This is a discussion of the riots (we are now into the 3rd day of them) that Soros has funded to disrupt Trump during Obama’s final 68 days. Obama & his administration have criticized Trump for not addressing the chaos–but Obama is the govt. and Obama should be addressing the violent riots that broke out in Austin, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Oakland, Omaha, Seattle, Portland, Philadelphia, Richmond, St. Paul, San Francisco, Washington and some 200 other cities across the United States. Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. said that the NGOs & Soros should be held responsible, but that Att. Gen. Loretta Lynch has shown no will power to investigate or prosecute those responsible for causing the chaos in America’s streets. (At this pt., we are truly a banana republic.) Meanwhile, people are being killed or seriously injured by rioters, as well as major disruptions to traffic all coordinated by the Soros-funded and “Black Lives Matter” & other NGOs. The death of one policeman has resulted in a $550 million lawsuit against Soros.

THE ILLUMINATI ARE LIVID TOWARDS TRUMP. This is no act people. Just prior to election day, Trump put out political advertisements stating that George Soros, Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, & Goldman Sachs chief executive officer Lloyd Blankfein, are all part of “a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities”. The ads brought immediate denials from the parties he exposed, and they retaliated by saying Trump is “anti-Semitic”.

PURPLE? The Clintons wore black with purple when Hillary spoke in New York, and when I saw it, I felt it was definitely a code. Now a few alternative media people are labeling this “the purple revolution”. And from what I read, a counterterrorism expert Anthony H. Cordesman, a spook with CSIS is calling it the purple revolution. Could that be the case?? I don’t have any definitive confirmation that the color of this Soros revolution is purple…but I can discuss the ends of outs of this. Soros’ marketing experts felt they had a choice of arranging either orange or purple to be the color for the Ukrainian revolution that Soros created. In the event, they chose orange. So I will now discuss the ends & outs of why purple might be indeed the color of this latest Soros Revolution. So far the only icon that has been widely used in this revolution (due to main stream media advertising its use) are safety pins, because supposedly the rioters do not feel safe.

COLOR IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF MARKETING. For instance, when people buy a car the top 3 considerations are cost, quality, & color. A lot of marketing research into colors has been done so that corporations use the right colors on their packages & logos. Changing colors has increased sales. A lot of cross cultural international color research has also gone on. Overall, purple is associated in people’s minds with peaceful, good & active. American blacks like purple better than whites. Also Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) sang Purple Rain as part of his activism. Purple is assoc. with dignity, nobility and inexpensive…yes, I know those associations are at the two extremes. Purple is an important occult color for witchcraft. But it is less important for the general public. In Taiwan, purple is the 3rd most popular color of the major colors, but here in the U.S. it ranks 7th. So you can see that there are some mental associations that would be attractive to Soro’s marketing researchers: It would rally the occult world, it would be associated with peace & activity at the same time. But the most important point is that it has not really been co-opted.

Yes, Nigel Farage, a British politician wrote a book The Purple Revolution about the UK in 2015, but he also said that the purple revolution has yet to truly arrive. Some called the Iraq Revolution the purple revolution…but that description really never widely caught on. So the color is still available if Soro’s marketing staff wants to use it. Purple is not widely associated with much in the U.S. so it would not compete with some other association. The Clinton’s were asked why they wore purple and they said it was a mixture of Republican Red & Democrat Blue. But let me put this into Hegelian dialectics–they are setting in motion Hegelian Dialectics–thesis v. antithesis to get a synthesis! The synthesis of red & blue =purple. Hmm, just a thought. As one analyst said, “The swiftness of the Purple Revolution is reminiscent of the speed at which protesters hit the streets of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, in two Orange Revolutions sponsored by Soros, one in 2004 and the other, ten years later, in 2014.”

WHY WAS ORANGE SELECTED BY SOROS FOR THE UKRAINIAN REVOLUTION?? In their planning for the revolution, Soros’s people came to a choice: it would be either purple or orange that they would use. Both colors are ideologically free of prior association in that area of the world. In the event, they chose orange because it’s cost was cheaper to manufacture for the Ukrainian clothing…during the revolution orange hats, orange T-shirts, orange scarves & bandannas and other orange things were worn by the revolution. In the U.S., the cost difference between orange & purple would not be an issue. Another subtle plus for orange for his marketers was that red had symbolized Russia & communism, & orange is like close but different. Here, the symbolic synthesis of blue & red as their goal give the color purple some powerful occult meaning to the instigators.

My first post about this being a color revolution gave a list of Soros revolutions & their color & year. There are more that could have been added, which I will now add:

OTHER SOROS MOVES. The Soros-financed Russian singing group “Pussy Riot” released on YouTube an anti-Trump music video titled “Make America Great Again”. The video has gone viral on the Internet. The video, which is full of profanity & violent acts (like the rioters), portrays a scary dystopian Trump presidency. Pussy Riot band member Nadya Tolokonnikova called on anti-Trump Americans to express their anger. And to turn it into political graffiti. This is so typical of the way Soros Revolutions begin. They have street protests & use music and art. They are trying to establish revolutionary icons. Another tactic they use is to divide and conquer…even trying to break apart families of their targets. To try to achieve this, Soros’s son, Alexander, called Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner and tried to split them apart from their father. In the event, it did not work. So the Illuminati objective now is to turn the American people away from a president who is an ‘America-1st’ president. He will be blamed for all the problems they create for him, plus all the problems that have been hanging over our heads for decades. Now twice I have heard Hillary supporters complaining that she got 219,000 more popular votes than Trump. CNN and other msm are really making a big deal out of this…again stirring up trouble… when everyone knew ahead of time the rules of the game.

CONCLUSION. I know that I can’t reach those who are stuck on being cynical to do anything productive, but perhaps I can encourage those readers who want to help this country and don’t want to just moan & groan to continue to find ways to help our president-elect Trump to successfully carry out the things we want to see happen to restore this nation. He is definitely going to continue to need the help & support of Americans. He has a lot coming at him, trying to destabilize his chances for success. This is NOT about Trump people–it is about our country. I don’t seem to get that idea across as much as I would like. I will repeat that…this is not about Trump or his past people…We are talking about this nation & its future.


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