’s actions in 1976 as illegal & unconstitutional in targeting people merely for their political beliefs against the Vietnam War.

THIS NATION IS HANGING IN THE BALANCE. I call on every American who wants to see this nation survive to support this Second American Revolution. I ask for people to share any extra intelligence on the thread. Please refrain from any cynical comments about Trump or this Revolution…I will delete them if you place them. That does not mean we are getting the full story on anything. Too much is happening and who can sort it out?? We need to be on guard–but cynicism is not helpful. Nothing says that this nations has to be destroyed at this moment. And Scripture in Isaiah prophesy that the secrets of the dark will be revealed in the end times. If you are not willing to support this movement, then you have no right to complain when we slip into the absolute tyranny that people like Soros are trying to bring in.

FREE SPEECH & FREE MINDS & FREEDOM OF RELIGION has been under assault for decades with a politically correct movement to suppress free thought. Under the banners of “feminism”,”social equality” and “civil rights” our right to free speech has been stolen. Just one of thousands of examples, Dr. Laura Schlessinger expressed a non-PC opinion not endorsed by GLAAD. In 2001, her show was cancelled. Express that you are pro-life and your business may be shut down. Every day comments to feminists have gotten people fired from their jobs. Canada in some ways is worse than the U.S. They have a law “Sex Role Portrayal Code” to back up their thought police state. The beauty of face book is that the trolls to prevent the Awake community from discussions can be blocked. Blocking nonsense is essential if those who are not p.c. want a chance to voice our view points. It will only get worse if Trump is not elected. Everything that made this nation great is on the line, including freedom of religion.

FINAL THOUGHT. Join me in being an overcomer.

(A) Ctr. for Law & Military Operations, The Domestic Operational Law Handbook for Judge Advocates 136 (2011) aka DOPLAW Handbook, available at loc.gov/rr/frd/Military Law/pdf/domestic-law-handbook-2011 [dot] pdf.



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