THE GREAT RESET: Beware It’s Fatal & Flawed – Fritz Springmeier Blog Post 2022

THE GREAT RESET: Beware It’s Fatal & Flawed

Would you want to know if something were an immediate threat to humanity’s existence? Of course most would, including you.

Do I have a responsibility to warn about a pathologically dangerous agenda with globally genocidal consequences? Of course I do, even if it feels audacious to expose some of the same elite criminal minds who were rewarded by public funds after their large white-collar crimes in 2008 were covered up by main stream media & protected by crooked political leaders & law enforcement.

But I confess, I find this article hard to write. Can I really succeed in saying something new when vast amounts of words on the subject pro & con have been broadcast? For instance, Klaus Schwab, Glen Beck, Alex Jones, & others have written entire books; along with numerous informed speakers who have exposed the Great Reset, incl.: Thierry Baudet, Glen Beck, Tucker Carlson, James Corbett, Ice Age Farmer, Catherine Austin Fitts, Laura Ingraham, Ben Shapiro, & John Titus to name a few. And now I weigh in also.

Will this article succeed in opening the minds of readers and warning them? Will it lead readers past the deceptions and euphemisms & false fronts that protect a diabolical agenda?


The promoters of the Great Reset use a great deal of new language to describe their elements of the Great Reset, including: Fourth Industrial Revolution, Stakeholder economy, ESG metrics, & sustainability.

Other parts of the Reset are immediately more understandable: global control of food, global world government, a new hierarchy of values, carbon emission taxes, & net zero emissions globally, transhumanism, cyborgs, & chipping everyone. The promoters made the mistake of describing their future socialist world as “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy!” After this kind of description went viral, they’ve quit openly using such language.

Another word for their “population control” (eugenics) is genocide.

The problem is that a great deal of the reality of what they want to happen is hidden by the obscure new language they employ to promote/market it. On the surface, some of it sounds good; it may even sound to some like answers to global crises. On the other hand, the proposed universal use of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBCD) sounds like REV 13:16-17, “And no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the no. of his name.”

The transhumanist-cyborg plans of the Great Reset will remake humans into cyborgs. This reminds us of Mark 13:20: “And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved.”


Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF) with Davos, Switzerland meetings are the most visible promoters of the Great Reset. Others, especially the U.N., have picked up the terminology of the Great Reset, such as “stakeholder” and incorporated it into their goals. So we witness the U.N.’s Strategic Partnership Agreement 2019 signed with the WEF giving corporations a special place in the U.N. And the World Summit on Food Systems (FSS) in Rome in 2021 said they embraced “Multi-Stakeholder inclusivity”. And the UN Secretary-general called for the formation of a new “strategic and empowered multi-stakeholder high level body.”

But having spent decades investigating the modern Illuminati, I can tell you Klaus Schwab is an Illuminati member, and many others of the WEF members and delegates to the Davos meetings are also members. The head of the Illuminati attends regularly.

On this subject, the WEF’s president Borge​ Brendo is Illuminati, as well as being on the Bilderberger Steering Committee, the World’s Bank’s Board of Directors, 2 important UN positions dealing with the environment, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, & vice-chrmn. of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment & Development.

Other notable Illuminati members within WEF incl.: Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, & George Soros. Plus WEF’s former CEO Jose Maria Figneres, former pres. of Costa Rica, who resigned as WEF’s CEO after the Paradise (Panama) papers exposed numerous people who were using Mossack Fonseca (at the Mossfon Bldg. in Panama City’s financial district) for offshore tax havens to avoid taxes. (By the way, the bank across the street from Mossack Fonseca was more scandalous, but has escaped exposure.)

Anyway, incl. in the scandal was over 140 politicians and Jeffrey Epstein, Neil Bush, George Soros, Prince Charles (another WEF member), and Lord James Meyer Sassoon (the Sassoons being a branch of the Rothschilds). Also by the way, Lord James Meyer Sassoon was president of the International Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering!!


As the previous paragraph hinted at, these global elite don’t like accountability, and one of the big problems for humanity with the Great Reset is that the global elite will rule the world with no accountability, and all govt.s will be sidelined. We are supposed to believe that these elite globalists & these multinational corporations will somehow have our best interests at heart, in spite of their terrible track records. Let’s just look at one example of a WEF corporation (and others are just a bad), Pfizer, a big Pharma corp. Pfizer has bounced from one criminal case to another with the drugs they have pushed: valdecoxib ($1.195 billion in criminal penalties), asbestos-laced insulin ($964 million settlement), Rapamune case ($491 million in civil & criminal penalties), & the Bextra, Geodon, & Lyrica case ($325 million settlement). Considering how much clout a corp. like this has with judges, it has a remarkable bad track record. This was not all of Pfizer’s misdeeds, but the reader gets the point.

At this pt. it’s appropriate to bring up the question “how benevolent are the ruling elite?” Under the veneer of being philanthropists, these oligarchs are ruthless & drunk with power. How well I remember that during the 2011-14 period, the Illuminati kingpins, who I communicated with, bragged that their assassination squad was taking out bad bankers. This unit is composed of men who have been reported dead, so they are untraceable. They are also blackmailed to insure they don’t consider backing out. They are professional killers, & from what I understand, the assassination team can pick their manner of murder. It really doesn’t matter…shoot numerous nails from a nail gun into a banker’s head…the dirty police rule it a suicide. No matter what the circumstances, the police would rule it a suicide. No matter how happy you are with life & family, if you fall from a 30-story bldg., or a 25-story bldg., or a 14-story bldg., the police are sure it is suicide. Carbon monoxide poisoning? suicide. Being hung in a fashion a person could not do it alone? suicide. So I use the term “suicided”…used tongue in cheek for “murdered”.

It was obvious that these Illuminati kingpins were so above the law, they could openly brag about murder. They already controlled the new media and law enforcement. They had created the FBI, the CIA, MI-5 & MI-6.

I remember my tally of around 70 murdered bankers during 2011-14, & no matter what the circumstances, the police would rule it a suicide. (It reminds me of all the oligarchs in Russia that have died since 24 FEB ’22, which are also ruled suicides.)

In Klaus Schwab’s book on the Great Reset on p. 67, he presents what he claims is a problem. “Central Bankers” are “under duress of politicians”. Shame on government officials for trying to rein in bankers. International bankers have long disliked anyone trying to control them. According to Schwab “The sovereign state has become obsolete.”

In order for us to realize our need for their agenda, the globalist string pullers are creating several crises at once to insure we’ll beg for their answers; I don’t have space to describe all these, but examples are a global food shortage, a global financial crash, and a few worldwide pandemics (plandemics).

I like the way Spiro Skournas described their agenda: “This is not about saving the planet, this is not about equality, this is about control…They want to redefine what it means to be human and determine for you your role and your future of being essentially a transhumanist cyborg integrated into this new control grid…where we will be unable to distinguish organic life from artificial. We won’t even have access to our own thoughts or we’ll have access to them, but we won’t even be able to control our own thoughts and emotions because they’re going to do that for us because we’re going to be tied into their grid system.”

When I contemplate the Great Reset’s goals, such as population reduction, and the survivors of genocide reduced to a cyborg socialist slavery, then I realize that the reality is that humanity (except for our nemesis the elite controllers) are really living in a global war zone. It’s literally a war being waged by the ruling elite on humanity. If the common people pooled all their wealth, I believe this small ruling elite (although obviously outnumbered) would still have more wealth.

Like the Jews who were led to the slaughter like sheep (they were told they were being relocated for their own good), likewise they want us to quietly go to our own destruction. Anyone who warns about the Great Reset is put on a terrorist list sold to the FBI by Morris Dees (nicknamed “Sleeze” by those who are repelled by his lack of morals). Other labels he attaches to anyone warning about the Great Reset are “anti-semite” and “extremist”. Decades ago, my work against the World Order gained me Morris Sleeze’s labels of “anti-semite” & “terrorist”. However, it was done, while I wrote this article on an online computer, my work was interfered with! But I’m persevering.

If you’ve been in a war zone, you know the feelings that there is no where to hide and that you must expect the unexpected. This is the reality of life today, but most people will want to ignore things and go to their slaughter. In the Ukraine, there are people who refuse to evacuate to safety from war zones, and end up losing their lives.

But then perhaps 70 dead bankers from all over the globe does not bother you, after all there are perhaps millions of bankers globally…this is hardly a large attrition. The suffering & pain from the upcoming crises will definitely be noteworthy. Already we are seeing a global crisis of starvation & hunger, caused by several things, incl. the new laws shutting down farms to “protect” us from carbon. These various crises have been skillfully contrived by the globalists.

Let me alert you to some future suffering planned for America by the elite. They have failed to disarm Americans, so their answer is to create a civil war where Americans turn their guns on each other.

You will notice that during the last 6 years the mainstream news media have done all they could to polarize Americans, and it’s worked. If you want to realize what they are creating, look at the Rwandan genocide of April to July 1994. The violence killed 1 million people. The U.S. by various means, esp. the CIA, helped build up the tensions between the Hutus and the Tutsis. The complicity of the USA was so blatant that Clinton apologized to Rwanda in 2013. However, he didn’t confess it all. Our CIA did more than build tension. They exploited those to elevate rage of the masses into homicidal rage. For decades, they’ve quietly known the specific wavelength to turn an angry person into a murderer with homicidal rage. The CIA, using C-!30 Hercules emitting microwaves at the right frequency flew over crowds and turned their rage into homicidal rage. This was called Operation Crimson Mist. A few files of it have even been declassified. Now they can do the same thing with a cell phone!


The Illuminati elite run simulations (games if you will) of what they plan to do. Three examples that pertain to the Great Reset would be: Food Chain Reaction Game (Nov. 9-10, 2015), Event 201 (Oct. 2019) & Reset the Table (May & June 2020…with its report published 28 JULY 2020).



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