This is about a product that has about 500 clinical studies that has been shown it to have dramatic anti-aging benefits at the cellular level.

HEALTHIER FUTURE. As many of you know, I try to discover new ways to keep us healthy…what I call Temple Stewardship. The new product I am going to talk about is such a no-brainer to get, that I am really excited to tell you about it. Some of you have read over the years my previous articles about telomeres…and years ago I told people about Product B that protected (& perhaps elongated the telomeres—although Product B’s producer did not claim that for concern it might not fulfill that). Product B was spendy…and the benefits of helping the health of your DNA is not as easy to see in the short term. I probably should have talked about it more, but I wrote once about it, and didn’t bring up the subject of Product B again…but what I am describing today is even better.

THE PROBLEM. Our bodies are basically programmed to reproduce, and once that is accomplished begin dying. It is that way for all of nature; if you know how quick the reproductive cycle is, you have a good idea of the life expectancy. Flies reproduce quickly and then die quickly. The concept is that the new generation gets fresh undamaged bodies, & the older generation that has worn bodies turns things over to the new generation. Now switching channels and discussing cell reproduction—which is necessary, because we don’t live a couple of days like some insects. Our cells are programmed (by our DNA) to create new copies of themselves about twice weekly. This cell renewal process is called apoptosis. After puberty, this process begins breaking down as the body gradually reduces its production of a certain growth hormone (known as IGF-1). By the time we are in our sixties, there is an 80% reduction of IGF-1…and this decrease is said to be responsible for most of the symptoms associated with aging, including muscle atrophy and wrinkles. Not only are the cells not reproducing as well, the caps on the DNA called telomeres start wearing away, the DNA shoestrings start unraveling. But these natural death processes, can be treated. It made sense when people’s bodies had suffered major injuries due to hard work and short life spans due to poor nutrition to turn things over quickly to the younger generation. But people are living longer now—so they may as well live fulfilling healthy lives. As God’s representatives we have a responsibility to care for our bodies, and the good Lord has in a sense an “investment” in us of all the lessons of live, miracles & signs, and spirituality that He has built into us.

A SOLUTION FOUND FOR IGF-1 LOSS. Once the process of aging was understood, researchers could look for natural mitigating substances that would keep the body healthy. After all there are some areas of the world where small groups of people have long life spans. The first breakthrough came in 2006 in the form of a small edible tuber related to the radish and only found in the highest peaks of the Andean mountains of South America. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University discovered that damaged human chondrocytes, when treated with an extract from this plant, started producing IGF-1 at levels seen in our youth. This extract was patented as RNI-249®. The second breakthrough came in 2011 with scientists at Whittier College & UCLA studying Astragalus, a perennial shrub whose root has been used for several thousand years in Chinese traditional medicine. They found that when treated with extract from this plant, cells produced telomerase – a substance that protected the telomere caps from breaking down but as equally important (if not more so), increased the telomere length – delaying physiological aging and extending longevity.

COMBINING THE TWO. Utilizing this latest research, in addition to using multiple other healthy ingredients – powerful anti-oxidants and genonutrients, “cell food” – PhytoZon® was created and contains both Astragalus as well as RNI-249®. Thus, it can enhance naturally-occurring IGF levels – so help your body’s cells repair, replace and rejuvenate themselves to youthful levels – as well as protect and promote telomere growth and thus healthy DNA. So “PhytoZon ®contains the ONLY patented ingredient shown to reverse the aging process on a cellular level…” The amazing discovery of this South American tuber extract (patented as RNI-249®) has been producing profound results in people who take it. Also in a study with Case Western Reserve University using human cartilage explants, the extract was shown to increase the cells production of IGF-1, & a natural growth factor responsible for rebuilding and repairing cartilage.

ADAPTOGENS, THEIR PURPOSE. Their powerful constituents improve the muscles’ uses of oxygen, enabling your body to adapt to stress and perform better under pressure. An Adaptogen helps to bring balance or homeostasis to the organs of the body which can Increase productivity, physical strength and improve coordination. Working synergistically with other powerful Adaptogens, blood sugar levels can be stabilized and the central nervous system stimulated to increase stamina and energy. Adaptogens have been used for centuries to support healthy cell growth and to aid the digestive system
Other Vital Adaptogen Benefits Include…
Promotion of healthy energy levels through superior nutrient absorption.
Antioxidant capacity to scavenge the aging effects of free radicals.
Helps to enhance short and long term memory.
Support for safe and effective weight loss.
Supports the digestive system by maintaining the natural breakdown of fats.
Circulation and heart support.
Enhance speed, strength and functioning of the muscular system.
Superior support of the immune system.
In summary, they enhance a general feeling of well-being and can improve mental and physical performance. I have not finished learning on it all but I am excited about the product. I wanted to pass on what I knew as soon as possible…this is one of those good things in life one doesn’t want to keep to oneself.

HOW TO GET THE PRODUCT. If restoring your health interests you…and you want to restore your IGF-1 levels to youth levels so your body cells are healthy, & protect your DNA telomeres you can go to my site:
If you go there you can also get involved in distributing this powerful new supplement to reverse the aging process. From what I hear, there are only a few thousand distributors, so you would be getting in somewhat towards the beginning of things. It costs $19 to join as a distributor, and the man I joined under has been doing well in bringing in people who are interested in the product, because the product is really a no-brainer, who wouldn’t want a healthy body? When you join, my distributor # is 26853. The company has weekly life conference calls to teach us more about all these things.

I also have my own new website which displays all of the products of this company…for instance, they sell ChagaPlus, which is a product used by one of those long living groups of people scattered in small locations around the world. In this case, Chaga is used by Siberians who regularly reach lives of 85-100 years old. This new site is

SO my friend, be blessed. Til later.


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