Some thoughts on the management of public thinking by the elite-directed corporate-owned mass media. As I scan the national “news” it is so obvious how our so-called “free press” is pure, staged theatrics divorced from substance, sincerity, & reality. The public is fed images & pseudo-events manufactured by spin doctors. Many of you have noticed the same. I may not have to convince you of the Matrix and its beguiling effect on those who unwittingly move around within its constructs. The purpose of this post is to share some history of these things, and discuss some interesting aspects of the manipulation & propaganda of today. I intend to keep it brief.

LESSONS FROM WW 1. World War 1 could simply not have happened & continued without the power of the media lies behind it. Once war happened, censorship laws in all the nations kicked in. The poor common smucks who had to do the fighting & dying by the millions were told they were defending liberty, while the allied govt.s step by step removed all liberty from U.K. & French society. The war was designed by the controllers for social control, & the mass media gained great powers during the war that they continued to weld after it was over. The owners of the British newspapers during the war were all rewarded titles and choice govt. positions for their faithful service in controlling the masses with propaganda, incl. over 12 knighthoods being awarded. Northcliffe (Daily Mail) & his brother Harold, Waldorf Astor (Observer), & Max Aitkens were made barons.

The Anglican Bishop of London, a Freemason, wrote early on in the Guardian paper, “The Church can best help the nation first of all by making it realize that it is engaged in a Holy War…Christ died on Good Friday for Freedom, Honour and Chivalry and our boys are dying for the same thing…You ask for my advice in a sentence as to what the Church is to do. I answer MOBILIZE THE NATION FOR A HOLY WAR.” One British pacifist referred to British newspapers as “a reptile instrument”. Hitler in his Mein Kampf (p. 161) said that British propaganda was “an inspired work of genius” and Nazi propaganda specialists studied American & British WW 1 propaganda & advertising as their prime example of how to do it in the next war. A British govt. minister told one of the newspaper leaders that if the people “really knew, the war would be stopped tomorrow. But of course they don’t—and can’t care.”(A) When the Germans were winning, the British & French controlled press concocted a pseudo-event, a fake victory, the First Battle of the Marne, which is still in the history books!!! Of course the Allied generals were in on the lies! When I got a book that deconstructed this pseudo-event, I read it twice! The creation of fake media events has a long history! By the way, in WW 1, the American govt. “news” spin doctors were the Committee on Public Information.

CONTEMPORARY TIMES. A classified document shows that the UK’s GCHQ intelligence agency has been targeting “extremists” by setting up Facebook groups, forums, blogs, and using social media to push an agenda.(B) I know that our military DARPA is doing similar things, pumping lots of money into controlling social media. And the Chinese govt. pays workers called “the 50 cent party” to write posts on social media. It is like first liar doesn’t stand a chance!! In the last U.S. presidential election online bots which have programming to seem like people come online and make it appear that a certain presidential candidate has lots of support. I would imagine Hillary is using these bots again. The alphabet soup agencies are also planting false info into the online Awake & Patriot communities. However, not everyone in these communities is fake. Some people get so cynical, and the waters get so muddied with slander that some people mistakenly think everyone is fake. That is one of the negative reactions the controllers want. You will notice that our press will refer to Russian news as “state funded news network”. People, what do you think the BBC is? it is British state funded. And our Washington Post and NY Times, Reader’s Digest, etc. are media outlets controlled by the CIA.

GROOMING US. The reality shows Big Brother and Survivor were really just grooming people that it is glamorous for the surveillance state to watch your every move. Now we get to watch them groom us to have Hillary shoved down our throats as president. Boy are they sugar coating her image with sweet packaging. If Trump wins, I will take that as a victory of the power of the independent Internet v. the power of the controlled mass media.

LAST THOUGHTS. The constant manipulation never ends. It is difficult to watch how people’s concepts of things are created by the controllers. I hope that I provided something educational for you within this look at the Matrix and its Newspeak infotainment.

(A) Knightley, P. First Casualty…, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich: NYC, London: 1975, p. 109 (B) the Classified documents were published by the website The Intercept.


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