TASTE & SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD: The Glamour of the World vs. The Peace of God. 25 DECEMBER 2018

TASTE & SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD: The Glamour of the World vs. The Peace of God.

The World entices people by offering fame, glamour, & sophistication. What is really behind such glamour?? Worldly people view praying, not getting drunk & partying, & serving Christ as boring and unglamorous. They see Christians face the same problems as they do…at least it can seem that way. Apparently believing in God does not spare one from problems. Yet over the years I have met many people who faced the full range of human problems, who received miraculous answers and incredible peace during trouble from God. God has richly blessed me also this way this last year.

The purpose of this post is to announce a new book and contrast what God and the World offer.

Robin de Ruiter has co-authored books with me. His publishing firm recently published a book by a fashion model Nathalie which exposes the fashion industry and its dangers including the t.b.m.c. it uses. In his intro to Nathalie’s book (A), Robin writes, “After reading this book, you will understand that the models’ agencies cannot be trusted. They are the last to protect young models.” I might add that many other supposedly glamorous endeavors such as being a soldier & astronaut have similar dark sides to them

We are called by God not to lust after the World but to find contentment and peace. For instance, the Word of God says: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”(B) The circumstances of our lives, even horrible ones, can be used by God for good.(C) If we seek the Lord, He can deliver us of all our fears.(D)

The Mennonite churches in this area use the internal peace of a new convert to determine if the person has Christ in his heart. I can personally testify, and some of brothers and sisters who read this can also, that we can “taste and see that the Lord is good.”(E) This goodness does not come with the false glamour of the World. The peace God gives us is truly not understandable, because it is divine. Thank You heavenly Father.

(A) Augustina, Nathalie. Nathalie Confessions of a Fashion Model: The Dark Side of the Fashion Industry. Mayra Publications, 2018. (B) PHIL 4:6-7 (C) ROM 8:28 (D) PS 34:4 (E) PS 34:8


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