PRESSURE & THE SUPERNATURAL: Comments about past & current events. 14 JAN 2017

Today events in the social realm, political arenas, & economics around the World & the weather, vulnerabilities, & plate tectonics of the physical planet are building pressures, and we have to wonder by what means will those pressures be relieved. We see the potential makings of many disasters. But I want to address these issues from a godly perspective, especially since these things have been foretold in God’s Word.

SECLUSION. In PS 53, the Word describes the general depravity of mankind. In PS 55, the poet declares that “my heart is sore pained within me…”(A) and that he wishes he were a dove so that he could fly away from all the trouble & escape all the tension, and “be at rest”.(B) The idea of getting away from it all, essentially a vacation, has been a practical way to relieve the pressure throughout history. And answers do come in seclusion; Elijah, Elisha, Yahshua, & Peter are all recorded going into seclusion to bring healing miracles to people.(C) Once when I was under great pressure, I went out white water river rafting. Once evening camp had been established, I went about a half mile away in a secluded spot in the nook on the top of a cliff to establish my “prayer closet” (D). Someone else in our party had made a homemade flute out of river reed and his homemade, but beautiful flute music wafted up from down below while I felt God’s divine presence. The spot was definitely a sacred spot, and what had been merely a non-descript, insignificant place in the wilderness–was a sacred encounter with the divine.

“BEHOLD, I WILL MAKE JERUSALEM A CUP OF TREMBLING UNTO ALL THE PEOPLE…”(E) This prophecy has had multiple fulfillments, and is on the verge of a minor fulfillment again. Likewise, in Amos 1:3-5 is a prophecy of trouble to Damascus, likewise fulfilled several times & occurring as I write. The Holy Land has a number of tension points, like the tectonic forces building to create an earthquake. The aspirations of various groups (many Jews, Masons, Illum., Zionist Christians) to rebuild a new Temple upon the site of Islam’s Dome of the Rock is one of them. The fate of the Palestinian people and the lands conquered from them is another. The desire of Israel to keep Jerusalem for their own capital, v. those who want it an international city is yet another. So at least 72 nations will gather at Paris on 15 JAN to have a conference against Israel, and to publish a resolution (already decided upon & printed). That is one way to keep pressure off a conference–decide its resolution beforehand! Obama & Trump have different approaches to Israel…neither man has any effect on the pressures in the region. Rebels have stopped the water being pumped from the main spring providing water for Damascus. ISIS recently destroyed the main natural gas plant north of Damascus. The capital city is w/out water & power…the people are suffering. Meanwhile, the World’s msm continues to build tension over Syria with lies. Turkey is in turmoil. Iran has been wanting to arm Hezbollah, which is why Israel just launched surface to surface missile against Damascus, as if they needed more problems.

WHAT IS GOD DOING?? His ways can definitely be beyond human comprehension. YHWH said, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith YHWH.”(F) During the year prior to my miraculous conversion, I had a mysterious encounter with the supernatural that was bizarre, & left me, a non-Christian totally baffled. Because the people in my community were totally depraved, & my 7th grade peers were involved in drugs, sex, and parties & other depravities…none of which I wanted to be part of, I would go off into the desert to get away from everyone. At this pt. I had given up on humanity, it took Christ in my heart later that year for me to love humanity again. But at this pt. I had not met Him, & I was in spiritual darkness like everyone else without Him. One day I came out of the desert & saw a mid-size church open & having a service. To this day, I have no idea why I decided to go in and see what it was all about…the best explanation is just curiosity about something unknown. I sat down in the middle of a middle pew…in the middle of perhaps 600 people. And then I physically went blind. If you have instantly gone completely blind–it is unnerving to say the least. But I knew no one, and out of consideration did not want to interrupt their service. I decided to quietly leave because I could remember the layout enough to find my way out…until I got to the entrance and could not remember the layout of the steps. So I had to halt. Someone asked me asked what was the problem, & I explained, “I went blind.” A Christian man came, laid his hands on me and instantly restored my sight. But the whole affair left me baffled for most of my life. Do we understand what YHWH God is doing most of the time?? Probably not.

MIRACLES. Now Christian readers will naturally say when reading about the above blind healing incident: oh I understand that perfectly, it was a miracle. Yes, for a Christian with faith and concepts like divine miracles, an explanation rolls out quickly. But what if you don’t have miracles and supernatural events in your world view?? What if you were raised with a scientific worldview, without faith but rather the World’s logic & reason as its base? That was where I came from & the incident was merely baffling to me. Further, what on earth would have attracted me to go into a church? What did I think I would find? Now I realize that God’s calls us, but again, such a concept was outside of my worldview at the time. By the way, once we do know God, He prefers we be specific about what we want.(G) It helps people to make your prayers specific. (I know that firsthand.)

PLANET PRESSURE. The sun has had a solar coronal hole, and mass ejection…earth was divinely blessed by missing destruction by virtue of the planet’s position…meanwhile, a 7-day watch has been announced concerning earthquakes on the western side of the Pacific’s Rim of Fire. Last year I was researching & speaking on earthquakes, esp. the two sensitive spots: the Cascadia subduction zone, and the Yellowstone Super Volcano…both have a great deal of explosive tension built up…and both might release their tension about the same time…perhaps the Rim of Fire triggering a Cascadia 9.0 quake (the Philippines just had a 7.3 quake nearby), which then triggers the Super Volcano. Definitely apocalyptic…and much worse than the record breaking cold weather that is blanketing the USA. As this planet is a zone occupied by God’s enemies, some of these disasters & potential disasters may have a divine explanation behind them.
CONCLUSIONS. Time & time again, disaster after disaster, the good Lord has shown me and taught me the importance of faith and looking to Him, and realizing that He will bring good out of all these messes, and tensions, & pressures. I could tell my own testimonies, but let’s allow the Word of God to have the final say on all these things. “Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy endures forever; do not forsake the works of Your hands.” (H) The Lord is a strong hold in the day of trouble,(I) so we want to cast all our care on Christ.(J) God promised, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and the rivers shall not overflow you; When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned…for I am the Lord…the Holy One of Israel, your Savior.”(K)

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