Are you the one?? I’ve never tried this approach, where I just simply solicited interested women. My goal is to find out who is interested in a relationship…and then start some kind of selection process. If you are a friend or follower on Facebook, you have already formed some ideas of me, and you already (of course) have seen pictures of me, so that simplifies what I have to say or show right now about myself. By the way, I am completely domesticated, and don’t spend my weekends watching sports. To start with, I want to find that special woman who can first be a friend, then secondly has the ability to connect intimately, and from we can let things develop naturally.

LOOKING FOR: someone who likes to give & receive affection, and for someone who loves life. Also I am looking for someone who is compatible with my Christian faith & my calling. I am highly attracted to intelligent women, and I love to have intimate conversations. If you have a good heart, and good head, hey, you’re my kind of woman. As I am approx. 5’ 10”… a compatible companion is most likely going to be less than 6’ tall. While there are many wonderful tall women, I’ve never felt comfortable staring up at my date (just a guy thing). Besides English, the only other language I truly speak with some fluency is German; so there you have it…you need to speak some English and unless you speak either English or German, we are not going to communicate. I like blondes, brunettes & black haired women.

Several people close to me tell me that up to now, I have had poor taste in women. Actually, I have had some wonderful women who were girlfriends…but for various reasons, they were not the ones whom I married…as I tend to love the person I am with regardless of their faults, rather than dumping them for someone better. My loyalty is both a blessing and a curse. Perhaps I can do a better job of selection this time around by using the Internet. If you are interested in the being in the pool of women who want to have a relationship with me, email me at [email protected]. I will leave it up to you what you want to send…but understand this, I am not asking for women who want to sell pictures or themselves. I don’t want to buy anyone or anything…just get to know you.

I have no idea how many responses I will get to this…it will be interesting to see what happens. I will try to respond as time permits to each and every one of you…it could possibly take a while to respond to each and every person. By the way, I live in Portland, Oregon.
Enough said, now the ball is in your court to do what you would like with it.


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