Years ago, I gave a talk in Portland, OR showing how 9-11 was a masonic ritual & that this ritual date was chosen astrologically. We face a similar situation around 12 JAN 2020 when Saturn & Pluto align. (For the record, I don’t believe in astrology for I am instead a follower of Christ & God’s word. Nor do I want to see any harm come to our president.) In the Simpson’s cartoon series, various things were successfully foretold, including the 9-11 attack. Someone on the inside had their hand in the Simpson scripts. One Simpson episode showed the Masons ruling the world. The Simpson cartoons showed Trump winning the presidency, & they also show him getting assassinated! The astrologically key time for such a “long term” terror/”defining event” would be between December 21, 2019 & March 3, 2020 when the astrologers tell us that the “archetypal principle” of a “defining event” crisis is to occur. This post is a head’s up warning of what I would expect the Illuminati & their secret societies to plan.

THE TIMING: THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SATURN ALIGNING WITH PLUTO. If one reads the book “Cosmos and Psyche” (by astrologer Richard Tarnas) you learn that Saturn is taken to Plutonian extremes when the 2 come close or actually align. So WW 1 & the Cold War both started on the alignment. Hitler’s dark control of Europe did also. Tarnas also writes in the book, “Middle East wars just cited occurred uncannily close coincidence with the sequence of quadatare alignments between Saturn & Pluto.” There are also “opposition” dates as well as alignment dates…which bring similar “long term terror”…terror such as the JFK assassination. 9-11, an obviously Masonic ritual (A), was in line with Saturn & Pluto (only 2 degrees off); & now we face another alignment early in 2020.

THE SACRIFICE OF THE SACRED KING. In researching the occult over the years, I kept bumping into references to the occult book The Golden Bough (1890) by Sir James George Frazer. Frazer’s thesis was that old religions were fertility cults that revolved around the worship & periodic sacrifice of a sacred king. While I don’t think much of his research, his book was very popular within occult circles. (There are actually only a few instances of kings being sacrificed; for instance, when Mixtec cities had disputes, their rulers would play a ballgame, and the loser would be sacrificed.) Sir Frazer based his thesis on the tenuous idea that Rex Nemorensis, the pre-Roman priest king of Nemi, was ritually murdered by his successor. Bringing this idea forward into modern times, William Cooper went into detail that JFK’s assassination was the occult sacrifice of the sacred king. The sacred king was allowed to do whatever he wanted, & then he would be sacrificed by the occult priesthood. Trump fits the description of a “king” who has been allowed to do what he wants against the Illuminati hierarchy. The king to be sacrificed would have a reign “too good to be true”. JFK had an agenda that was totally opposite of the Illuminati agenda. His murder was obviously a Masonic ritual also. The effect of such a public murder is to squash the desire of anyone to try to oppose the secret hand of the occult elite. It is also a trauma, that serves the purpose of mass mind control.

TRUMP’S LEGACY. Trump has done a long list of things for America…he has truly stopped the globalist agenda; but all he has done can be reversed…except basically one thing. That is the physical wall that is being built on the border with Mexico, which he recently went to & described in detail in a recent speech. But walls work both ways. The wall can shut people out, but it can also shut Americans in!! When we think how the Walmarts across America are designed & intended to be used as collection points for undesirables during martial law…when we think of all the concentration camps already built across America that are waiting to be used…and many other things…well, we liberty loving Americans are not out of the reach of those who would want to bring in a Luciferian New World Order!

FINAL THOUGHT. Let us prayer for the safety of our president, & that our nation will repent of their ways & please God. Let us keep our faith & not fall into fear. Trump in his recent speech emphasized his goal to protect religious freedom. And (may God bless him for doing so) he spoke about & against the murder of Christians in many nations which goes on today.

REFERENCE: (A) My (Fritz Springmeier’s) talk “Occult Symbols in the 9 11 Sacrifice” given in 2013. One place it is up on the Internet is, there may be other places also, perhaps & others.


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