PHILIPPINES BANS GEORGE SOROS: 6TH nation to date to ban Soros & his Open Society Foundations 8 OCTOBER 2019

Illuminati kingpin “philanthropist” & socialist George Soros (bn. 1930) has once again been banned from a nation. So far the nations outlawing his troublemaking Open Society Foundations & banning this billionaire’s travel to their country are: Hungary (his birth nation), Poland, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia & now the Philippines. In the most recent one, the Philippine’s president said: “There is a special place in hell for you [Soros]…” & as their nation has the death penalty for things Soros has done, their govt. is openly prepared to send him to that “special place”!

THE PUPPET MASTER. Soros has not earned the nickname “puppet master” for nothing. His global meddling has not spared the USA, & for us includes destructive demonstrations, interference in the last presidential election, & his Oct. 2018 immigrant caravan of illegals. He is a globalist intent on creating his Illuminati idea of a New World Order. He uses his money to finance his agenda.

His list of nefarious activities seems endless. He was reportedly involved in the Panama Papers scandal, (which could have been far worse if the scandal had incl. the bank across the street). He has been a danger to public order & traditional values in many nations. One of his recent projects has been to stop Brexit. As the reader may know, Britain’s PM Boris Johnson, who wanted to leave the EU by Oct. 31, is wanting the EU at Brussels to extend the delay to Brexit, because the negotiations for Brexit with the EU are dragging.

FINAL THOUGHTS. The election of Trump is just one event of many worldwide, where leaders who are against the destruction of their nations are surfacing & fighting back against the globalist agenda. We are watching history in the making. I thought my readers would find this post’s news encouraging…it’s been difficult to watch the destruction of America for so many years by presidents who are corrupt & promoting the Illuminati’s agenda. Be blessed my friend & have a good day.


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