PROCLAIMING THE VICTORY CALL: Some food for thought on the global spiritual battle based on channels beyond the normal. This spiritual message is for the elect on the current battle. (11 NOV ’16) Just as any intelligence service pulls in all kinds of info, this post introduces information beyond the realm of the standard viewpt. It’s message touches on activities that may relate to the vast spiritual war taking place. Absorb what seems worthwhile, and put on the shelf what can’t be absorbed. As the Word says, we see darkly–things are not always totally clear. I remember how my first thoughts about CERN were that it was great for science to probe quantum physics, but the more I learned about CERN the less I viewed it as a science project, & the more I saw some kind of dark spiritual project. For years, I have been an avid fan of all the science projects going on in the Antarctica, but like CERN, the more I learn, the more I begin to think there again is some kind of dark spiritual project in operation. There were rumors 6 months ago, that high level pure-blood Illuminati kingpins were getting what was called “arc lottery tickets”, which cost $2 million each, which would allow the person to occupy an underground complex in Antarctica to escape catastrophe on the surface. Just a rumor, but one that seems more interesting when I learn John Kerry just went to Antarctica via the Pegasus Ice Runway at McMurdo.

ANTARCTICA: More than just ice?? It’s my judgment that more is going on in Antarctica than we are being told. Recently, Illuminati/Skull & Bones member John Kerry went to the Antarctica. This struck me as bizarre with so many other important things going on. Other visitors have also been going to the remote continent. The last that caught my attention was Sir Ranulph Fiennes in 2013, but there have been other low key visits. So why is Antarctica receiving important visitors? The reason they give is “to investigate climate change”? Could there be more to this than meets the eye?? If there was more to John Kerry’s visit than the official story, then we have to accept that there is more to Antarctica than we are being told. What could that be?? Are we seeing something that relates to the global spiritual war?? Has there been any hints of something dark? It has become common knowledge about the Nazi’s interest in setting up a base in the Antarctica–exactly what did or did not happen is hard to nail down. The Nazis reported working with Nordic aliens–but those who have operated in the spirit realm were able to identify these Nordics as fallen angels, who could shape shift. Obviously, they were not God’s angels. Now Snowden reports that these Nordic aliens are running the U.S. government. (Again it is obvious they must be fallen to work with this administration.) Could we have fallen angels with Prince-type authority providing guidance to the secret mechanism of the U.S. government in line with Snowden’s claims?? And could these Nordics be operating in the iced over continent of Antarctica? Could there be undersea caverns that can be reached by sub under the ice? These are the kind of reports I have put on the shelf for years–but I am left with the nagging feeling something big is going on down there, & like CERN it has to do with end time spiritual warfare.

BACKGROUND. Perhaps you are aware that it was Aristotle in 300 B.C. who theorized its existence & named the continent Antarctica. The continent has 26 airports, a port at McMurdo & the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station, and a host of other bases. Anything more than that is top secret. The climate can be very hostile. Recently, it was reported that a Twin Otter aircraft, the only plane that can fly in like -100 F. temperatures evacuated one of the South Pole staff for medical reasons. As mentioned there has been reports that the Nazi Germans built a base in Antarctica. The first German Antarctic expedition was c. 1900, and West Germany resumed its expeditions in 1979. There has been quite a bit of info put out that Admiral Byrd was trying to locate and attack the Nazi base in 1949, with a large naval force. Would the temperatures allow for such a base? There are some interesting features in Antarctica…lakes and so forth that raise one’s curiosity.

LIGHT. There are some interesting verses in REV that teach that in the Kingdom that there would be no need for the sun, because the Lamb and God would be the light.(A) We are also told that God is light.(B) Christ is the “true light”.(C) And that we are children of light.(D) We read, “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”(E) So let me do some extrapolating. As science has gotten into dissecting subatomic particles, we end up discovering that they are energy. Basically light morphs itself into what we see as the physical. Christ & God Almighty will be experienced as light in the future kingdom. People who have witnessed angels, describe them as beings of light. We may be looking at the indications for why fallen angels can shape shift. If angels are light that somehow takes on a physical shape, then it merely depends on how that light is shaped as to how they manifest. So if Snowden’s Nordic aliens are indeed fallen angels, we are seeing things that can manifest (& shape shift) in different ways. What does this mean??? Humanity has to be very careful not to be deceived!

WHERE WE ARE TODAY. There is a great deal of energy being put into getting humanity to accept the arrival of aliens. The Illuminati want to polarize our nation, divide & conquer it. However, the movement associated with Trump has people vomiting out their hypnosis. This is an opportunity for Christians to steer this movement in a way that it benefits America spiritually. And you can be assured that the enemy will try to deflect any positive move of the Spirit towards a dead end goal. For instance, our spiritual goal is “One nation under God”, not a nationalism like “My country right or wrong.” If we compare our nation to a critter–what we have is lots of snot coming out. As stuff is being exposed, the snot is coming out. That can be seen as part of the healing process. Some of the acting out we are seeing may actually be a cleansing. As the battle lines get dug deeper, and the Matrix mind control gets stronger, it is getting increasingly difficult to call out to those in darkness.

And where are the elect of God?–they are proclaiming victory through the gospel. True Christians need to realize & reclaim their authority in Yahshua. Or to put this in more understandable language…in Revelations you read of the victory of God, that is the end time message that the Lamb brings humanity. In this time of showdown, we need to focus on that message of victory. “…there were great voices in heaven saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever.”(F)

(A) REV 21:23, 22:5 (B) 1 JN 1:5 (C) JN 1:9 (D) EPH 5:8 (E) 2 COR 4:6 (F) REV 11:15


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