A fresh look at the system of underground facilities & the alternatives the elite have prepared for themselves. Could it be that the final form of the New World Order is actually going to be underground, while those above struggle in a contaminated ruined world?? From ’91 onward I have been writing articles on the underground installations as well as Alternative 3 (the elite’s third option, which is simply to leave this planet in its death throes). In ’93, I wrote the book “Mystery of Iniquity” about the Dulce & satellite underground facilities & its Reptillians, & then shelved it due to my concern that I could not independently verify its info even if it might be true. I did not want to take the chance of putting out disinformation. Finally, I put my info on DUMBs in the Deeper Insights book as an Appendix, and later I noticed that this info was used by various web sites (which don’t mention me as the source). (That is perhaps just as well, now there is joint responsibility if something might be wrong, even though I tried to be cautious with what I write. The problem is how to verify sources/info. So I was always looking for ways to tie back testimony to solid facts.) In the summer of ’93, I investigated Dulce Underground bases in person & wrote a 7-pg. article on it in my Sept. 1, ’93 newsletter, which incl. info from a 53 yr. old Dulce worker named Thomas, who smuggled pictures out & then went into hiding to save his life. When I showed my material on DUMBs (See pages 302-306 Deeper Insights) to Phil Schneider it was so accurate that it totally freaked him out. He thought I must be a govt. agent trying to intimidate him. That whole incident, his absolute freaking out, was one of my best confirmations of things. He was a big man, & for a split sec., I thought he might rip my head off.

SOME GENERAL HISTORY. Caverns & tunnels have been used by man & militaries throughout history. Mining is an ancient industry. Tunnels also relate to the occult & religion. The ancient mystery religions and Hopis & other native tribes have had religious use of the underground also. The Hopi Tribe & their Kivas, etc. have a connection to this subject in modern times. In WW 2, all the major combatants moved things underground. The Japanese had a least 100 underground airplane factories. The Germans had the famous Mittelwerk for producing V2 ballistic missiles & V1s. They had Der Reise (the Giant) in Poland’s Owl Mtns. for producing uranium, & Fiat’s large underground factor at Lake Garda, Italy…just to name a few prominent ones. NATO actually took over a few of the hundreds of underground facilities of the NAZI’s military industry. The Communist Vietnamese during the Vietnam War created an enormous extensive hidden tunnel system that stretched all over Vietnam. (Actually the first work on it had begun during WW 2, continued when they fought the French, and then was greatly expanded when we entered.) It allowed them to move troops for the TET offensive secretly by tunnels from Cambodia all the way to Saigon. Their secret tunnel system even popped up in the middle of U.S. bases. The iron triangle was so well protected by tunnels, that the U.S. simply resorted to carpet bombing the whole area with large bombs to break down the tunnels. (By the way, Americans who think we lost the war only because we left Vietnam don’t realize what we were actually up against!!)

The civilian world also has lots of experience with tunnels, incl. the various Swiss mountain tunnels through the Alps, the Chunnel connecting Britain with France, Boston’s Big Dig and the Embarcadero. At the top of all this experience is the ITA (International Tunneling & Underground Space Assoc.), a global organization that holds World Tunneling Congresses each year, and supports such concepts as underground city planning, which they promote as the wave of the future.

SOME HISTORY OF THE “REVELATION OF THE METHOD”. Freemasonry’s greatest prophet H.G. Wells wrote a book The Time Machine (actually books-there were different versions), where in the future most of mankind lives underground. A slew of movies based on the novel have come out, incl. Sliders which built upon some of its basic concepts & show humans living underground. Two movies that get real close to what is going on are “Hanna”(2011) and “Josie & the Pussycats”(2001). Both show underground installations where mind control is performed. Hanna is a genetically created super soldier. The underground base she ends up at is in the desert somewhere. I think there were other movies also that show underground bases. One army man who had been underground, looked hard at me & told me, “Fritz, what is going on is way beyond what you are exposing.” Whew! O.K. Unfortunately, that is all I got out of him(!)…almost. Well, actually he did tell me a few things, like the staff is international in the DUMB he was in. I don’t remember how he said it, but I got the direct impression the staff was also inter-species.

AMERICA’S MILITARY GOES UNDERGROUND. WW 2 gave the elite the cover they needed to begin DUMBs. Building during the Cold War was fast & furious. Bechtel & RAND were involved in helping build the underground bases. For instance, RAND helped with Dulce which is underneath the Jicarilla Apache Indian reservation. (The small community of Apache natives there played stupid when I was in the area, “Never heard of anything like that.” Natives who step out of line have died of a strange virus. For $4K you could get a hunting license to hunt bull elk on the reservation.) The guts of the underground system that got built lays under so. California, so. NV, New Mexico and Colorado. When you consider that the Fed. govt. owns 49.9% of California & 87.8% of NV you can see how easy that was. The govt. (Fed & state) also own 47.5% of NM & 43.3% of CO. A lot of underground work was done in VA, WV, Penn. & Maryland to protect the U.S. govt. in Washington D.C. and all the alphabet agencies like the NSA, CIA, FEMA, et al. This is why you have Greenbrier @ White Sulfur Springs, WV, Blueridge-Raven Rock, PA and the Bluemont, Mt. Weather, VA installations. A deep tunnel with a high speed train moves from coast to coast with long radius curves in its path. Enough witnesses have talked about this train network that it is safe to conclude it exists. The underground facility under Kinsley, KS is reported as “Midway City”, as it is the mid station on the continental high speed route.

BUILDING UNDERGROUND. It goes without saying that underground construction has its own set of peculiar problems. Experience over the years shows that construction defects are inevitable. (Boston’s Big Dig is a good example.) They have learned that deeper tunnels & underground spaces are less affected by earthquakes than more shallow construction. It can be safely assumed that parts of the elite’s extensive system have suffered damage from earthquakes & other threats. Underground structures will come into contact with aggressive chemicals such as sulfates & chlorides. So galvanized bars with epoxy coating, & polymer-based cementitious coating are applied. Ventilation fans are needed for usable air & temperature control. It appears that the concrete vents to the Denver Airport underground facility can actually be spotted in restricted property. Apparently in other places, such vents are often camouflaged. Groundwater in Florida and permeable subsurface conditions would make anything built underground in Florida a nightmare to build & maintain. Drainage systems would be constantly tested. Today, there are Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) that can seamlessly switch from hard rock to soft soil/clay when boring. They have a high advance rate in highly variable conditions. The nuclear powered TBM can bore very fast and create a melted & hardened hard shell around the tunnel as it moves forward. The use of such fast TBMs, which are public knowledge, clearly gives them the ability to have built an extensive system. The alignment of an underground rail line may follow highway lines above, as I believe the one running up Calif-Oregon goes along the I-5 route. During construction & afterwards, tests have to be done to make sure the structure is intact. For instance, concrete is tested by ultrasound. Crack meters check concrete cracks. Piezometers measure groundwater pressures. Inclinometers monitor side movements of walls. Special methods have been invented to deal with problems underground. A crack in the wall which begins to leak water? Take a steel plate with geotextile material & attach it at the point, and then a polyurethane grout is injected thru nozzles that have been drilled into the wall. Thermal storage has been studied to find methods to store thermal energy to manage temperatures.

PURPOSES. The underground bases provide secure areas where secret research/ops can be conducted (w/ genetics & anti-gravity craft). It provides hardened safe nodes for the military & government to carry out their control & communication, for instance, Ft. Huachuca, AZ’s underground facility serves as the army’s communication brain center. NORAD was located underground in CO. In Nevada, a lot of nuclear work has been done, so much so, that Pres. Bush by decree exempted Area 51 from hazardous waste laws, & disclosure laws. The dangerous work there explains why Area 51 has their own large underground hospital. Radiation from the secret govt. sites in southern NV has spread east. Due to the UFO researchers, the anti-gravity craft were moved from Area 51 years ago. Large amounts of food, fuel and strategic materials have been stored underground. If the government (& the secret World Govt.) were to move underground, they could live there for years. How long? I don’t know—but their preparations are not for a short stay. And then there is the whole alien thing…which I won’t go into. The issue of the “aliens” gets murky, but lurks in the back of all this.

Final thought. I hope you enjoyed this fresh look at a subject that has been covered by many conspiracy buffs & discussed in many places, incl. Art Bell’s/George Nory’s show, etc. One contribution this article brings to the discussion is the question, “Perhaps the elite plan for the New World Order to be underground??”


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