This post will share a few items on law enforcement & crime based on an Illuminati source which was a written chronology of things they had done. I got a copy of it years ago, but have not had time to process it as a researcher. An Illuminati kingpin told me about the Illuminati in the 20th century, “A lot of assassination has been ordered by the Illuminati to control power, to gain political influences.”

FBI FOUNDED BY ILLUMINATI. On 7/26/1908 they started what later was called the FBI when a descendant of Napoleon’s youngest brother, Att. General Charles Bonaparte ordered some investigators to report to the DoJ. Later the head of this BOI (later FBI), nicknamed America’s Sherlock Holmes, was mired in a scandal involving abuse of BOI power. So kingpin Cornelius Van Duyn asked J. Edgar Hoover to take his place, which he did on 5/10/1924. J. Edgar Hoover used his position to amass blackmail files on everyone with power. Those files were hidden or destroyed after he died.

ASSASSINATIONS. Awake researchers have long been interested in the deaths of James Forrestal & Joseph McCarthy. The Illuminati chronology states they both were asassinated because they were warning people of the Illuminati. Based on things I read that McCarthy said, I have long held that he was ultimately warning about the Illuminati and not just communists as the controlled mass media reported. The chronology also indicated Mae Brussel’s young daughter was killed by them.

INTERPOL. Interpol was originally HQed in Vienna. In 1945, with Rothschild bank financing it was relocated to Paris, and after a meeting in Brussels, Belgium reorganized. In 1949, it was given consultive status by the UN. Thus we see another Illuminati controlled law enforcement organization gaining power. I’ve already in my books described the Illuminati founding of the CIA, which the chronology also mentions.

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