As we spend our entire time placing values on things, studying the value of things, and making value judgments…it is appropriate for me to remind us to think deeply and wisely about things. Some things are so valuable, that they seem beyond evaluation…like your soul and a godly woman. Knowing prices or an object’s popularity is not the same as knowing the value of something. What do we really know of values? We risk valuable relationships to protect the ego, which should be given away to Christ anyway. We risk losing positive time (i.e. wasting time) in unforgiveness, when we could cut to the chase and make up and have peace.

LEARNING THE VALUE OF SOMETHING. When I was a West Point cadet, I saw a Rolex watch in the Cadet store for a great price. Rolex watches have a reputation for great value, and the Rolex company bragged that is watch was indestructible…I could swim across the English channel with it…(if I could do such a feat). One month after I paid $620 for a watch valued twice as much, it broke. The warranty paid 100% to fix it. After it was returned it lasted 2 weeks and broke again. This time the warranty only covered 50%. About a month after it returned, it broke again and the company said they would not cover any of the repair charges. While it did get repaired a third time…I had concluded that I could get a lifetime of $5 plastic watches that are more “indestructible”, and buying them would be cheaper. I would not have to worry that my expensive “indestructible” watch was going to break…I could just live life. It turned out, at least for me, that the cheap plastic watches had more value. The price of something is not its value. So what do we know of values??? If something has a transient value vs. something that has eternal value, which is more valuable. Children have an eternal value…yet are not valued in our culture. Godly people have a righteousness that has eternal value…but are not valued by our culture. What do we know of values.

ADDING TO THE VALUE OF SOMEONE. Our love and compassion can add to the value of the lives of others. Helping them find Christ can redeem their lives’ potential value. How good are our value judgments?? Just some thoughts for us today. Have a great day my friend, and be blessed in Christ.


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