REFLECTIONS ON MY SUCCESSFUL OCT. ’16 EUROPEAN TRIP: Part 2, Lessons learned. (18 OCT 2016)

While I was busy teaching about the World Order, such as that the Czech Republic participates in the BIIS in Switz. & the Illuminati policy planning process with the Czech’s Europeum & IIR…I was also spending time trying to learn from the Old country.

SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. When I began my trip at PDX on 4 OCT, when I first got to the airport I used the rest room & then was rearranging things in my backpack when an airport employee next to me spoke into his phone, “That’s it. Gold just tanked as they said it would today. That means in two weeks the economy will crash.” Two weeks is 18 October. When we also look at the U.K. & U.S. in relation to Syria, it appears that they are close to starting a fight with Russia. An announcement of war, could be used as the pretext for the market to spiral down.

ACTIONS & CONFLICTS HAVE ROOTS IN IDEAS. One of the forbidden suppressed truths of the elite is that they use concepts to create the climate for a given political movement. I will use Nazism (which has been discredited in Germany) as a way to teach us about today. We are to believe history is an accident, and Hitler was an accident of history. Actually Hitler was the product of history, not an accident. There were a number of movements in Germany: Romanticism, the Unification of the Germanic people, the Drang nach Osten, the hippie movement in Germany in the late 1800’s, various German secret societies (such as the Vril & Thule societies, German Templars & the Illuminati), Prussianism, Darwinian racism and Richard Wagner’s music that all combined to create the Nazi Party & Hitler. Hitler simply led a movement for nordic Kultur, a paganism that considered racial genetics important. When I went to Germany, I was watching for where the German people are today…I saw no elevation or pride in anything Nazi. The young generation have thinking totally removed from the thinking of the German people in the Hitler time period. New concepts have replaced older ones. In the military museum at Gatow, which focuses mostly on the Cold War & the airforce weapons of both sides, it also has some good WW 1 & WW 2 displays. Nothing in the museum glorifies the Nazi military. The display on Goering (the Nazi airforce leader) is titled “I am Meier”…poking fun of Goering.

TODAY’S CONCEPTS. So then, what PC concepts have been substituted in Germany to lay the foundation for a New World Order??? Environmentalism (which is a religious movement) is one powerful concept. The International Planetary Climate Change works to enslave humanity via this concept. The Club of Rome was a European organization that worked on this “ism” to provide the foundation for acts designed to bring in the NWO. Human Settlement Zones, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 use environmentalism. Only a global government could solve global warming. Diversity is another concept, which is used to discredit those who hold ideas contrary to the World Order. Now these concepts will come into play when deliberately caused problems are created. The Weltanschauung (world view) of the Germans is being constructed by the same controlled media there as here that everyday portrays Trump as dangerous. Indeed, Europeans are watching our presidential election with great interest, & most have soaked up the incredible daily dose of lies that their mass media gives them. Most believe that Trump will cause a world war, when the truth is that Hillary is the one who will do that. Meanwhile, awake Europeans are having to deal with mandatory dangerous vaccinations, bogus news, and false flags (just like us). I also observed how the East German Communists under the USSR tried to oversell socialism. The sidewalks in what was East Berlin still have communist slogans written into them. When you have to sell an idea by constantly having it written, you can picture that the slogan is so lame, that the people have to have it constantly hammered into their psyches.

I was pleasantly pleased to see how healthy the Germans look (more healthier than they did in 1971, & more healthier than Americans today). I saw an entire school discharge its students at the end of a school day, and there was not a single fat or obese child among them. At another time, I saw an entire class on a field trip…again not a single obese or fat child among them; in fact, many of those children will soon become attractive adults. The West Germans are eating more American style junk food and are getting more fat, than their east German counterparts.

ORTHODOX JEWS USE TURKISH AIR & ISTANBUL. It was interesting that a large number of the Ultra-orthodox Jews used Turkish air via Istanbul to travel to Israel. For those that don’t know, Istanbul is Moslem & the landscape is dotted with multitudes of mosques. The politics of Israel are playing a role in the dynamics of the world’s affairs. In spite of Istanbul’s synagogues recently being bombed, and Istanbul’s airport bombing earlier this year…Istanbul had light security compared to the USA. In JFK airport (NYC), teams of bad ass American army troops with automatic weapons patrolled the airport. They are also patrolling prominent places in NYC. None of the nations I visited felt like a police state except the USA. In Kansas City, MO’s MCI airport, one had to go through separate securities at each gate. As they bounced me around from gate to gate, I had to go through security 3 times. The plane I was intending to fly on, and later did, started to take off and had to stop before airbound & get fixed…a chore that lasted over 3 hours.

FINAL OBSERVATION. Reading German newspapers provided for me a look at how their main stream press is as value-less as ours can be. One article was “Wie Sie ueber Buecher reden, die Sie nicht gelesen haben.” In other words, there is this Herr Deutschbauer who has spent 20 years making commentary on books he has never read. In the article, this guy actually defends his method of analyzing books he knows nothing really about. For me, this seemed to match the inane sense of entitlement the Millennial generation has that any opinion they have on any subject is brilliant truth even though they know nothing about the topic. Clearly we are at the end of western civilization…when babble gets elevated to profundity. I want to get this posted, so I will stop here. Let’s see what happens this Tuesday, 18 OCT. Have a good one my friend.


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