In June, 2016, Alexandra Jitka Brozikova, the organizer of the Prague Peace Award notified me that I had won the award & requested my presence in Prague, Czech Republic in July, ’16 to accept it. On June 29th, she & I agreed that I would come & receive it on Oct. 7th, after I had graduated from college. On 4 October, just as I was ready to walk out the door to go to PDX (Portland International airport) to travel to Prague, I decided to turn on my computer to see if there were any last minute important messages, and there was Alexandra’s email that had just come in announcing that she had cancelled everything because of the large scale of Illuminati death threats. Yes, the Illuminati did not want me to receive this award & speak. But whistle blowers must expect wild cards happening in their lives, as Assange just realized as he is banned from the Internet. As I said in my acceptance speech, the award was a small step for me, and a large leap for mankind…why?… because instead of awarding someone for performing in the Matrix, for the first time those who had stepped out of the Matrix were being awarded.

WALKING IN FAITH W/ COURAGE. When I saw that Alexandra had cancelled everything because of death threats, I got her to exchange Skype contact info & I explained that these people typically use threats to control us by fear. However in life, giving into threats & bullies only makes the problem worse. It only encourages them more, it does not solve anything. We are called to walk in courage & faith. I convinced her to hold the events, and then I left for Europe. I did not just want to only accept the award, I wanted to use the trip to network with the European awake community, to see what was happening in Europe with my own eyes, and to give a talk that would transfer critical new information on the World Order to the Europeans. I convinced Alexandra to give me more than her initial proposal of me speaking only 30 minutes, into providing me with the opportunity for a day-long seminar in the Great Lucerna Hall in Prague. I had her talked into a big public engagement, but because of the continuing death threats to her, to me, and those attending, at the last minute she restricted the audiences to both events (the acceptance event, and my day long talk on 9 OCT) to people she had invited. The day of my talk brought secret Czech police slinking around (who knows why) the entrance to the Great Hall, which is an opera house seating perhaps 2,000 and is (like so much of downtown Prague) 4 stories underground.

FLYING INTO THE UNKNOWN. I did not know how this trip would pan out, but I did know that I wanted to move forward in faith in God & wisdom, and not make decisions based on ungodly methods such as fear & cowardice. When I was at perhaps the low point of my life, when I was paralyzed, laying in a cold cell in the hole, not knowing when I would be released or what kind of future lay before me…I had to move forward & think with FAITH. However, I can guarantee you, at that time I had no concept that in the future I would travel to Europe & speak to its awake community. So it was with satisfaction that I rode a Turkish airlines Boeing 777-300 traveling at 915 km/hr. at approx. 40,000 ft. to Istanbul, my first European stop. Turkish airlines is not only one of the cheapest flights, but without question the best service. Turkey hopes to expand their Istanbul airport into the major regional air hub.

OUTLINE OF WHAT HAPPENED. The bare bones of the trip are this: Istanbul (meet people, view city), Prague (accept award, see Prague, meet alternative news people, give my 5 power-pt. lectures), Dresden (view their restoration of important buildings), Berlin (meet people, experience the unified Germany, view important sites like Rosenstrasse), Seekorso (Gatow’s Historisches Museum), Philadephia (visit & network w/ friends), Topeka,KS (mini-family reunion w/ parents, sister & nephew). Everything happened…and yes a few glitches happened…but nothing stopped the trip from its plans & it was successful in achieving quite a few things. As I write this post, I realize the large number of things I learned and experienced and want to share will have to fit into another post…they are too great to include in this. I will (Lord willing) share them in tomorrow’s post.

SPIRITUAL TRUTHS reCONFIRMED. “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him.” 2 CHRN 16:9a “And they overcame him [beast system] by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death.” REV 12:11

ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Over 30 foreigners from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, U.K., and Canada were met. Some of these will be long term relationships. I got to visit with the common European as well as the awake community and hear their observations and concerns. I met with David Icke & sons…he gave a day-long seminar in the Great Lucerna Hall the day before I did. He did a great job of taking the audience from pt. zero awareness to deep down the rabbit hole; step-by-step he built the case for what is happening in this Matrix of illusion. Both his & my talks were under the general title: “From illusion to reality”. In my talk, I explained how my approach, which is based on overcoming the World through faith was different from David’s which presents “expanded perception” as the answer. One the two Czech translators who translated all I said in real time for those Czechs who wanted to wear headsets…one of these said that early in my talk, it had sent goosebumps & chills down her spine. So the talk had power, and when I get links I will share those to all.

TO BE CONTINUED. In my next installment, I will provide some of the lessons that the trip yielded.


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