THE DANGEROUS DRAGON: Thucydides’ Trap, the South China Sea, & China’s DF21D Superweapon. 29 AUGUST 2019

Like Hitler, China’s leaders expect to dominate the globe in the 21st century. They are also aware of the Thucydides’ Trap, which is a pattern in history that rising nations like the German Empire before WW1 will be pushed into war by the established dominate nation(s) like Britain did to Germany, which led to WW1. Sparta did this to upstart Athens about 2,500 years ago, which led to the Peloponnesian War (431 BC-404 BC). Thucydides, the father of history, identified the dynamics of how Sparta, the established power feared the upstart, and the conflict of interest that led to war. This pattern has repeated itself since then. Will Chinese expansion lead to WW3, potentially the worst war for humanity??

CHINA’S STRENGTH. China is already the world’s largest economy with the fastest supercomputers, the largest auto makers, and by sheer numbers the largest middle class (albeit they also have an enormous poor peasant sector). They consumed 13.5 million barrels of oil/day in Dec. ’18, of which over 9.24 million were imported. Russia, Saudi Arabia, & Iran being important sources. Their oil consumption is close to the EU’s, but their per capita consumption is very low.

China has developed secret offensive superweapons for space, land, air & sea. The DF21D hypersonic (Mach 10) anti-aircraft carrier missile with a 1,242 mile range is already deployed around mainland China. It currently has the ability & range to wipe out all the 10 U.S. aircraft carrier groups, esp. the 7th fleet’s modern supercarrier & its group the USS Ronald Reagan, which is based in the Pacific. U.S. defenses can only handle Mach 5 missiles. China has an operational carrier (Lianing), another doing sea trials, & a third under construction at Jiangnan Shipyard. Plans are for nuclear powered carriers next.

CHINA’S SENSITIVE SPOT. China refers to the South China Sea (hereafter written SoCh Sea) as the “second Persian Gulf”, because they believe it holds 130 billion to 213 billion barrels of oil & 900 Trillion cubic ft. of natural gas. This is enough to make China a wealthy superpower. Already the area has 11 billion barrels of proven oil.

Both Taiwan’s govt. (free China) & mainland China (Communist) work together to establish China’s “historic rights” claim to be the sole controller of the SoCh Sea (1,400,000 sq. miles), which contains hundreds of islands, shoals, & reefs, & now artificial islands built by China for their military. The extent of their “historic rights” claim has not been spelled out.

The problem with China’s thinking is that 6 other needy nations have claims to parts of the SoCh Sea, and 1/3 of the world’s shipping goes through the area. The shipping lanes are viewed as international waterways by all but China, which has harassed shipping (as well as fishing) in international & disputed sea areas.

China has illegally bullied other nations with their military in the SoCh Sea to keep others out. I know of 5 military clashes between China & Vietnam in the SoCh Sea; Vietnam being defeated each time. For instance in ’72, & on 14 MAR ’88. Twice in 2011 Chinese boats fired on Vietnamese oil & gas survey vessels, while they themselves used armed warships to guard their own survey ships in Vietnamese waters. China’s state owned oil co. CNOOC placed their $1billion+ HYSY981 deep sea drilling rig into Vietnamese waters & then claimed the rig was sovereign Chinese territory.

While China has been aggressive, they blame tensions on others who they claim “flaunt their military might” (which is a poke at mainly the U.S.). (Due to this post’s brevity, I won’t go into all the tensions & battles between China & other nations over the SoCh Sea…needless to say, the tensions are caused by China, not the U.S.)

Their claims go back to the Jin dynasty (220-280 A.D.) having jurisdiction over the Paracel & Spratly Islands, along with Chinese fishermen in the area. To illustrate how important their claims are, even before oil was discovered, in June 1937 a Chinese military boat made a secret mission to the Paracel Islands to plant fake backdated markers (backdated to 1902, 1912 & 1921) which were later unearthed to buttress their claims to ownership. In a world where might makes right, China may succeed at running roughshod over others. China has been selling drilling rights to disputed waters.

IS WAR COMING? Back to the original question, can we escape war?? The controllers love to use the natural thinking of those controlled, and love for things to appear “naturally” & “uncontrollably”. WW1 & WW2 seemed inevitable, and so will WW3. Russia & Iran stand together with China. China recently held joint naval exercises with Iran near the Strait of Hormuz.

Graham Allison, author of “Destined for War: Can America & China Escape Thucydides’ Trap” said that business as usual, & diplomacy as usual will give history as usual…in other words war. If I were a betting person, I’d bet war comes…I know the Illuminati are planning a WW3, but when it will happen I can’t say.

The Pentagon is spending $1.743 trillion in the next 5 years to finish the creation/deployment of a Mach 7 cannon which fires smart bullets which hit their target with 32 megajoules of force! This & other new weapons will give America the upper hand over China again. Each American ship may wield 10,000 such super fast smart bullets which would negate China’s ability to overwhelm current U.S. defenses. China’s respected war strategist Sun Szu said, “Attack him when he is unprepared…” Will China attack while they still have superiority? Napoleon & Hitler are examples of dictators at the height of their military prowess making the mistake of attacking a large power (Russia).

WAR & PEACE. WW3 would be mutually assured destruction for all involved even if China did a Pearl Harbor on us. If a Chinese & American met as individuals, they generally will get along fine. China & America were allies in WW2. Taiwan and the U.S. have got along well. In other words, in spite of everything causing a conflict of interest, with creativity & wisdom peace could prevail, and the 2 nations could have a common peaceful future. If the World’s controllers want peace, then peace will prevail. If they want war, they have crafted a script that hides their hidden hand behind the “inevitable” Thycydides’ Trap. What God allows, and the survival/death/removal of President Trump are wildcards in all this. One last possibility, the controllers will use the tension to exalt their chosen peacemaking man. None the less, I pray for peace. In the world we will have tribulation; may the peace that Christ offers be yours.


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