This post is my discussion of how I see things progressing these next upcoming decades. We have more to see unleashed upon mankind, & the end is not here. I will focus on 2 upcoming concepts…new technology & a world leader.

NEW TECHNOLOGY. In the upcoming decades, the generations that lived without the Internet will pass away, and younger generations groomed to accept the Illuminati’s technological agenda will take over. Millennials are convinced that they are the first generation to do things right. To erase the way things were previously done seems the right thing for them, which will make it easy for the World controllers to roll out their “new things” (although these “new things” are already here in limited form; for instance: self-driving cars, 5G, and cybernetic enhancements & cyborgs.)

CYBORGS. An example of a cybernetic enhancement precursor are pacemakers. Some people already have hearing aids that connect to bluetooths. Implanted control chips were already quite prevalent when I wrote a chapter on them in the Formula book on mind control back in ’95. People have already had biocomputers implanted into their skulls. Researchers today hope to use melanin (a natural electrical conductor in the body) as a possible interface with implanted electronic devices.

WORLD LEADER. Trump has made incredible changes in dismantling the NWO & draining the swamp (examples incl. getting rid of NAFTA, & TPP). Much of what he has done has gone unreported & not well noticed. He has done a great job of fulfilling his campaign promises in spite of strong opposition; had he been a career politician I would have expected his promises to have been merely worthless words. However, if I were in the driver’s seat to create & unleash a world-level messiah figure (what we awake Christians call the Anti-Christ), it would help this world-leader-to-be’s credibility if he were to gain (whether wittingly or unwittingly) the seal of approval from Trump’s faction (an Anti-NWO spin-off from the Illuminati).

THE POINT OF ALL THIS. We still have to travel further down the road…the end is not here…much more is on the agenda of the world controllers. They still have situations they have created to exploit. On the other hand, those of us within God’s Kingdom of Life, need to selflessly focus on God & His Kingdom’s agenda, while keeping an eye that the Kingdom of Death does not blind-side us. We need to be aware of our enemy’s devices. Have a good day my friend.


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