The Word of God speaks of hidden riches, hidden manna, & mysteries; what’s this all about?? And why? This message concerns the potential intimacy with YHWH God that is open & accessible to all which allows us to gain hidden manna & mysteries. The truths of this message will sustain the persecuted church. (For instance, the Chinese church is now targeted for extinction by a ruthless campaign by the communist govt. Ancient China knew God; China is an example of a nation that repeatedly forgets God, cf. PS 9:17.)

BEAUTIFUL INVITATION. “…the Spirit & the Bride say, come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will let him take the water of life freely.” (A) God is a river of life giving water which can make our lives fruitful & satisfy our deepest needs. (B) And of importance to this discussion, it guides us. (C) Our bodies are a Temple for the Spirit, which gets rebuilt into beauty. We can allow a Holy of Holies to be built in us for the Spirit to dwell.

NOT EVERYONE SAYING GOD KNOWS GOD INTIMATELY. Typically the churches have patterned their church growth methods, “discipling”, and hierarchies after the world. I refer to them as worldly churches. Some of these worldly church leaders will say, “Lord, Lord, did we not do all these things for you?” And God will say, “I never knew you!” (D) Drinking of the living water is different. We walk in what we receive from God, that means we agree with what we receive, with Christ on the throne in our life, so that it is not me doing it, but Christ doing it. No room for “Lord look at what I did for you.” Some Christians may even reach the pt. of “knowing all mysteries”, knowing revelations without knowing God, but lacking love as warned about in 1 COR 13:2. (It seems a contradiction, but life is amazing & it does happen.) The anointing in us, His love along with His power & love-derived authority separates the in-Christ disciple from the carnal, worldly Christian.

GROW BY AGREEMENT. “When… the Spirit of Truth is come, He will guide you into all truth.”(E) “The meek will He guide in judgment: and the meek will He teach His way.”(F) An attitude of agreement is seen in the verse: “Teach me thy way, O LORD and lead me in a plain path…”(G) When we accept Him, He comes in. To continue to grow is also an accepting process. When He comes in us, He gives guidance of what He wants, & we keep growing as long as we keep agreeing with what He wants. As we grow, a process similar to a baby with a parent occurs, that is, there is a language of love, & intimacy naturally developing…one may even enter the secret place where one prays in the language of love (not words). It is important to walk where He leads: “But that [seed] on the good ground are they which in an honest & good heart; having heard the Word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.”(H) For instance, the 7 core doctrines are appropriated into the believer’s life. We grow from glory to glory. (I) When we are in the Spirit’s presence, there is a spiritual brightness that opens our spiritual eyesight.

SO WHY ALL THE SECRETS & MYSTERIES?? Simply, the terms indicate our limits & express our need for God’s wisdom. They also are connected to His grace & authority. No eye has seen, no ear heard, no heart imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. (J) Daniel was the first one to use the term “mystery” (in Aramaic “raz”-trans. by the LXX in Greek as “mysterion”). It was God’s grace to Daniel to help him in his difficult situation to show him mysteries. Daniel gave all the credit to God that he could interpret mysteries.(K) In God’s Kingdom of Life, His mysteries & hidden manna are life giving, & display/reflect God’s loving grace, unsearchable wisdom/omniscience, & His sovereign authority. He ultimately holds the course of mankind’s events going from Paradise lost to Paradise regained. Between those 2 pts. He has shaped events (such as Cyrus the Great’s Alexander the Great’s & the Roman empires) to give mankind His plan of salvation & glory. He will do the same for our lives. The Bible’s named “mysteries” are all aspects of God’s mysterious eternal Kingdom. So the following aspects are called mysteries: Christ(L), gospel (M), faith (N), His will (O), godliness (P), and the Kingdom itself (Q). In contrast, in Satan’s Kingdom of death, esoteric mysteries of the mystery religions have been used to gain power over the initiate. Like Paul, we can praise the “depth of the riches of the wisdom & knowledge of God”!!, which we can learn if we follow that river of life!(R) These mysteries were hidden from generations of the ancient world, but with the Spirit of God they are accessible and open to us. (S)

SHALL WE LEARN THE SECRETS OF THE KINGDOM, AND GROW IN GRACE??? God knows all things we can’t comprehend. If we accept Him into our hearts, then we can grow by accepting what He teaches us. And if we reject His Word, then we quit growing, & quit overcoming…and will never be in a place to enter the secret place or eat of the hidden manna. May God guide and keep you. Be blessed my friend, my sister or brother.

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