Let me give the good news first: you are not in Venezuela and Planet X is not near. Trump had a big rally at 1 a.m. this morning; the guy has more energy than I would have! He could be the ever-ready battery ad. He has been very popular even in the swing “democrat” states. Now for the rest of today’s news…in brief form. You may or may not have seen these items. More stuff has come out on Hillary’s Satanism & infant sacrifices. Our military is preparing for a civil war. Deutsche Bank & other Europeans–who are acting on the mainstream narrative that Trump is a dangerous disaster–are preparing to react economically. In other words, the establishment/elite institutions are acting like they are going to pull the plug economically. In the U.K. a judge is trying to reverse/negate Brexit. And in Murmansk, Russia there was a power outage that is being blamed on U.S. hackers. Meanwhile, the pro-democratic media consortium (PMUSA) continues to declare Hillary a winner. The last I saw it was supposedly 87% chance she would win. Meanwhile, I heard Las Vegas is betting on Trump winning. If I were a betting person, I don’t know how I would vote…can Trump’s massive support beat Hillary’s voting fraud & Soros’ rigged voting machines??? One thing that does look certain…many Americans are saying it is civil war if Hillary is fraudulently elected…ignoring the true vote of the American people. I am sure I must have missed some of the bad news–but you get the picture!


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