This article is providing readers with the foundational concepts for God’s Paradise & the World that replaced it, which strives to call its updated version New World Order. (This is a good foundational overview, especially with so many new readers coming here.) God’s basic symbols are the elements of paradise and the original true universe, which are: TRUE LOVE, GOD’S ORDER, LIFE, JUSTICE & EQUITY, & TRUTH. How true are the symbols in your life? Do you believe in your symbols? Do you have faith in those symbols?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” Words are symbols. In the beginning was [a symbol]. Christ said “I am the Alpha and the Omega.” I am the beginning symbol & the ending symbol.

Symbols have raised man above animals. Man has used symbols to organize, design, communicate and observe his world. Satan has entered the scene and continues to attempt to be replace them subtly by his world system and to pervert each of the proper uses of symbols. The secret symbols of the World System have been manipulated (redefined, rearranged, and controlled) in order to control mankind. The thing that elevated man above beast–his ability to use symbols, has been corrupted by evil for evil purposes. Most of this deception has not been exposed. People are born into a world of deceptive symbols, grow up around deceptive symbols, and die trapped in a world of false symbols.

All language consists of symbols. There are the symbols of mathematical languages. There are the symbols of the Hebrew, Greek and Babylonian languages which served as both numbers and letters. Symbols are related to man’s ability to imagine, and to name. The occult loves the manipulation of symbols. (Recently, Ralph Epperson has come out with an hour CD exposing how the Lion’s Paw is used as a secret symbol to identify members of the elite secret society. I mention it as an example of an educational tool readers may want to get to understand who is who and how.)

God allowed himself to be represented by the 4 symbols of the Tetragrammaton. What do those 4 symbols mean? The Prime Cause of all things, who is almost unknown–the Almighty God, has represented Himself with symbols. He has also allowed Himself to be misrepresented by Satan by false symbols, false meanings to symbols, and misunderstood symbols. One man who had been in the Illuminati & was an important man for the elite, and who was exposing what he knew said that the symbols YHVH (the Tetragrammaton) were symbols of a formula. I gave that formula in my prophecy club talk in 1995, & a few ex-insiders were impressed.

Do the elite, the Illuminati, which are a continuation of the Mystery Religions study symbols? Symbols are not only just a key item that separate man from beast–but they are the center of much study by the Illuminati. An examination of Manly P. Hall’s book The Secret Teachings of All Ages (and Manly P. Hall was a Grand Master in the Illuminati) shows that this important occult book is a study of symbols. The Mystery Religions in Egypt and Greece–especially Pythagoras’s Mystery Religion studied the elements and symbols and geometric patterns of the universe intensely. From pages LXV past page LXXI (of The Secret Teachings of All Ages) the secret sacred “truths” of symbols as taught by Pythagoras are revealed by Manly P. Hall.

Symbols. Mankind makes use of symbols to control things from a distance. But while man seeks knowledge and truth, he also wants to ignore unpleasant truth: much of the evil within our world can be boiled down to simply–the manipulation of symbols, be those monetary, political, ideological or language symbols. When someone applies a label (symbol) on a person, we call it stereotyping. When they use that symbol to prejudge someone, we call it prejudice. By hiding the true representations (the most accurate symbols) from mankind, the Illuminati are able to hide the truth. Deception, the manipulation of symbols is Satan’s key weapon. False symbols are used to hide the truth. Satan’s world gives his followers occult, arcane, and esoteric knowledge. The words occult, arcane and esoteric all mean the same thing, HIDDEN. The truth is hidden from view by FALSE symbols. Symbols are used and manipulated by Satan to cause wars. For instance, the symbol (communism) is applied to certain segments of mankind and the symbol “free world” is applied to other segments of mankind, and then these symbols are manipulated to cause vast numbers of people to war against each other. Today, politically incorrect people are called “Nazis”, a symbol that is used to represent the who the World Power does not like, even though the people who misuse the term are often more like the Nazis than those they label with it.

The more symbolic, abstract and farther removed from reality a symbol is, the more chance for abuse. A bar of gold can be misused as much as paper money, and paper money can’t be misused as much as future’s trading in gold. Satan’s world thrives on manipulation of symbols. An abundance of Images and symbols are created by Satan’s world system. Secret societies love symbols. Symbols are then used to deceive and control. For instance, “democracy” is a symbol that is perverted. “Title” is another for when you are given a “title” you are not given a genuine one to your land. A quit claim is needed to obtain a real one. Perverse attitudes in perverse clergymen are covered by preaching godly symbols.

The basic symbols are the elements of paradise and the original true universe were TRUE LOVE, GOD’S ORDER, LIFE, JUSTICE & EQUITY, & TRUTH. These have been replaced with the Medical system, the Court system, the Market system, the Educational-mass media systems, and the socialist welfare system…all designed to create dependencies upon the system, and give the World’s controllers (ultimately controlled by the fallen angels) great power. We know the god of the World is Satan (A) and the World he has fashioned is an enemy of God (B) with its own “wisdom”(C) The whole world operates in these false systems (D) As you may imagine a corrupted World designed by Satan would prosper the ungodly (E) and works by deceiving the entire World. (F)

Remember these six areas: LIFE, ORDER, TRUTH, true LOVE, and the RIGHTEOUSNESS of JUSTICE & EQUITY.

If we think about who God is, we realize that these 5 pillars or elements of a perfect world are how we describe God. God is the LIFE giver, the creator, the healer, the savior, the father, the peace-maker, the consoler, the sustainer. God is the lawgiver, the sustainer of the universe’s order, the best example of wholeness, integrity and faithfulness that there is. God created ORDER. God is our friend, our brother, the one who loved us enough to die for our sins. God is true agape love in action. As his disciples we also have this true LOVE. God is the Word, the Spirit of TRUTH. He is the revealer, the great Teacher who has all knowledge and foreknowledge. God is a consuming fire of JUSTICE. He is the great Judge who will judge with equity and fairness, and justice.

The New World Order of Satan is based upon replacing the 5 elements that create a perfectly running world and installing 6 elements of man that imitate these 5 elements. For instance, God is the lawgiver. The scripture is plain that only he can issue forth true laws. When the Constitution of the United States was created it gave the legislative branch of the U.S. government the right to make laws that only God rightfully had. This meant that for instance, where God had said homosexuality was sinful and must be abolished from a nation, the Constitution gave Americans the right to legislate whatever they wanted about homosexuality including that homosexuality is O.K. A look in the mirror will remind us, that nature itself shows that a female is created to join with a male. Homosexuality perverts the intent of creation. By permitting homosexuality as a lifestyle, God’s ORDER, TRUTH, & LIFE GIVING PRINCIPLES, are all distorted. In other words, this example shows that by replacing God’s ORDER by human legislation, that other aspects of paradise are also bent & distorted. When Israel wanted a king to rule instead of God’s direct rule via Holy Spirit judges & prophets, they were rejecting God’s elements & symbols to place themselves under Satan’s.

This has been an introduction to how the Symbols of God have been replaced by the World. May our good Creator continue to bless you my friend. Have a good one.

(A) 2 COR 2:14 (B) JAS 4:4 (C) 1 COR 2:20 (D) 1 JN 5:19 (E) PS 73:12 (F)


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