Now you may think I am referring to the 47,000 people on the Amer. govt.’s no-fly list. You may think that I am referring to the 1 million people on the U.S. govt.’s basic classified watchlist called TIDE (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment), or the 700,000 people caught in the web of the next secret database called TSDB (Terrorist Screening Database) of which 40% are described in the govt. documents as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation”. The standard of “reasonable suspicion”—meaning a rumor or less is enough to get a person on the TSDB list. The NSA, CIA, FBI and DIA are adding the records of 900 people per day to the TSDB. The War on Terror is a great campaign for these agencies, it allows them to wave the terrorist card around and get all the resources they want, meanwhile allowing them to do whatever they want under the disguise & cover of “national security”.

PATHOLOGICAL DEFLECTION & PROJECTION. It has long been recognized that a psychological defense mechanism (Abwehrmechanismen) is to project one’s fault’s onto another entity which deflects the truth and denies & distorts reality. In our surreal embryonic New World Order (the modern version of the Old World Order), the true terrorists are the ones getting money & power to protect us from terrorism!!! But why torture & terrorize people?? The CIA says it works. A man I knew who had escaped Castro’s Cuba told me how Castro picked the most innocent people to publicly execute…why? Because it creates more terror that way. If even the innocent might fall…hmmm, who is safe? There is certainly the utilitarian purpose to terror, but it goes further than that. In the U.K. & U.S. targeted individuals may be whistleblowers & people who fight the tyranny of the system. In this sense it is retributive. But even more than that, the widespread use of terror on the American & British populations is genocidal. They are wearing people out with stress, a slow weathering away that does not require death camps & mass graves. People wear out from stress one by one. The perfect way to quietly genocide the “extra population” that the U.S. & the U.K. govt.s are legally committed to reduce.

THE BEAST REPORTS ON ITSELF. Sen. Feinstein & along w/ the entire Senate Intelligence Committee spent $40 million to write their “Senate Torture Report” which has a wiki article on it. Only 1/10 of the report was declassified. The NY Times which works directly for Amer. Intelligence did a big story on the Senate Torture Report. We are to believe that these senators (on the payroll of these agencies & the elite) are going to protect us; but just like in t.b.m.c. the victim will get surprised. When a survivor of t.b.m.c. goes to a therapist, cult therapists will listen & make the survivor feel listened to, but at some pt. will turn on the victim, and even show up at their coven rituals to mock them for being so stupid. The surprise turnaround totally deflates the poor victim, who can you trust? At any rate, if you look at the Senate Torture Report you can compare methods of torture in a one to one correspondence with what is being done with high tech & TI (targeted individuals). You will realize that someone went pt. by pt. on how to torture someone and applied it to their program of targeting individuals with hi-tech harassment & torture, which is done along with gang stalking. (By the way, essentially everyday TI individuals ask me for help…unfortunately, I am in no position to protect them. Short of praying for them, and writing articles like this, there is not much I can do to assist.) So the rest of this article is to discuss some of those correspondences. This is my little bit I can do for Targeted Individuals…TI’s are simply ordinary citizens who have got on the govt.’s list to harass. This is the scary brave new world, we are in today.

MY OWN STORY. While I have been watched & harassed and co-intelpro-ed, where potential employers, potential doctors, and friends have been messed with by govt. agents…I have not suffered anything like the poor TI’s that I run into on a constant basis. Some, in years past, even came to my house for help, and I tried…but I discovered the targeting is so pervasive on these people it is difficult for them to find any relief. And nearly all don’t deserve any mistreatment. Remember, the principle that if you terrorize the innocent—it is more frightening than if you do it to the guilty. In prison, the chaplain would try to spy on me. His efforts were so transparent, that when an inmate that assisted him in clerical duties told me that there was a gigantic file on me in his cabinet, I was not surprised. I once saw my enormous prison file, because legally I had a right to see certain things in it—wow! I don’t know where they came up with so much to report on…as I never did anything worth reporting on!! I did not even try to expose criminal activities by prison staff.

TERROR. The targeted individual (TI) thru hi-tech means will have a hard time breathing, and will not be able to risk sleeping. The fear of suffocating is similar to the CIA’s waterboarding. A voice will be beamed to the TI (by various means) claiming that they are trying to break the TI’s neck. Directed energy makes the person feel on fire. The stalking is also fear inducing. This is all added to a lack of privacy…’’we-are always-watching –you’’ program. The lack of privacy is also used in prisons to break one down. Having female guards and not allowing inmates to shield their toilets, & strip searching inmates (in violation of their Constitutional rights) in public arenas. The TI feels he has no privacy. Another terror is to make the TI think he has been poisoned. He gets sick after eating something. This parallels dietary manipulation in prisons where torture is used.

SENSORY MANIPULATION. The TI is either overloaded or isolated and lacks proper healthy stimulus. Loud bad “music”, and other things overload the senses. I had this torture done while been transported by prison officials. TI’s are isolated. People are turned against them. Chatter box artificial intelligence programs overload their minds with meaningless repetitive words to drive the poor TI insane. The handlers turn such repetitive chatter over to the AI, rather than personally say it to the TI, because the chatter would drive the handler nuts if they said it themselves. I exposed the AI being used to send messages to people with implants in my mind control books. But messages by other hi-tech means besides implants also are employed.

MEMORY MANIPULATION. The CIA have taken memory manipulation to a high art. During torture, drugs will allow them to get information from the victim which is recorded. The victim will not remember the session. The interrogator will play it back to them later to mess with their mind. The TI is always being messed with. People will move things in their homes to make them question their memories. Or the voices make the TI think that a black bag job was done to their residence when none was done.

SPIRITUAL MANIPULATION. Why isn’t your God helping you? Why doesn’t anyone in the churches care? “You are a slut” or stupid or some other defamatory thing. Guilt and many other spiritual manipulations are tested on the poor TI. Even if some of these manipulations are transparent and rather idiotic—they are still annoyances and intrusions into the TI’s life, who just wants to be left alone.

TORTURE. Various people have implants on their sensitive parts like nipples & genitals. Stings are given to them to torture them. When TI’s think they have implants in their teeth, some have had their teeth extracted, or have done things to their ears to stop the voices. So the end result of the torture is that the TI mutilates himself. I would call rape a form of torture. The CIA refer to rectal rape as “rectal rehydration”. It causes rectal bleeding, psychological scarring, etc. Various methods for giving the TI physical pain have been invented. To enhance the pain, subliminal messages are suggested before the torture begins in order to increase the anxiety the pain causes.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION. This has always been a popular method of torture. The TI’s can receive the same kind of treatment. (By the way, survivors of t.b.m.c. also endure this.)

REPETITION. The Chinese water torture (actually used by them) where a drop of water repetitively hits one head for months is an example of how a simple annoyance over a long time, becomes difficult to live with. Anyone with a leaky faucet knows this one. TI’s are subjected to repetitious annoyances constantly.

CONCLUSION. What they have developed is the ability to create invisible prisons where a TI can be targeted, terrorized and tortured without a trial or paper trail, or much visible evidence. Will prisons of torture like Gitmo become an anachronism because the Powers that Should Not Be can torture you at home?!? The entire surveillance state, of which the U.K. leads the show, is taking us deeper into the matrix of control, where the right of privacy –even of one’s thoughts is a thing of the past.


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